VT Contributor, Likely Next Prime Minister of Pakistan


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


VT contributor and good friend, Imran Khan sets an agenda for peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan, confronts corruption and outlines a new more equal relationship with the United States.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

If you listen carefully, Imran Khan will tell American and, in particular, his British audience in this Al Jazeera special, exactly how to end the war in Afghanistan. On the “Pakistan side of the border,” in what is called “the tribal areas” Khan says the war can be ended, not in 2 years, not 11 years but 30 days.

To end the war, you end the Jihad. To end “Jihad,” you have to understand what a Jihad is. Go back and listen again, he will put it in plain language. It is amusing, watching the “paid press” try to picture Khan as anti-American and extremist. What is extreme is honesty, something rare.

His personal history? He has learned lessons through political failure. He has trusted the wrong people at times. He has given of himself to others as though he were the antithesis of Newt Gingrich. He is good company.

When I look at Khan as the antithesis of Gingrich and I look at President Obama’s failure to properly address the serious threats to American rights written into recent legislation, we are discussing, of course, the National Defense Authorization Act which virtually declares a permanent state of martial law, I find myself drawing a favorable comparison, one supporting Khan against President Obama.

I believe Obama, unlike Gingrich, may have a subtle intellect but, increasingly, Obama has failed to adequately explain his actions, those that run directly contrary to his stated values. Pakistan is now demanding a real government. It is time Afghanistan does the same. It is time Israel does the same.


Perhaps it is time we ask ourselves why we don’t have an equivalent to Imran Khan running for president here in the United States. When I told him this, he laughed. I wasn’t laughing.


Imran Khan’s video on Islam and America (worth watching):

YouTube – Veterans Today –