Christians Challenging “Evangelical Heresy” in Palestine


By Tom Compton

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Palestinian Christians know how un-Christ-like and hurtful the beliefs of Christian Zionists are. The upcoming Christ At The Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, Palestine on March 5-9, 2012 will show We Hold These Truths’ latest video, Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I.

In this podcast we talk about the upcoming conference and play a recording of Dr. Alex Awad of Bethlehem Bible Collge at the 2010 Christ At The Checkpoint conference, entitled, “Palestinian Christians In The Shadow of Christian Zionists.”

If you would like to see for yourself the effects of Christian Zionism in Palestine on Palestinian Christians, check out the special conference package at the Christ At The Checkpoint website. To view video highlights of the 2010 conference go to: Combating Christian Zionism In Palestine.

Combating Christian Zionism in Palestine from WHTT on Vimeo.

Lynne Hybels reflects on her experience at the last Christ at the Checkpoint Conference and why she feels it is important for Christians to attend. Lynne will be sharing again at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in 2012.

Lynne Hybels Reflects on the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference from Christ at the Checkpoint on Vimeo.