Is “Partially Right” Another Way of Being Totally Wrong?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


There big news here in the United States is that, one a mainstream news show, Dylan Ratigan, almost began to speak the truth before he reined himself in. He got some of it out, lots of “what” and no “who.” Days later when “who” started to trickel out, Ratigan had obviously been “spoken to.” We take what we can get. However, as is always the case, what is “not said” is always most important. Sometimes “not saying” is the loudest rant of all.

For those who have not heard “the rant,” here it is:

YouTube – Veterans Today -

First of all, Dylan, I have to say “good energy there.” As a continual guest on “marginal” TV and radio, no pay and occasionally warned what to say and what not to say, his rant is where I go when the valium and caffeine levels go wrong.

We are supposed to be thankful that someone notices these things:

  • Some utterly unknown entity, later misidentified as the “tax code” and “Chinese” are stealing all the money in the world like a Willy Wonka gone bad, perhaps it’s the Grinch?
  • American has no economic policy. Thank you for pointing that one out. You get “5″ out of 5 on that one.
  • “Congress has been bought.” There we finally begin going somewhere and mainstream media can’t “take it home.” It is like you are describing a sale, which is exactly what happened to America’s government but never mentioning the buyer. Good move there.

Dylan , just as a beginning, a minor one, let’s go one step further:

  • Where has the money gone. You say “tens of trillions of dollars” are missing. Where are they now?
  • Who took them?
  • Why did they take them? Who could spend that much?
  • Let me ask this again. Why?

There is another problem, Dylan, “understatement.”

  • A couple of weeks ago, Merrill Lynch, the “gutted” subsidiary of the nearly bankrupt Bank of America tried to “launder $79 trillion into the FDIC.

I can’t even make other points. I have to stop right here. Merrill Lynch isn’t worth anything, it has no value, it went under in 2008. How in the name of all that is holy, could the bankrupt subsidiary of a bankrupt bank be holding enough money to buy China, actually a couple of times over.

Are we all dead here?

Doesn’t anyone ask questions? ML claims they are holding more money than exists, more than the Federal Reserve has every printed since its inception in 1913, in “bad securities,” some call them “toxic deriviatives.” There is no evidence that this “money” or these “derivatives” ever existed, no evidence of where they came from, nobody bought them, no government issued them or regulatory entity ever authorized their issue.

Could someone, please, just mention this, or part of it. You do realize that, when the scope of this is looked at, no conspiracy theory in history comes even close.

Here is the beginning of what we are finding out:

  • The “bailout” wasn’t $700 billion but $7 trillion or more, money “lent” to the banks which they made huge profits out of.
  • We know that congress never authorized this and the actions of the Federal Reserve in doing so were criminal acts requiring arrest, trials, incarceration, things like that.
  • We now know this illegal “looting” that went on, made billions which were paid out to certain individuals, now estimated to be $13 billion, no taxes were paid, the money never went into banks, the money never even went into the United States.
  • In fact, most of the “bailout” is not included on any list of our “national debt” or any legal transaction of our government at all. It was a private, “under the table” deal cut between individuals, not really banks at all, and a group of individuals best described as what they are, organized crime, who are allowed to do anything, no matter how illegal or damaging to America, because they are above any law.

Nothing on this scale has ever been done before. The official estimate for “money” stolen, the stuff Ratigan is talking about, is $1,450 trillion dollars, money in excess of all wealth on earth.

It isn’t just America’s congress but the EU, Russia, China and Japan who are covering this up. What we want to know, as I ask again:

  • Where is the money?
  • Why was it stolen?
  • What is the plan, world domination, turning the planet over to lizard aliens or something worse, though my imagination is now beginning to wear thin here.

I can’t even begin to imagine what congress or the Federal Reserve or all these organizations, and there are so many, are thinking.

How can there be “debt” when nobody sold anything to anyone, nothing changed hands. Do you think this money is all “bad mortgages for evil Negroes” as the Republican Party tried to tell us 3 years ago, when only they knew and were busy lying to all of us?

With public and private debt across the world estimated at over $2500 trillion dollars, do we owe all that money to China for VCRs sitting in Salvation Army stories, unwise purchases made during the 1990s or is it all owed to Verizon Wireless for “data overage” charges on Android phones?

You do undertand that the numbers we are tossing around are considered “real” by major financial entities and are sufficient to “collateralize” the purchase of the sun? Is someone planning to sell it? What would you wrap it in?

Any other suggestions?


Ratigan talks about “bought congress.” Here is who bought congress:

  • The “Israel lobby” is the single biggest holder of financial levage on congress with a continual agenda involving support of a) Protecting financial criminals, b) Staying at war continually for reasons that are now “unclear,” c) Laundering foreign aid to Israel back to the US in the form of bribes to congress, a form of “pump priming.”
  • Drug cartels: $100 billion per year, 80% from Afghanistan, some from Mexico, is pared down to about $2 billion in election financing laundered through “corporations” now allowed unlimited and unaudited political contributions
  • The Same Old Guys: The oil, drug, pollution and, let’s not forget, the Republican Party’s love affair with filling America with illegal aliens to push down wages. Leading this effort? The US Chamber of Commerce, keeping America’s borders unguarded for decades now.

Ratigan, next time you rant, do remember to use a teleprompter.

Ratigan describes the biggest crime wave in history, obviously something done by an organization that is above any government. I can understand him not wanting to put any name on it. I feel the same way. Every time I say “New World Order,” I can see eyes roll back into heads.


Let’s talk about “when.” This wasn’t done before, it was done when Bush came into office. Bush had a advisors and planners. His advisors were PNAC, a largely Israeli based group that planned, they claim, to position the United States to “rule the world” after a “Pearl Harbor” type incident would allow the government to enact new laws and start a chain of wars in Central Asia.

The “in place” management was to be Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney, who would control the military and intelligence operations during the Bush presidency.

Less formally were a group of financial criminals who were appointed to stop all financial regulation. In fact, all oversight and regulation, from environment to working standards to veterans health and welfare came to a virtual halt after the Supreme Court appointed Bush to the presidency, an power denied that body by the Constitution of the United States.

In fact, this is the last time we saw any evidence of there being a constitution. Since 2001, no branch of government, be it legislative, judicial or executive has made mention of other than the most minor constitutional abuses. Cases involving torture or violations of speech are brought before the court but the only substantive action was the bizarre move to empower corporations, multi- national “deathless” entities with no legal restraints to suddenly be empowered with very special and unique political rights, rights that have allowed them to use their financial leverage, leverage gained through operating in an illegal and unregulated environment, to repay the politicians who very simply ended all enforcement of criminal and civil law.

There are exceptions. Laws against the poor are “alive and well.” Selective enforcement against political enemies, whistleblowers and “mavericks,” real ones anyway, is also “alive and well.”


Whether we are talking to “Occupy” activists, or simply the citizens of the world, there is one watershed that changed everything.


For over 10 years, beginning the second “the incident” began, a carefully scripted cover story involving violations of every scientific principle and dozens of laws and well established precedents went into motion. Hundreds of thousands of tons of steel vaporized in a small fire, two towers were hit but three collapsed and a missile hit the Pentagon.

For 10 years, the lies have been sold and resold, news but mostly movies and TV shows, all peddling everything but the truth.


Evidence exists that Israelis ran the 9/11 attack exists, enough evidence to convice any jury. In fact, there was a trial in Britain regarding their “9/11″ which they call “7/7.” It was proven during the trial that the London attacks by “Muslims” was actually done by Israeli intelligence. You won’t read about it anywhere else but all you will ever need to be convinced is here: Suppressed News: False Flag Whistleblower Acquitted in Britain

For those who have managed to avoid dealing with the controversy of 9/11, those subjected to the controlled media barrage that I believe is very much a part of the orchestrated effort to steal enough money to buy the sun, this Tony Lawson video is a reasonable “baby step” toward becoming sane again. If a twinge of return to reality is stimulated here, we can help.

YouTube – Veterans Today -

A critical issue is Israeli involvement in 9/11, something we believe we can prove. This is, in itself, a problem. If one speaks about Israel doing wrong, one is attack as an “antisemite.” In fact, a flurry of name calling and personal attacks seems to have been part of the plan from the beginning and, for awhile, it worked quite well.

Now, and I am not sure why, Americas relationship with Israel, despite superficial claims to the contrary, has fallen apart. We actually get along with Pakistan better than we get along with Israel. Can I explain why?

Of course not, all I know is what the news tells me and I know the news is “invented,” at least any part involving issues Israel is involved in. Why is that?

This takes us back to the Ratigan rant. He said someone “owned” congress but never mentioned who.

I am saying someone “owns” the press but I am not mentioning who.

Why would Dylan Ratigan claim that congress is “owned” and Gordon Duff claim the press is “controlled” and yet refuse to name who “owns” and who “controls?”

Why indeed?