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We’re already at war with Iran – only US voters can save us

At war for Israel yet againBy Dark Politricks

First off I would like to apologise to my readers due to the fact that I haven’t been able to blog much lately due to some cancerous health issues.

However as I sit at home waiting for an operation tomorrow I am watching the news channels and it appears to me that on comparable levels with the cold war we are actually already in a warm war with Iran.

We have gone way past the level of lies, mis-information and propaganda that is always required before a war, and we are now actually engaging in hostile actions against our perceived enemy who this time happens to be Iran.

Just like the war against Iraq was fermented perfectly with lies of WMD, support of terrorist groups and dubious links to 9.11. We have been prepped for the current conflict with Iran very carefully over the last decade with similar lies. There can be only so many times government backed talking heads appear on mainstream TV repeating the same old spin before the sheeples heads are overloaded and they start to believe the blatant propaganda, bullshit and lies. Before being overcome with a nationalistic furor and almost demanding an attack for the sake of God and country!

Lets just refresh our memories with a few of the lies we have been told about Iran.

1. They are trying to build nuclear weapons.

First off I personally think they would be crazy not to want to have nukes after seeing how their neighbours were bombed to dust for not having them. When given the choice of having the same treatment as Iraq and Libya or the hands off approach North Korea and Pakistan have received despite numerous incidents which would have sparked a war in any other country I can see how certain Iranian officials could logically come to the conclusion that obtaining a nuclear capability would prevent an attack. However that is just my perspective and means jack in the great scheme of things.

However as the IAEA themselves say, there is no proof whatsoever that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. They might be concerned with the Iranians programme but there is nothing in their latest report that indicates Iran is actually building or has decided to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran has never tried hiding their nuclear program and always claimed it is aimed at peaceful purposes, as is their right under international law. We must also remember that in 2003  President Mohammad Khatami announced the existence of nuclear facilities at Natanz and other locations on Iranian TV and invited the IAEA to visit them. This is not the behaviour of a regime conducting a clandestine program of deceit.

The IAEA has visited all the Iranian enrichment facilities over the last decade and up until now has found no evidence to prove the Iranian regime is building a nuclear bomb despite all the faked intelligence, stolen laptops, spyware and covert operations to prove otherwise.

Tehran has obviously dismissed all the intelligence used to further the case for war against them as fabricated lies straight from the mouths of paranoid Israeli’s in Tel Aviv and their friends in Langley but we can forget what they say can’t we.

Why would we trust the Iranians when the CIA and Mossad are such honest, trustworthy sources of information?

Lets also remember that up until their last report the IAEA had provided no evidence whatsoever to prove that the Iranians were building a nuke and even US intelligence agencies had until recently been admitting there was no proof that Iran was building a bomb in their December 2007 National Intelligence Estimate. Even the US Defense secretary Leon Panetta has said Iran isn’t building a bomb.

So with the IAEA still monitoring all the Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities and with Russia taking away all nuclear waste so that it cannot be used in a weapon and with a multitude of experts agreeing that under this regime their is little chance of proliferation what has changed?

Well the old head of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei,  has been replaced by what many, including the Iranian president claim is a “US Puppet”, a Mr Yukiya Amano.

The new head of the International Atomic Energey Agency seems to be a more pliable and accommodating leader of the IAEA and walks in step with the US and Israeli foreign policy objectives. Recent WikiLeaks cables seem to bear this out.

“The IAEA transition that will come as DG [director general] ElBaradei’s term ends November 30 provides a once-a-decade opportunity to overcome bureaucratic inertia, modernize Agency operations, and position the new director general for strong leadership from the DG’s office….DG of all states, but in agreement with us.”

So with a new head of the IAEA it seems a new era of perspective and possible political control over the agency was created. It is therefore no surprise then that even as independent commentators have stuck to their guns about Iranian plans the IAEA has swung 360 degrees and started obfuscating their report language to enable the talking heads to make what they want of it whilst the underlying facts stay the same.

2. The Iranian President wants to wipe Israel off the map.

This is a key piece of propaganda that is often repeated by MSM talking heads and many of the Republican candidates during their endless primary debates. However it is based on a lie, repeated enough times to become a reality in many peoples eyes.

A proper translation of what the Iranian President actually said, and an analysis of it can be found on my site, does NOT say that he wants to annihilate Israel, destroy all the Jews, finish what Hilter started or nuke Tel Aviv. Just like poorly or deliberately incorrect translation of the Osama bin Laden video showing him “confessing to committing the 9.11 attacks” the real translation and meaning taken in context is totally different.

The lie that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map is based on a poor or deliberate mistranslation and a willingness to propagate these known untruths into the minds of the weak and the willing for propaganda purposes. 

Unfortunately enough weak minded people exist whose whole world view is formed from watching FOX or MSNBC and other propaganda mouth pieces for the war mongering, death profiteering, pro-Israeli establishment.

If Sean Hannity say’s it’s true then that is good enough for a large number of American viewers and any counter point of view is either classed as lies produced by the enemy or anti-semitic ultra left wing pinko commies wanting Iran to rain death down on Israel.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if an actual anti-war, anti-establishment media outlet existed in the USA to compete with the “official view of constant war” and talking points that are followed relentlessly. Points aimed at those unwilling to accept any form of counter argument and designed to hammer home the idea that the failed war on terror and loss of liberty and freedom at home is worth carrying on with.

As Washington’s Blog succintley puts it

“Ahmadinejad said people once thought it was impossible to remove the Shah as Iran‘s dictator, but it was done. He then said that people thought the Soviet government and Saddam’s government would never fall. He then quoted a religious leader’s words from speeches he gave encouraging Iran‘s persistence to oppose the Shah‘s occupying regime. The speech’s crystal-clear content and context is to encourage people to persist for justice from Israel’s government because they act as an occupying regime against Palestine.”

This lie has been repeated by TV stations, newspapers and illiterate bloggers throughout the world as if gospel. The reason is clear as in all pre-war drum beats – demonize the enemy and make the target seem like a defenseless child in need of protection.

This tactic is as old as war itself and seems to work every time although seemingly less since the dawn of the Internet and easily available information which is probably why governments around the world are busy implementing anti-Internet freedom laws like SOPA and PIPA.

3. Israel is not a defenseless child in need of protection.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East who definitely has nuclear weapons as well as being the only country who has repeatedly threatened to use them on their neighbours.

They also seem intent on keeping their privileged role as the only Middle Eastern nation with nukes by attacking any neighbour who attempts their own nuclear program, a right every nation has, by launching air strikes on them and risking an outbreak of regional war.

This is a fact born out by their previous air attacks on Iraq in the 90’s and most recently Syria in 2011. It seems that any country in the Middle East cannot even think about developing nuclear power for peaceful energy reasons without Israel rightly or wrongly believing they are planning to build nuclear bombs to destroy them.

Whereas Iran has not started a war for many decades Israel has started many and it’s whole existence seems to requires a constant external threat which is used and abused to hold the Zionist regime together. Like many reasonable, logical and non-racist people the Iranian President doesn’t hide his dislike for the self fulfilling nationalist and racist prophecy called Zionism but this in no way equates to a hatred of Jews or the Jewish religion.

In fact outside Israel Iran has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world which is an uncomfortable fact for those that would have us believe the Iranian President is the next Hitler just itching to kill Jews wherever he can. For if he was he could easily start his “planned holocaust” by ghettoizing and then exterminating all those “mad Jews” that for some weird reason have chosen to stay living in Iran, especially if their President is an anti-semite wanting to kill them all.

In the following video Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meets some Iranian orthodox Jewish leaders for a peaceful talk something I cannot imagine the “next Hitler” ever wanting to do.

It seems that the picture we are painted in the western mainstream media is more than slightly different than the reality on the ground.

As someone who doesn’t follow one of the 3 Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) but who has read a large amount on them it seems like family infighting over slight differences in ancient myths and fairy tales that are all related to each other and have a common ancestory e.g Abraham and his covenant with the Hebrew God.

Unlike Jews, Muslims believe Jesus was a great prophet to be revered and for a Muslim to hate someone purely for being Jewish or vice versa seems as insane to me as Catholics fighting Protestants and Shiites fighting Sunni’s. The Jewish religion is the forebearer of the Islamic religion and there is much in common between them if you actually spent the time looking into it rationality.

Like most religions Judaism is filled with contradictions and illogical statements. Whilst one of the Ten commandments tells us murder is a sin punishable by murder it seems that other serious crimes that fill the Torah such as slavery, rape, child abuse and the lying to, and killing of non Jews are all acts that please the Jewish God. This is all whilst horrific abominations such as eating shellfish, working on the Sabbath or touching a female during her period fill their God’s heart with a vengence that must be satisfied by death.

Does the Torah not say that “He who destroys one life is as though he destroys a whole world”?

Well it seems this sentiment is not shared by the neocon Zionist cabal that are intent on attacking Iran for daring to develop nuclear power that “might”, sometime in the future, be extended to a weapons capability that would put Iran on equal footing with the only country in the region that possesses enough nukes to wipe out a large proportion of the world if they wanted to.

Maybe it’s their belief in a super racist religion that makes them God’s special “chosen” children, above us mere Goyim and therefore no different from squashing a cockroach that enables them to threaten to rain down death and destruction from the sky on their neighbours with impunity.

As we can see in this FOX News clip Israel is already threatening to nuke Iran to prevent Iran getting nukes!

If nukes are going to be used to kill innocent civilians does it really matter which group of women, children and men are burned to a crisp in a flickering of an eye?

To me a hundred thousand dead Iranians is just as bad as a hundred dead thousand Israeli’s but it seems that in the eyes of Zionists and their supporters that the life of one Jew is always worth more than the life of others. As a famous Zionist Yitzhak Greenbaum once said during the second world war during the time of the Jewish holocaust:

“One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe” – Yitzhak Greenbaum

Is Zionism really that evil that even when European Jews are being slaughtered on an industrial scale by Nazis a cow in the land of Israel was worth more than the lives of thousands of other death facing  Jews?

Is this the common standard of ethics a Zionist is taught as a child to grow up believing passing it on to their own children in the same manner a true shaved headed, anti-semite, neo-Nazi passes on their prejudices and hatred to their next generation of children?

Israel unlike Iran is also not a member of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. No IAEA inspectors are checking Israels nuclear plants or ensuring they don’t sell or distribute their nuclear technology to other countries as has been claimed by independent reporters.

Israel receives over $3 Billion a year from the US in aid, a fifth of America’s foreign aid budget and on top of this they get free weapons, fighter jets, missile systems and much more, all as sweeteners to try and get them to the peace table with the Palestinians. This is on top of all the free high tech weapon systems given as “gifts” from their bought and paid for Congress.

In fact Israel has the most advanced military in the region and although not part of NATO they seem to be able to employ their biggest donors support at the click of their fingers (or the few hundred letters signed by paid for Congressmen).

Those are just 3 of the biggest lies we are being spoon fed by our compliant media groups who are all preparing us for the inevitable next conflict that keeps the US/UK axis of death in perpetual war even when we are all bankrupt and cutting spending on our own citizens at home. Who need’s nurses or teachers when we can spend a few hundred thousand quid on a Tomahawk missile aimed at an office block in Tehran

We are Already At War with Iran

However it clear from recent events that the West is already engaged in hostile actions against the Iranian regime.

With Republican candidates gleefully cheering when another Iranian scientist is blown to smithereens and the Israeli’s staying silent with a big smile on their face as all fingers get pointed their way. It is clear that covert operations have already started to both slow down any Iranian nuclear program and prep the ground for war.

The motorcycles attaching bombs to the side of cars already moving before blowing them up is a well known Mossad tactic. Even US TV shows like NCIS show the Mossad engaging in such techniques to assassinate their enemies and the Israeli Mossad have a long history of both assassinating enemies in foreign countries as well as paying no attention to international law. When you think about it, it’s quite ironic as the concept of international law was created in the Nuremberg trials after the Jews were persecuted by Hitler.

When Iran points the finger at Israel and the USA it is a logical conclusion seeing that multiple scientists and a large number of military troops have died in similar car bombings and attacks at military installations over the past couple of years. Hilary Clinton may deny it til she is blue in the face but she probably doesn’t even know what the CIA is up to most of the time anyway. Certain operations are so covert that even the POTUS doesn’t get to hear about them until it’s far too late.

Then we have the first ever known form of cyber warfare engaged against Iran with the infamous Stuxnet virus. A virus so complicated it used multiple zero day exploits unknown to the manufacture that was cleverly passed from control system to system by means of a memory stick. To use one zero day exploit is clever but to use multiple zero day exploits requires serious techie knowledge and lots of man power – all of which points at Israel and the US/UK axis of death’s involvement.

Once embedded into it’s intended victim, the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz the virus mimicked the historical activities of the reactor whilst it span the centrifuges out of control with the operators none the wiser. It was a very clever attempt to derail the Iranian nuclear program and one that could have caused a major disaster if not spotted in time.

We also have our funding, training and backing of terrorist groups such as the MEK and Jundullah who have been bombing Iranian targets including military installations and civilians at Mosques for a number of years now. Iran calls them terrorists whilst we call them freedom fighters and it is widely known that we support them financially.

How does that concept work again – when we can pick and chose the terrorists, helping them other-throw a country like Libya one day and then spend a decade fighting a few dozen of them another?

Then again we have a long history of interfering in Iran’s affairs, from the other-throw of the Shah in 1953 to the backing of Saddam Hussein in the long war between Iraq and Iran in the 80’s.

Then we have the hypocrisy of the West in action for all to see once again clear as day.

Whilst we turn a blind eye to Israeli nukes and it’s illegal oppression of Palestinians in breach of numerous UN resolutions we attack Syria, Libya and Iran for their repressive regimes whilst supporting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as they commit the exact same acts against their people.

We pick and choose our enemies for political purposes whilst dressing up our attacks up in clothes that blind the stupid into believing we really are just on humanitarian missions or wanting to keep world peace.

If one goes back though the last hundred years and counts the number of wars the axis of death (US/UK) has been involved in you would lose count quite quickly, especially if you included all the “undeclared wars” and covert operations we routinely engage in.

Then there is our own behaviour that doesn’t hold up to inspection when placed in front of a mirror.

We claim to be the leaders of democracy and liberal freedom whilst our police beat, pepper spray and even kill protesters on the streets of London and New York who are awakening to the financial corporatocracy that has enveloped our political system.

We in the west have lost any moral standing we may have had by resorting to Medieval tactics of torture, removing habeas corpus from captured combatants and locking them up forever without hope of trial. Then we have the numerous anti-terrorism laws that are actually aimed at Americans rather than real terrorists.

Liberty crushing acts such as the NDAA and the PATRIOT Act, naked body scanner searches and gropes at Airports and repeated stories of US soldiers burning Korans, desecrating bodies by urinating on them, kill squads and naked pyramids of detainees in jail have done nothing for us but aid recruitment for our enemies and open the eyes of many to our true nature.

US soldiers pee on dead Taliban soldiers

For such a discredited political system that is dependent on continual war such as ours to sit in judgment on the behaviour of others is a laughable concept when you actually sit and think about it.

Why should a few Western nations be able to decide arbitrarily who can and cannot be trusted to hold certain weapons, who is humane and who is in breach of human rights?

Why is it up to our “dear leaders” to decide which country deserves to be attacked relentlessly from the sky and which should be sold weapons to do the same by the billion.

Who decreed that only we in the West have the God like power over who should die and should live?

Why do we get to make such important decisions when our own actions and behaviour do not stand up to proper scrutiny?

How Would a War Progress

As for the “warm war” we are already in we don’t need to read tea leaves to see how a real war would progress.

Israel, with help from Saudi Arabia and the US/UK axis of death would launch air strikes to try and destroy all Iranian nuclear facilities as well as military installations, radar sites, missiles silos and probably the homes of everyone with a degree in physics.

Iran has already said it would try to block the Straits of Hormuz, which would cut off 25% of the UK’s natural gas supply and much more oil and gas to other nations. Their allies in Lebanon and any left in Syria would undoubtedly launch missile attacks on Israel from the North and Hamas may even give the Israelis the excuse they want to re-invade Gaza by firing from the south.

The US would try to unblock the Straits of Hormuz causing a massive shoot up in the sea that no merchant ship would dare sail through if they had their wits about them and the price of petrol and heating gas would rise immensely.

If Iran has, as is claimed, Russian sunburn missiles or their newest air defense systems, we could even see more than few dead US and Israeli pilots, sea-men and civilians if they can fire off missiles before all their silos are destroyed.

If air strikes are not enough then a ground war could be in the pipeline with US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan they are perfectly positioned to attack Iran from both sides. However as we have seen from their recent exploits, they cannot even win a war against mud hut dwelling villagers who have been repelling invaders for centuries and who give AK-47’s to their kids as birthday presents.

Another ground war against a much tougher and better equipped army would not be a pretty site and Iran is no Iraq or Afghanistan. They have an army willing to defend the country and well equipped to do so.

A full blow war could even draw in other countries either through proxies like the Cold War, or a full blown battle to conquer the Middle East.

China is keen to take all the oil the west doesn’t want by implementing sanctions on Iran and Russia has been more than helpful to Iran and Syria by setting up anti aircraft missile and early warning systems. Who knows how far we must go before Russia and China decide to actually back their allies with more than UN vetoes and weapon sales?

The US has already declared their intention to control the natural gas and oil reserves of the Middle East and the Caucasus regions and slow down the rise of China by limiting their supplies of oil and other natural resources.

Whilst China is busy making friends by investing in Africa, the Middle East and South America and buying their resources America seems to feel conquest is the preferred option for obtaining the same outcome. Who would you pick as an ally if you were an independent nation stuck in the middle and had to make a choice?

The famous PNAC document details all these plans very clearly. 9.11 was the catalyst that they wanted which enabled them to enact their plans to rebuild America’s Defenses and start an imperial journey of conquest and the Obama administration has done nothing to slow it down. There is no clearer sign than this that Obama is just another in a long line of Democratic and Republican front men for the military industrial banking complex that makes the real decisions about US policy.

Terrorist attacks on Western cities would be a certainty if war broke out and the whole disastrous affair would be  a massive distraction to the economic crisis that threatens to engulf us all if war or natural disaster doesn’t first.  The ending to this saga would not be good for anyone involved.

For those of you who don’t wish to not spend another decade of lost liberties at home, dead relatives fighting pointless wars abroad and ridiculously high petrol prices then you know what you have to do.

The millions of people who marched and protested verbosely couldn’t stop the war against Iraq even though the majority of sensible people knew it was a phony war built on phony intelligence.

If only a few politicians had a conscience and resigned things might have been different but alas we know the ilk that make up the benches within Congress and Parliament. A politicians conscience never comes above their desire for more power and money and it’s just another reason we need an overhaul of our political system.

However the US public has a brilliant opportunity in the upcoming Presidential election to make their voice heard by voting for a candidate who won’t embroil the world in more war and financial doom.

Who that candidate is I will leave up to you to decide but it sure isn’t the incumbent Obama and it sure isn’t the majority of Republican candidates. I only hope enough of you chose wisely and pick someone not in the pocket of the Zionist lobby, the world might depend on it.

Please take part in the following poll and let me know what you think about war with Iran.

Please remember to add a comment in the post comment section if you chose the other option.

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20 Responses

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  1. lotti says

    ok i have a few things i would like to share re the iran issue….i found this on my daily news rummage ………read the post time letter in the NY times ….then note this at the bottom of the page……Jan 18 2012 1:50PM GMT
    Message: This news feed will stop on Jan 23 2012. Thank you for your custom.
    is this coincidence not sure myself i just want to get a better picture on it couple that together with the sanctions coming into play on the 23/01/2012 and the fact it is the transition of Aquarius and the Chinese NY….I think i need to stop with the sugar!

  2. Danny Smith says

    War with Iran is totally crazy and something the neo cons have wanted for years.
    Anyone thinking of war is a total nutter and you are right in your outine of what would happen if war was to break out get ready for stupidly high gas prices and lots of dead US soliders for years to come.

  3. Jose from Spain (europe) says

    – You forgot the assault to the USA Smbassy in Teheran?
    – You forgot the death of dozens of marines and other American officials in Beirut?
    – You forgot USA is the “devil”for Iran?
    – You forgot that Iran is sponsoring terrorist organizations?
    – Do you have forgotten that Iran bought weapons to israel with the help of USA (Iran – Contra Scandal)?
    – Do you have forgotten that Iran also lies as any Governement?
    – Do you really want that the Iran religious Governement to have the Atomic bomb?

    • darkpolitricks says

      Yes Iran has done all those, but they were not the “devil” we see them as until the CIA coup other threw their democratic government in the 50’s
      so that we could install a puppet and let our companies take their oil. They have a reason to dislike us. Wouldn’t you dislike France or Sweden if they
      had done that to the USA?

      You are right about the Iranian Contra scandal. It seems one minute we are happy to help arm them if it serves our interests, as we did with Saddam Hussein in the 80’s and then attack them for having the weapons we sold them in the first place! Same with Libya – who sold them the weapons they attacked their own civilians with? We did!

      I don’t want the Iranian Religious government to have the bomb but I also don’t want the Israeli Religious government to have the bomb or the Christian fundamentalist nutters who lurk in the GOP to have their finger on it either.

      I would like to live in a world with out the bomb but if we can’t then I would rather see Israel curtailed the same way the USA/USSR were knowing that if either attempted a first strike both would be annihilated. It might be a lot quieter in the Middle East if the Israeli’s knew that if they killed more Iranian civilians or tried to blow up more Iranian military installations as they have been doing then they might get some of the same treatment.

      The Iranians are not stupid they know they don’t posses first strike capability and any nuke attack by them would lead to their utter destruction but Israel is the one killing people, starting wars by attacking their neighbors, fermenting unrest and pushing the USA to another war. A war in which more sons and daughters from the USA will die on another foreign battlefield for another countries foreign policy objective.

      Do you want that after the Iraq and Afghanistan fiasco’s?

  4. Peter says

    Well if their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, why is some of it conducted underground?Why did you photoshop an Isreali flag on that aircraft carrier?

    • darkpolitricks says

      a) I guess they are conducting experiments underground due to the fact Israel/US is itching to blow their nuclear plants up as they have done previously in Iraq and Syria. Therefore as Israel is desperate to be the only nuclear power in the region, one that attacks and threatens to nuke their neighbours and one that is not part of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (unlike Iran) I guess Iran is trying to protect it’s investment and work which has been cleared of bomb making charges by the IAEA and US intelligence (despite various plots to fake intelligence as was done in the run up to the war with Iraq). So they are making their facilities as hard to destroy as possible as any logical nation would knowing that a nuclear armed, war mongering country is wanting to attack them and has already tried derailing their program with the Stuxnet virus and the assassination of physics teachers and other scientists.

      b) I didn’t photoshop the Israeli flag onto the image it was a photo I picked from a gallery of images that accurately reflected the fact that Israel is attempting to push the USA into another war in the Middle East that is totally for Israeli interests but against US interests. If a war does start it can be guaranteed that the majority of soldiers, sailors, pilots and other armed forces fighting will be from America and not Israel. American aircraft carriers are already in the neighborhood and despite Obama claiming he doesn’t want to go to war with Iran the Israeli’s have been constantly pushing this administration (as they did with the Bush administration) to attack Iran ASAP. As the heads of US military said last year the influence of Israel on US foreign policy is causing a lot of damage to the US image abroad as well as making it more dangerous for US troops already in the area. Therefore I picked that image to allude to the concept of Israeli foreign policy objectives being carried out by US military might.

      You might want to read this article by an ex Israeli Mossad agent who detailed how Israel has pulled US string and even tricked them into fighting their battles for them in previous years >>

      Thanks for commenting

  5. Jose from Spain (europe) says

    — Do you think if was worth going to war (WWII) for a port city (Danzig) and a railway line?
    –Have you forgotten about presidency of JIMMY CARTER?


    +Israel never invaded Iran
    +Israel is far from Iran
    +Iran is Persian and not Arab State
    +Iran is against Israel for religious reasons only.

    +The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) invaded Iran in 1941 (and with the help of the URSS). UK forced the abdication of the Shah in his son and ruled the country until 1946.
    +The Anglo-Iranian Oil-Company took advantage of this situation.
    +And finally, the new Iranian Government decided to nacionalize the oil (1951)

    +UK tried to change the Iranian Government in every way possible.: Blocking of petroleum products, rupture of diplomatic relations, the Shas flees….and failed.
    +The USA intervention was UK last letter of a supposed communist threat.
    +Usa took advantage of an unexpected situation and when the scene changed to the Shah, JIMMY CARTER left him to his fate.

    –The real enemy of Iran has been UK. Usa abandoned the Sha´s Government.
    — And so it broke the chain…. but the monks decide to maintain a chain of hatred and are now in this sad situation.

    –Paradoxically, who shoots first loses because it is a military and religious crisis.

    –Is it worth dying for Danzig? or wait for Auschwitz, Belzec or Treblinka?


    • darkpolitricks says

      Ahh dont get into the history of World War 1 & 2 as we could go back and forth for hundreds of years and never end the conversation.

      It would involve discussions about Hitlers experiences in the first world war, his exaggerated “heroism” that earned him the Iron Cross, his shell shock & the treatment he received, the theory that his mum was a servant at the Rothschilda in Austria and was knocked up by one of them making him a secret self hating half Jew. Then we have the Balfour declaration that helped Britain win the first World War by bringing the USA into it on their side and allowing Jews to settle in British mandated Palestine after the war, the Israeli terrorism that killed many British soldiers, the early Israeli leaders who were ex-terrorists, the resentment many Germans felt at being betrayed by their Jewish community, the Versaille Conference in which the seeds of Word War II were sown, the Communist threat in post Wehrmacht Germany, the brownshirts, the failed Munich Putsch, the threat of “Jewish Communism” Hitler felt “Christian Europe” was under and how he thought Western Europe should be sticking together to fight it. The resentment felt by Germans at losing parts of their country in the carve up at Versailles and their attempts to get it back, the appeasement by Chamberlain that allowed Hitlers early land grabs, the hyperinflation in Germany, the road building & job creations that made Hitler seem like a saviour to many Germans and brought them back a sense of pride which had been lost after WWI. The indoctrination of a whole generation of German children with the Hitler Youth, the Reichstag fire, the staged Polish attacks, the conspiracy theories, the war crimes committed by all sides, the victors justice, the gas chambers and the revisionists who believe 6 million dead is an falsified figure, and so so many other topics that are related to this topic. There is far too much to discuss regarding those wars which led to the creation of Israel and the current state of affairs we are now in today. However to fully understand how Israel came into creation and the parts 19th century Zionists, British politicians and German actions played you would need to spend a very long time going over many of these points and there really is too much to talk about in that regards.

      However to answer your other questions

      The Iranians like the Cubans and any other country in the world have the right to natonialise their own resources if they feel they have been taken advantage of by private corporations or for the good of the nation if privatization has not been beneficial to them in some way. The UK has recently done it with some banks due to the financial crisis and I don’t believe Privatization for it’s own sake is a good idea as not all industries work well as Private enterprises a good example being the UK railway system which should be run for the good of society as a whole not for profit for a variety of reasons. For one you cannot have two trains on the same track at the same time so it’s impossible to have proper competition between companies anyway therefore the concept is flawed from the go. Every year train prices go up, services get worse, journeys get cut and the system still receives subsidies.

      As for the UK you are right. The Iranians do feel the UK is the bad guy still and they constantly believe they see us meddling in their affairs at every turn. This is why they recently called our diplomats and journalists spies & the Iranian public invaded our Tehran embassy. Chances are our security agencies are meddling along with the CIA and Mossad as that is what our 3 nations constantly do.

      However the fact remains that the US/UK still other-threw a legitimate democratic foreign government by underhand means and the Iranians resented this immensely until they carried out their own counter revolution and installed their semi democratic/religious government. This system is split so that power is divided between the Religious mullahs and the elected President.

      Even with the Sabre rattling of the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Religious Mullahs still have ultimate control and they are not stupid. Both parts would have to chose to have their country annihilated before any war is started and there has always been tension between these two sections of Iranian government for various reasons.

      I don’t want to see Israel nuked but I don’t want to see Iran nuked either, especially if the war is based on more faulty intelligence like the war in Iraq was.

      There is a strong case to be made that a lot of the faulty intelligence for the Iraq war came through Israeli/German sources and we have seen the same tactics used in the preparation of public minds for war with Iran including lies that Bin Laden was hiding out in Iran and the famous stolen laptop that was shown to be full of faked evidence.

      Israel has threatened to use nukes to blow up Iranian nuclear installations. To me it doesn’t matter whether Iranians or Israelis are fried to death by nuclear bombs – both are human beings. I don’t want to see either country destroyed by nuclear bombs but as it stands Israel is the only country in the region with hundreds of nukes and they don’t even let the IAEA inspect their nuclear facilities.

      Also Israel is not part of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and they could have prevented a lot of this by becoming members and disarming to help keep the region free of nuclear bombs as the Iranians recently requested.

      If the Iranians DO want nukes it is only because Israel already has them and threatens the region with their use. A non nuclear world would be ideal but if MAD (mutually assured destruction) worked for the USA and USSR then it can for Iran and Israel.

      BUT saying all that the core fact remains that it still hasn’t been proven – even by the IAEA – that Iran is building a bomb so starting a war over a maybe sounds crazy to me and Israeli (with USA/UK help) actions including the Stuxnet virus, the funding of terrorist groups in Iran, assassinating scientists and blowing up military bases is only going to make a war more likely. I doubt Israel, the USA or the UK would put up with this amount of internal interference without fighting back.

      Thanks for commenting

      • Jose from Spain (europe) says


        –So you need an atomic bomb?
        — Where must to explote the Iranian A-Bomb?

        –I think you exaggerate the abbility of inteligence services. They always get incomplete information from traitors corrupt people and someone interested in destroy something or anybody, and really true patriots… and those who analyze the information can write what their bosses want to hear (or not).

        –So you are against Iranian military or politics intervention in Lebanon or Syria, or any area where there are Shiites (like Bahrein)?

        -Israel has never invaded Iran but the Persians invaded Israel long time ago (and Cain killed Abel).. We must stop the chain of hate, action and reaction, as did Jimmy Carter but the Iranians Teocratic Government do not want.

        –Un fortunately. I think that the religious want the confrontation and martyrdom; that is his real A-Bomb: The angry Muslim people.

        Good Bye.

        • darkpolitricks says

          No I don’t want a bomb? Who said I did?

          I don’t want anyone to have the bomb and that means Iran OR Israel OR the USA, UK, France, China and all the others.

          I am against Iranian intervention in other countries business just like I am against Western intervention in the same countries. Hypocrisy is what I despise.

          Why is everyone getting in a fuss over a maybe, something that has little chance of happening due to IAEA inspectors (which Israel doesn’t have) and the Russians removing the nuclear material so it cannot be made into a bomb when you have Pakistan – another Islamic nation has the bomb already? If you are against Islam then why are you not wanting to bomb Pakistan?

          If (as it is claimed) Mutually Assured Destruction stopped the USSR and USA coming to blows (directly – not by proxy) during the 20th century then why cannot the same tactic work for peace in the Middle East.

          Israel would not attack it’s neighbours and Iran would not dare bomb Israel?

          Despite the neo-con bullshit and propaganda no-one is stupid enough to want their whole country nuked – plus they seem to forget the amount of fundamental Christians in the Republican party who support Israel ONLY because they see the self fulfilling prophecy of the Zionist led Israeli return to the Middle East as a sign that Jesus is going to swoop down from the clouds, and convert all the Jews to Christianity before Armageddon and all the other baloney.

          If Religion could be put back into Pandora’s box I wish it would but the genie is out and too many religious nutters (in Iran, Israel and the USA) believe in the 2nd coming, the next Iman, the Messiah and all the other mumbo jumbo that makes them all crazy in my book.

          Cain killed Abel? Well I don’t believe that for a minute and I hope you don’t either. However belief in that myth is what has led to Zionism and their taking of the Palestinians land (a non-people according to maybe the next US President) when we know people lived on that land from the time of the Jewish revolt in 74AD to the Balfour Declaration and the formation of the Israeli state after the 2nd World War. Whether you call them Palestinian or not doesn’t matter they are people with a history and ties to the land.

          If we go down the route of being able to reclaim land stolen from you then the Indians would kick 200+ million Americans out the USA, the aborigines would kick the Australians out and I would want to claim reparations from the descendants of the Vikings, Normans and Saxons for their invasion of my country thousands of years ago.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • Jose from Spain (europe) says

            –The evidence of the existence of the A-Bomb is to explode somewhere
            — The A-Bomb is a brutal weapon. India has the Bomb, and of course, its enemy Pakistan also built it. (and its people go hungry) …. and all over the ownership of Kashmir. Who was right, Cain or Abel?
            — All lie
            ..No doubt, Obama will be reelected.
            –This reminds me of a phrase from “jack The Ripper”· case was cleared by Sir Charles Warren (Police – 2nd murder): “The Juwes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing”.
            –….. But if you can not share something, there is only one solution: WAR.

          • darkpolitricks says

            Yes the A bomb is a brutal weapon which is why I don’t want any country to have it.

            Before telling Iran they cannot have something many other countries already have we should make an effort to get the existing countries i.e Pakistan, Israel, India who are not part of the NNPT to sign up and try to get all countries with the bomb to reduce their stockpiles SO that countries like Iran don’t feel like their only option is to get the bomb to prevent others (Israel, US, UK) from attacking them.

            Who was right Cain or Abel? Neither as they never existed.

            Personally I don’t blame Jews for anything.

            Jews and “Jewishness” does not mean the same things as Israel OR Zionism.

            I am against Zionism as it is a self fulfilling prophecy that many true Jews do NOT believe in (only God can send them back to their promised land NOT man) therefore to be a Jew is NOT to be supporter of Israel or Zionism. Many Christians are Zionists, many Arabs are Israeli.

            I could convert to Judaism does that mean I have the right of return to a land that I have never set foot in? No it doesn’t.

            You are right war is bad. Who has started more wars in the last 100 years Iran or Israel?

            Who is in violation of more UN resolutions?

            But remember Israel != Jew != Zionism

  6. Aussie Mate says

    This is a truly scary scenario – and just so reminiscent of the litany of WMD lies that took our country, complicit with the UK & US, to war in Iraq. And the trouble is that all sides of mainstream politics in the US, the UK and Auystralia, regardless of their protestations to the contrary, actually want this to happen to distract from their own woes and to stimulate the economy and the military industrial complex. I was naively cynical of this military industrial complex concept way back in Vietnam days, but it is just so obvious now. The US absolutely requires wars to keep their economy going. A bloody disgrace, mate.

  7. Jose from Spain (europe) says


    –What do you want to do with jews?

    –The UN is a private club of five members who do what they want….. Since the founding of israel State these 5 members have failed to maintain order in the Middle East. Really, we should say they have encouraged the religious problem.

    –Israel has no terrritorial claims on Iran and Iran has no territorial claims on Israel. So, why all this military tension. Solution: Is a religious problem.

    –You think Cain and Abel did not exist but….
    ++The problem is that Arabs and Jews do believe… and the matter is complicated by believing that they are children of Abraham. Arabs and Jews are brothers, like Cain and Abel.
    ++Cain was nomadic, cattle, and he offered to God what was left; and Abel was a farmer, sedentary and he offered to God a better harvest.
    ++If you have seen the films of John Wayne you will know the fighting between herders and farmers. Who is right, farmers or ranchers?
    My Solution: They should share…… but the UN resolutions are worthless.

    –If had Israel lost a war, then Israel would not exist.

    –Have you forgotten the Roman emperor who destroyed the JEWISH city of Jerusalem?

    –I think that you are no interested in the emperor Marcus Aurelius and his book “The Meditations”.

    –I wrote “THE JUWES….”, no “THE JEWS”, for a movie called “MURDER BY DECREE”, starring: Christopher Plummer, James Mason, John Gielgud,, Donald Sutherland…. ,1978, directed by Bob Clark. I admit the existence of conspiracies but not everything is as it seems.


    • darkpolitricks says

      What do you mean what do I want to do with Jews? I don’t want to do anything with them, just like I don’t want to do anything with Christians, Muslims or Buddhists. If I had my way I would wipe religion from the history books but as that’s not possible you have to let people live their lives how they want and if that means they want to believe in God, Allah, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy then so be it. People of all religions can live in the UK, USA and many other countries around the world and I disagree totally with any country in the world giving itself a religious nature epecially if it’s a country that has invaded another peoples home.

      Would you like it if Iran invaded Spain (I take it you are Spanish) and declared your country to be the Islamic State of Spain and then said Muslims were first class citizens and all others, Christians, Jews and Atheists were 2nd class citizens? That is what happened to Palestine with Israels declaration that the people who lived there when they turned up now have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

      However – whilst I DO admit that people of the Jewish religion (notice I say religion not race as Judaism IS a religion – one in which I could convert to or a Jewish person could convert from to Christianity) have been persecuted over the centuries the answer is NOT for them to be given other peoples land and for them to ignore international law and start wars with their neighbours BUT for humanity as a whole to learn to live together and relegate religiousity to the dustbin of history. If this could happen then Israels Jewish State and Iranians Islamic state could become secular states in which people of ALL religoons AND none at all could live together.

      A dream maybe BUT if the British hadn’t of used the Balfour declaration to gain US support in World War 1 and the Zionists hadn’t of abused the original idea of living in peace with the existing inhabitants of that land and used terrorism to kill British soldiers, Palestinans and create Israel through war then we might not be in this position, and the current land of Israel/Palestine might still have been somewhere where both peoples could live side by side.

      Personally I would prefer the land to become a secular democratic country in which Israelis and Palestinians whether they be Jewish, Christian or Islamic could live side by side under the SAME laws as equals. At the moment Israel is a segregated country in which Jews have the upper hand like Whites in South Africa and the Arabs are 2nd class citizens.

      Recent nationalistic laws introduced by the Knesset have moved the Israeli government much further towards fascism with their laws that require citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel as a Jewish state and their activities of cleansing East Jerusalem of Arabs with US money, preventing Arabs from having certain jobs, the identity cards that label your ethnicity and allow for discrimination by the state and the many other examples which don’t even consider the partition of Palestine and the blockade of Gaza see >> OR

      You are right that Muslims and Jews are both people of the book and related by common ancestry (If you believe in the Torah/Old Testament by Abraham) but the reason I don’t believe in Genesis apart from the many logical inconsistencies in the story (as well as the 100% improbability of it all). Is that if Cain and Able were sons of Adam and Eve (the first two people on Earth) and Cain killed Able, then why did God mark Cain when he banished him from the Garden of Eden so that others would see him and know what he had done? Who were these other people? Where did they come from and how were they not related to Adam/Eve if they were the first people created?

      Anyway leaving fairy tales aside. I wish Israel and Iran would leave all the war and provocation aside however Israel is clearly not content at doing so having been engaged in a covert war for over a year:
      -Killing Scientists related to the Iranian nuclear program (including non military personal as well as civilians)
      -Blowing up military installations
      -Supporting terrorist groups such as Jundallah and others to carry out attacks for them (groups who Israel would condemn as terrorist and demand action if they were attacking Israel as Hamas/Hezbollah do)
      -Pushing hard on the USA/UK to support any war they might start

      This is not anyway to calm things down is it?

      The IAEA has found no evidence of an Iranian nuclear bomb and this site has reported the many Israeli and US military and intelligence officers including Leon Paneta, and ex heads of Mossad who have said Iran has NOT made the decision to make a nuclear bomb. However the press seems to ignore these statements or take them out of context to try and push the case for war. They certainly took the Iranian Presidents quotes about “wiping Israel off the map” out of context >>

      The Romans did destroy the city of Jerusalem during the Jewish revolt in 66-73AD. However I don’t see what that has to do with now? The Vikings and Normans killed many British people over a 1000 years later – can I sue the French and Scandinavians or should I still hate them for their ancestors actions? Should I still hate Germany for their bombing of London in the 40’s or the Argentinians for invading the Falklands in 82?

      Remember – Israel was born out of terrorism, many British soldiers died during their terror (see The King David Hotel) during the time of Irgun and the Stern Gang and many of these terrorists became the first members of the IDF as well as ex members becoming leaders of Israel. Therefore Israel is VERY hypocritical when it attacks Hamas for being terrorist in nature for fighting for the freedom of the Palestinians when they are only doing what Israelis did to the British.

      Hypocrisy? or justified double standards because they are Jewish?

      • Jose from Spain (europe) says

        –It was not Iranians but the Syrians were.
        –Some generals uf the Umayyad Caliphate (capital in Damascus, Syria) invaded Visigoth Spain in 711. For nearly 800 years Christians and Muslims fought, and the last Muslim Kingdom surrended in 1942.
        –In that year (1492) the Jews were expelled from the Kingdom.
        –Between 1609 and 1614 Muslims (the Moriscos) were expelledfro the Kingdom. –Did i mention about the Spanish Inquisition?

        –Kings of France, England and others countries also expelled the Jews. And the question remains the same then and now: What about the Jews? Where to put the Jews? Do Jews have a right in Judea or Samaria?

        –I think yuo think there is something called international justice. You believe that in addition to the laws of physics and chemistry are the laws of Justice. I do not think so.
        –Always apply the law of the jungle. We know from Roman times: VAE VICTIS.

        –VAE VICTIS is latin for “woe to the vanquished (ones)” or also “woe to conquered (ones). For the conquered have no rights;the phrase survives to this day, being used to note the impotence of the vanquished to the victor, especially in the negotiations between the two. And now?

        –The UN is a private club of five members to defeat the Third Reich and its allies,no more. Their legality depens on its strength and united of action. In Cyprus, the UN soldiers sunbathing and a little more, etc…..

        –¿Does what will happen is not dependent on us?
        We didn´t start the fire (by Billy Joel)

        • darkpolitricks says

          Your right I do believe in international justice and I believe it should be applied equally to ALL nations including the 5 members of the security council.

          You’re right in that the UN / Security Council was set up by the winners and it is always the country that wins a war that dispenses “justice” on the vanquished. That is wrong. A true international court with no national ties would see an end to the powerful dictating terms of the justice.

          You can debate the reasons why the Jews were kicked out of most countries in Europe during the dark ages but it was mainly to do with non religious reasons such as usury, the stupid belief that they Killed Christ, their Talmud (have you read some of it?) and their lack of integration into the community which meant people saw them as outsiders and made up rumors about them – blood libels & other silly crap. It is also interesting to note that when the Spanish expelled the Jews they moved to England and that co-incided with the decline of the Spanish Empire and the rise of the British Empire – link or co-incidence?

          However you are forgetting that
          a) most of the people in Israel now have NO links to the land at all and cannot trace their history back 2000 years to the time of Judea. Most are Eastern Europeans who have no family ties to the land called Israel/Palestine.
          b) many Jews are converts – therefore if I convert to Judaism I should have NO right to lord it over Palestinians who have lived on that land for thousands of years yet I am allowed under the right of return to do so – is that right?
          c) Judaism is a religion NOT a race – I don’t think any country in the world should be based around religion as the primary factor of whether you can live there or not.
          d) People who can trace their ancestry back hundreds of years – the Palestinians – are being asked to recognize their own homeland as the home of a foreign people AND recognize it as being a “Jewish” state. Could you swear an oath of allegiance to the Muslims who invaded Spain so long back as an Islamic state?

          A secular state is usually the best protection for people of ALL religions. We have only really had secular states in the last hundred years or so therefore using past examples of Christian/Muslim countries dispelling people of other religions is a moot point as it wouldn’t happen nowadays due to the significance of religious belief in government declining.

          So a secular, democratic Israel/Palestine/Israstine in which Jews, Muslims and Christians is the best way forward for all people to live in peace together. We seem to forget its also the holy land for Christians as well – why should they swear an oath of allegiance to a Jewish Israel?

          • Jose from Spain (europe) says


            –All the fault is for Anne Boleyn who bewitched the weak and helpless Henry VIII and forced him to leave Catherine of Aragon, his legitimate and devoted wife …. but we continue talking about the jews.

            –Perhaps the word “race” is not adequate to speak of “God´s chosen people” who respects the tradition of so obsessive. Not exist any law or order of expulsion of the jews of Israel by the Romans, Byzantines, Persians, Arabs, Crusaders or Turks.

            –So if we use Occam´s razor would be as rasonable to say that: The Palestinians are Jews and Jews who became Muslims.

            –We are in a conflict between Jews/Jews and Jews/not Jews against Muslims/jews and Muslims/no Jews.

            –So… Why do we run into a problem among Jews?

            –A great war is about to begin and also this reminds me of the missile crisis in Cuba.

            –Some things never change. It is a land of confusion (by Genesis)

            +I hope Obama returns to Jerusalem for Easter.

  8. Jose from Spain (europe) says


Continuing the Discussion

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