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Who should become the next leader of the United States of Amerika?

By Dark Politricks

The race is on for the next President of the United States of America. Even though I am not from the USA I feel that due to the power wielded by the dictator like powers that your leader has every person in the world has a stake in this important matter as it could effect us all.

Vote in someone in bed with AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby and get prepared for World War III, rocketing oil prices, huge queues at the petrol pump and a possible nuclear conflict if their desire for a war with Iran is followed through by sanctions and probable conflict in the straits of Hormuz.

Want to vote in someone who actually believes in freedom, liberty and the right to live your life in peace without threat from your own government?

Well you have little chance if either the incumbent is re-elected or another globalist, pro big business, Wall St paid for, pro-Israeli, pro-war Republican is elected.

So who should be elected as President to the most powerful country in the world for the next few years at least?

The next presidential term could see the rise of China as well as other BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and if the POTUS is another stooge as we have seen so far they will just be taking orders from above and play out the face of the power to the people.

Have you ever noticed that the Presidents of the most powerful country when compared to leaders of other nations all seem to have such more severe histories of past misdemeanors in their shady pasts than the others?

No-one is “allowed to become President” of the most powerful country.

They are selected and chosen for their pliability and probable chance of changing any and all electioneering chants of “hope and change” to “more of the same please”.

Just look at Obama and how the masses were fooled by his speeches and promises of change even as all the #altnews sites were declaring him an establishment stooge. What has happened – more war, less liberty, more debt, less freedom, more Wall St money and less jobs. Nothing has changed under Obama.

The last 3 Presidents have all had blatant drug, sex and other issues that could easily allow them to be blackmailed into towing the line and it doesn’t stop there.

Gay sex, crack and weed smoking, wives who sold dime bags of dope at university, sex with interns and numerous sexual harassment charges, extra-marital sex, rentboys and prostitutes in the White house and too many “suicides” to count. Most of which the victim decided to kill himself with two shots to the head – just to “confuse” the coroner I expect. These interesting personality features and nefarious activities have been displayed by both Republican and Democrat Presidents over the years.

Even one of the last “good” Presidents who wanted to stop Israel’s nuclear ambitions and abolish the FED and the CIA, John Kennedy, had enough personal shenanigans going on in his personal life to allow him to be easily blackmailed. Maybe he actually was prepared to defy the blackmailers and that was the reason for his assassination?

No-one since has been prepared to stand up for what’s right and good for the majority of the citizens and if anyone thinks either of the two major Republican candidates will anything they are surely mistaken.

Neither the big business, flip flopping, liberal conservative, Mitt Romney or the morally bankrupt and super hypocritical “family values” businessman and establishment insider Newt Gingrich will save the USA .

The reason the power brokers want established politicians rather than independent thinkers elected is that they know nothing will change much from the current agenda. Just in the same way as Obama furthered the earlier Bush agenda despite promises to the contrary. Neither Republican or Democrat will change America enough to make a difference to the path it is on.

If the GOP candidate loses then that’s OK as Barack Obama is doing just fine following Wall St’s plans. He will go on for another 4 years destroying more liberties, implementing more Stasi like policies such as the NDAA, and whoever is elected you can be assured that more wars will ensue and preparations laid for the USA’s last stand against the rising Red Dragon.

No change will occur until the two faces of the same coin are dismantled and a proper democratic system is created in the USA.

“The choice between Democrats and Republicans has become one between Pepsi and Coca Cola. They both taste sweet at first but they are both full of shit and in the end both will rot your teeth.” – Dark Politricks

So who should be elected as President of the most powerful nation in the world?

Another establishment stooge prepared to carry on dismantling the American state and turning it into Amerika, the new East Germany or someone totally independent who won’t sucumb to the pressures from lobbyists and other paymasters.

Someone prepared to do what’s right for the country without worrying about paying back the people who paid for their mulit million dollar electioneering. Is that even possible when anyone wanting to run for President requires at least a few million in the bank for electioneering?

Let me know in this poll and please leave a comment if you choose other in the comment section.


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3 Responses

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  1. Mo says


    I changed the channel immediately after the debate…from political fluff to comedic fluff…without letting anyone’s spin start coloring MY spin. Quite soon thereafter, I SLEPT ON IT.

    They argue-I-mean-debate again this morning on Meet The Press. I will again avoid pre-game/post-game spin, then mull it over on several-hour drive.

    And THEN (sez the person who STILL hasn’t written about the BLACK / WHITE divide in American Protest), I will compose thoughts on this BULLS&%T. Pardon my French.

    Suffice it to say that of the hats presently in the ring, I believe #GaryJohnson is the People’s best bet on the Oval Office. It makes LOTS of sense for #JonHuntsman to be Vice President and TRAVELIN’ MAN.

    I believe Americans would do themselves and everyone else a distinct favor by rallying LARGE ‘N LOUD behind #GaryJohnson, with a resounding NA NA-NA NA NA, I CA-AN’T HEAR YOU to the two “Parties” that drag us through the mud WHILE selling us down the river.

  2. H says

    Ron Paul 2012 for freedom and peace.

  3. Tarig Anter says

    Ron Paul 2012 for freedom and peace.

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