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Job Creators, Internet Architects and Security Experts Hate SOPA

Job Creators, Internet Architects and Security Experts Hate SOPA

By WashingtonsBlog

Job Creators Hate Internet Bill

I noted last month that SOPA would destroy jobs and the economy.

As Digital Trends points out:

The list of SOPA opponents also includes 425 venture capitalists and entrepreneurs i.e. job creators. The editorial boards of The New York Times and Los Angeles Times are on the list, as are 39 public advocacy groups, nonprofits and think tanks who believe that SOPA will stifle freedom of speech. These are joined by 61 international human rights groups, and 116 academics and law experts from the nation’s top law schools. In short: The list of SOPA critics could not be any more legitimate.

And see this.

Internet Architects and Security Experts Warn Against SOPA

Digital Trends also reports that the creators of the Internet and security experts oppose SOPA:

83 Internet pioneers we re talking people like Vint Cerf, co-designer of TCP/IP; Jim Gettys, editor of the HTTP/1.1 protocol standards; Leonard Kleinrock, a key developer of the ARPANET; in other words, the very people who built the Internet who say that SOPA (and the Protect IP Act, PIPA), will risk fragmenting the Internet‘s global domain name system (DNS) and have other capricious technical consequences because of the bills requirement that Internet service providers block domain names of infringing sites.

In their letter to Congress, this group of Internet founders also argues that SOPA will create an environment of tremendous fear and uncertainty for technological innovation, and seriously harm the credibility of the United States in its role as a steward of key Internet infrastructure.


Former Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Stewart Baker … agrees with the Internet founders when he says that SOPA will do great damage to Internet security, mainly by putting obstacles in the way of DNSSEC, a protocol designed to limit certain kinds of Internet crime, among other repercussions.

Indeed, the Internet and security experts opposing this horrible legislation include luminaries such as:

  1. Sandia National Laboratories
  2. Ramaswamy Aditya, built various networks and web/mail content and application hosting providers
  3. Mike Alexander, helped implement one of the first EMail systems to be connected to the Internet
  4. Guy Almes, led the connection of universities in Texas to the NSFnet
  5. Alia Atlas, designed software in a core router (Avici)
  6. Fred Baker, former IETF chair
  7. John Bartas, was technical lead on first commercial IP/TCP software for IBM PCs
  8. Steven Bellovin, invented DNS cache contamination attack
  9. Robert Bonomi, designed, built, and implemented, the Internet presence for a number of large corporations
  10. Seth Breidbart, helped build the Pluribus IMP/TIP for the ARPANET
  11. Jon Callas, worked on Internet security standards including OpenPGP, ZRTP, DKIM, Signed Syslog, SPKI
  12. L. Jean Camp, former Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories
  13. Stephen L. Casner, led the working group that designed Real-time Transport Protocol
  14. Bradford Chatterjee, Network Engineer, helped design backbone network for a nationwide ISP
  15. Noel Chiappa, has been working on the lowest level stuff (the IP protocol level) since 1977
  16. Dr. Richard Clayton, designer of Turnpike; Computer Security researcher at Cambridge University
  17. Walt Daniels, IBM’s contributor to MIME
  18. Steve Deering, Ph.D., invented the IP multicast feature of the Internet
  19. Esther Dyson, founding chairman, ICANN
  20. David Farber, Principal in development of CSNET, NSFNET, NREN, GIGABIT TESTBED
  21. Stephen Farrell, co-author on about 15 RFCs
  22. Elizabeth Feinler, developed naming conventions for Internet top level domains
  23. Jim Gettys, editor of the HTTP/1.1 protocol standards
  24. John Gilmore, co-designed BOOTP (RFC 951), which became DHCP
  25. Steve Goldstein, Program Officer for International Networking Coordination at NSF 1989-2003
  26. Jack Haverty, Principal Investigator for DARPA projects including first Internet development and operation
  27. Simon Higgs, designed the role of the stealth DNS server that protects
  28. Robert’M. Hinden, worked on the gateways in the early Internet
  29. Christian Huitema, worked on building the Internet in France and Europe in the 80’s
  30. John Kemp, Principal Software Architect, Nokia
  31. John Klensin, Ph.D., early role in design of Internet applications and coordination and administrative policies
  32. Justin Krejci, helped build and run the two biggest and most successful municipal wifi networks
  33. Dave Kristol, co-author, RFCs 2109, 2965 (Web cookies)
  34. Phil Lapsley, co-author of the Internet Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
  35. Anthony Lauck, helped design and standardize routing protocols and local area network protocols
  36. Tony Li, co-author of BGP (the protocol used to arrange Internet routing)
  37. Christopher Liljenstolpe, was the chief architect for AS3561 and AS1221
  38. Jon Loeliger, has implemented OSPF, one of the main routing protocols used to determine IP packet delivery
  39. Alexander McKenzie, participated in design of first ARPAnet Host protocols
  40. David Mercer, formerly of The River Internet, provided service to more of Arizona than any local, national ISP
  41. Samuel Moats, senior systems engineer for the Department of Defense
  42. Keith Moore, was on the Internet Engineering Steering Group from 1996-2000
  43. Lyndon Nerenberg, Creator of IMAP Binary extension (RFC 3516)
  44. David Newman, 20 years’ experience in performance testing of Internet infrastructure
  45. Carl Page, helped found eGroups
  46. Craig Partridge, architect of how email is routed through the Internet
  47. John Pettitt, Internet commerce pioneer
  48. Louis Pouzin, designed and implemented first computer network using datagrams
  49. Ryan Rawdon, was on the technical operations team for one of our country’s largest residential ISPs
  50. Glenn Ricart, Managed the original (FIX) Internet interconnection point
  51. Peter Rubenstein, helped to design and build the AOL backbone network, ATDN
  52. Larry Stewart, built the Etherphone at Xerox
  53. Robert W. Taylor, founded Xerox PARC Computer Science Lab which designed first Internet protocol
  54. Paul Timmins, designed and runs the multi-state network of a medium sized telephone and internet company
  55. John Vittal, created the first full email client and the email standards still in use today

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