[Veterans Today Update: All the initial news reports on this story used Andrew Adler with no middle initial. Our google search came up with almost nothing on Andrew Adler, Atlanta…so that is what we used in the main title. The next day, January 23rd, a friend of mine here emailed me that the ‘Obama Adler’ was Andrew B. Adler.

Unfortunately other Andrew Adlers found themselves confused with ‘Obama Adler’, including an Andrew (R.) Adler who has contacted us (03-16-12). Our apologies to all the Andrew Adlers out there for the identity confusion . Jim W. Dean]

Why is Neither the Jewish Org Community or the Media Checking Into Andrew Adler’s Background? … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


Who is Really Messing With whom?

There is something fishy about this Andrew Adler ‘Kill Obama’ case. It came out of the blue…from a small below the radar Jewish publication, but from a major city, Atlanta. Why now, and why Andrew Adler?

The next thing that was extremely unusual was how quickly and completely so many major Jewish organizations dumped on this guy…almost all of them in one day. And their language was very harsh.

And then something else very strange, despite all the media coverage, where is the media digging out everything on our Andrew Adler life’s.

I have found nothing mentioned about him earlier than when he acquired the Atlanta Jewish Times, almost like it got off a space ship before that. And even more strange, no one seems to be asking any questions.

These Jewish groups are very networked. Someone not only pressed a button on Alder, but they also wrote some of the scripting so all the groups would be on the same tone. This story is oozing of a set up and orchestration.

Here are some samples:

Abe ‘da Fox’ Foxman

Abe Foxman of the ADL: “…raises serious questions as to whether he’s fit to run a newspaper…There is absolutely no excuse, no justification, no rationalization for this kind of rhetoric. It doesn’t even belong in fiction. These are irresponsible and extremist words. It is outrageous and beyond the pale”

Dov Wilker, director of the American Jewish Committee in Atlanta…”shocking, beyond belief…we are flabbergasted that he could ever say such a thing in the first place. How could he even conceive of such a twisted idea?”

Simon Wiesenthal Center associate dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper: “…irresponsible and reprehensible” and said they “must be publicly condemned by Jewish leaders across the ideological and political spectrum… ” what a shanda!”

Ophir Aviran, the Israeli consul-general in Atlanta: … as saying he was “appalled at this deranged and morally repugnant assertion.”

The National Jewish Democratic Council blasted Adler’s column, calling in the height of irresponsibility. … To dare to give such despicable ideas space in a newspaper is beyond the pale, said NJDC President David A. Harris in a statement.

Atlanta Federation marketing director Tali Benjamin. We don’t agree with his sentiment.

An anomaly example would be your seeing this photo in American median – Hebron settlers, including the kid, roughing up this Palestinian woman. You are not supposed to see settlers who are probably U. S. citizens doing this, ever.

Ah…a ‘sentiment’ is it? The last comment was the most moderate I have found. Now for a little background.

In Counter Intel work looking for anomalies is a constant focus. What is unusual that you can see that looks out of place, and then also what is missing which should be there…are always on your radar. That is the air you breathe.

The first thing I see that really looks out of place is having these groups commenting at all, especially the big ones.

Whenever a scandal of any sort pops up in the Jewish community, ‘mums the word’.

They know that the influence that they claim not to have in the media will see to it that anything stupid that someone did will die on the vine, or at least stay local.

Here in Atlanta, no one really knew about this story until the national reaction took place. So what was going on here? Answer, the national Jewish community was making it a national story.

Second, if someone in the community has to be paddled, doing it in excess is not the style. Why? They don’t like to set the example that harsh words or treatment are EVER permissible. Folks outside the community might get that wrong idea that they could do it.

For example, in the list above are two of the largest, most well funded hate groups in America. They are guilty of countless times more horrible things said and done than schlep of the day Mr. Alder.

Now for what is missing. First, the Intel community knows that threats have been made against Obama, his family actually, over certain major policy disputes involving a foreign country.

I will let you guess you that might be. You may be right, or you could be wrong.

Threats against a major politician’s family are only made from foreign intelligence agencies, or from shadow governments, ie., the criminal regimes that run most governments anyway.

If you wanted to ask me if family members of major U.S. politicians have been murdered to send a message, I would answer yes. As for who…this is not the time or place to discuss this.

Any major law enforcement who wants to know, already does. And you don’t know because they don’t want you to. It would tip you off that there are those running our top people that you mistakenly think are the top people.

And thirdly, after reading all the press reports I could find, something was really standing out like a flashing neon sign. The background on Mr. Andrew Adler before he took over the Atlanta Jewish Times…was…well…like zero.

That is not real world folks. You don’t have all these name Jewish orgs all stopping and turning on a dime to denounce this guy in the most harsh language I can ever remember.

No Jewish organization has denounced Israeli spy Pollard, who gave the Israelis Intel they passed on to the Soviets which gave them a first strike nuclear edge against the U.S.

Compare the rebuke that Alder has gotten to what Jonathan Pollard got from the same community. Is a light beginning to come on inside your head? Good for you.

It is inconceivable that Presidential threat like this would happen and here we are days later and not only is no history on this guy in any of the news, but NO ONE IS EVEN ASKING!!!

That folks, is an anomaly…a glaring one. That so many are playing Mickey the Dunce tells me something else is afoot here.

A quick look at the Atlanta Jewish Times website and his staff revealed something else that was funny. With an estimated 3500 subscribers take a look at the staff.

It’s…ah….large. Anyone here at VT could run this thing out of their basement with a half day helper.

As for the office, the area they are in is very expensive, and this kind of work is made to order for telecommuting.

The readership of Veterans Today dwarfs these folks. We don’t have an office, and probably never will. Most of us have never end scene each other, not counting our photos of course.

So what am I saying here? If I were working for an Intel agency, which I am not, and I was scoping Adler out as a ‘front’, all my bells and whistles would be going off. We have anomaly on top of anomaly here. Missing something that reeks like this would be grounds for finding another occupation.

The House of Blues

So…off to Google I went…my top secret source that I refuse to disclose, even under torture, and up pops The United States’v. Andrew’R. Alder, 1999.

It seems that back during the Atlanta Olympics days someone called Andrew Alder was involved in a very big’T-shirt promotion case for a big downtown vendor, The House of Blues, owned by Disney back then, and has had an interesting pedigree of ownership since then.

The Atlanta Olympic bombing seems to have messed up’T-shirt sales which resulted in some payment disputes.

Alder eventually got his dough (or part of it) from the House of Blues, and after paying his bills only had $550,000 left, and the $455,000 due to their’T-shirt supplier. So what to do.

Alder and partner bonused themselves $265,000 each, and off to Costa Rica they went! Isn’t that special? In the trade this is known as a ‘bust out’, and something that certain groups of people seem attracted to. This one is a classic.

Yes, there were indictments and court action. The Appeals Court Decision on a wire fraud count that Adler beat on a technicality is below. It spells out the story in publicly available documents that I did not have to leave me house to find, and cost me nothing.

So, you might want to ask yourself, is there something here that does not meet the eye, maybe even several things going on? There are certain groups of people and orgs who look for people with a tainted past to do business with. They can have a tighter hold over them due to their past problems limiting employment opportunities.

Israelis Kill Americans? – They Already Have – A Lot of Them!!

Such people can be relied upon to pay back the kindness by being the fall guy on something not too serious, when needed and a cut out is required. A message gets sent that they want. The Lobby orgs all very publicly go one record as objecting to it so they have deniability.

But do any of these same people ever show up at a USS Liberty memorial event. Do they ever sign petitions against the Free Pollard movement? Have they not engaged in voting in Israel and the U.S. using their dual citizenships?

Do they not first and foremost put Israeli interests first and America’s second, by subverting our political process to the fullest of their abilities, just like you would expect a foreign intelligence agency would be expected to do?

So I have to close by asking, “Who is by far the bigger threat to America…just by looking at their past record and what is in our declassified intelligence material?’

And why are they not denounced as vociferously as they have denounced Andrew Adler, which may all be playacting on their part anyway.”

VT will be looking into this more…as there is a whiff to this, one we have smelled before.


UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Andrew’R. ADLER, Defendant-Appellee.

No. 98-4633.

Argued May 7, 1999. — August 02, 1999

Before MURNAGHAN and LUTTIG, Circuit Judges, and WILLIAMS, Senior United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, sitting by designation.

ARGUED: Dean Arthur Eichelberger, Assistant United States Attorney, Columbia, South Carolina, for Appellant. Parks Nolan Small, Federal Public Defender, Columbia, South Carolina, for Appellee.

ON BRIEF: J. Rene Josey, United States Attorney, Columbia, South Carolina, for Appellant.


The United States appeals from the district court’s entry of a judgment of acquittal following defendant Andrew’R. Adler’s conviction for federal wire fraud against Printgear, Inc., a supplier for Adler’s former company. Because, insofar as is relevant in this case, deprivation of a property right is the sine qua non of a wire fraud offense and Adler did not deprive Printgear of anything in which Printgear had a property right, we affirm.


Defendant Adler was co-owner with Jeffrey N. Kennedy of Adler Industries, a Georgia corporation that was in the business of custom printing’t-shirts. In 1996, Adler Industries contracted with the House of Blues, an Atlanta restaurant, to provide the restaurant with over 400,000’t-shirts emblazoned with the House of Blues logo for sale during the summer Olympic Games.

Adler Industries then contracted with Printgear, a South Carolina corporation with which it had previously done business, for the necessary blank’t-shirts. Printgear agreed to provide the shirts on credit, with payment due August 15, 1996, about two weeks after the Olympics were to end. Although the credit was unsecured, Printgear obtained personal guarantees from Messrs. Adler and Kennedy.

The Olympic bombing thwarted the House of Blues’ plans to sell a large volume of’t-shirts, however, as it led the police to rope off the section of Atlanta where House of Blues was located. Because of this and other problems, House of Blues found itself forced to cut its promised orders from Adler by over half. Adler Industries and House of Blues ultimately settled Adler’s claim for breach of contract, with Adler receiving $831,750 from House of Blues on August 26.

At the time Adler Industries received this payment, it was insolvent, due to a $454,657.74 debt to Printgear and debts to several other unsecured creditors. After paying some of these unsecured creditors (but not Printgear), Adler Industries had $530,000 remaining in the bank.

Messrs. Adler and Kennedy concluded that if they paid Printgear, they would have no money left either for themselves or to run the business. So, on August 27, they caused Adler Industries to pay each of them a bonus of $265,000. Two days later, they left the country, ultimately depositing the funds in Costa Rica.

Beginning on August 15, which was both the due date on Adler Industries’ debt to Printgear and about the date when Printgear learned of House of Blues’ breach, Alvin Strasburger, one of Printgear’s owners, began regularly contacting Adler Industries with demands for payment and threats of legal action. Adler originally claimed that it would pay Printgear as soon as it received the House of Blues settlement, but, as noted, no such payment to Printgear occurred.

At a September 16 meeting in Atlanta arranged by Messrs. Adler and Kennedy after they had returned to the United States, they informed Strasburger and Mary Minus, another owner of Printgear, that Adler Industries had paid other creditors with the House of Blues settlement money. Adler and Kennedy added, however-falsely-that Adler Industries was still in business and doing well, and they promised that future earnings would enable it to pay Printgear.

During this meeting, Strasburger demanded that Mr. Adler account for his company’s spending of the House of Blues settlement money. The next day, September 17, Mr. Adler sent Printgear by facsimile an intentionally false list of payments from the settlement. Among other things, the list did not disclose the payments to Adler and Kennedy. Eventually, when Adler Industries failed to pay Printgear, Printgear sued the company, Mr. Adler, and Mr. Kennedy in Georgia, obtaining default judgments for the full amount due under the contract.

A grand jury thereafter indicted Adler and Kennedy on one count of inducing interstate travel in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2314, and one count of wire fraud, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1343. The wire fraud count alleged that the September 17 facsimile was in furtherance of a scheme to defraud Printgear.

Kennedy pleaded guilty to count one (section 2314) and agreed to testify against Adler in exchange for having count two against himself dismissed. With regard to Adler, the district court dismissed count one, and then, following a trial and conviction on count two, granted Adler’s motion, pursuant to Fed.R.Crim.P. 29(c), for a judgment of acquittal on that count. The government now appeals the grant of this motion.

I have omitted all the technical legal reasoning from this point on to save you the pain.