President Karzai called Afghans as lions and asked the United States to behave with them as behavior with kings of jungle.

Speaking as his inaugural speech in the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly), Karzai emphasized that Afghanistan– US relationships should be the relation of two independent countries.

We will strongly keep relationships with Iran as an important neighbor with common religion, language and culture despite the US military presence in Afghanistan, Karzai said, adding that the relationship with other neighboring and regional countries will be further tightened.

He assured the Loya Jirga members that the US long-term presence in Afghanistan will be in their (Afghans) benefits.

We will stand to gain our rights and interests beside the US interest in Afghanistan, he emphasized.

Karzai once again asked persisted on the elimination of the so-called parallel organizations run by some foreign countries beside the legal organs.

The president also assured the Jirga that night-raids and homes searching by the US soldiers will be ended when the strategic pact is signed.

He confessed that people still suffer insecurity, poverty and unemployment despite the one decade achievements that the US as the major partner of Afghanistan should honestly cooperate for the Afghans welfare.