The Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) on its third work day discussed the peace process acceleration, asking the governments of Afghanistan and the US to pressure Pakistan for reaching peace and stability.

The Jirga members called on Afghanistan and the US to prioritize Pakistan pressure in the strategic pact.

Meanwhile, the Jirga seventh work committee says that it has received a unilateral pact draft in which the US demands are not mentioned.

Habibullah Pashtoon a Jirga member says the peace efforts failed, so the provincial and district councils should take over the initiative.

He suggested that the US should pay rent for the lands using for its military bases which should be limited.

The US bases should work under Afghanistan government and flag, he suggested.

Konar Governor Sayyed Fazlullah Wahedi said the US presence should be due to Afghan demands and views.

A number of Jirga members suggest the US should support Afghanistan in case of foreign threat. They also call on the government to sign a military pact with the US to legalize its military presence in Afghanistan.