Disappearing Dialog, Why America Has Stopped Asking


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


This week, we are trying a bit of a social experiment. We will be listing items, most of which should appear on weekly opinion polls. However, over the past 2 decades, such polls as we once regularly enjoyed, have disappeared,

You will now learn why.

America had draft riots during the Civil War,riots and strikes during World War 2 and we saw the entire country grind to a halt because of opposition to the Vietnam War. Other than “occupy,” which because of its outdoor nature, we hope is on partial winter hiatus, all we hear is silence.

Or is it silence or perhaps the sound of a door long shut, the people behind it having surrendered?

I would say, look at the polls, if you can find them. In truth, you won’t find polls at all:

  • Do you feel the two party system is part of an international conspiracy that controls the world. (good luck with that question)
  • Have you learned something about 9/11 that makes you suspect our government has lied to you?
  • Does Newt Gingrich scare you, does he give you the creeps, as though he were a sociopath of malignant narcissist?
  • Are you aware that the GOP platform requires the elimination of both Social Security or Medicare? Can you retire without either of these and survive?
  • Why do you think food prices have nearly doubled in the past two years?
  • All that talk about debt, now thousands of trillions of dollars, if we ignore it, will it just go away?
  • If we can prove to you that Iran has no nuclear program and has never threatened Israel or America, and we have that proof, do you still think we should invade them?
  • Are you aware that over 40% of corporate contributions to politics are from drug cartels?
  • Did you know that most if not all of the “facts” you get in emails are, in actuality, totally false and written by Washington insiders working for Wall Street?
  • Did you know the NRA writes most anti-gun legislation so it can collect money to defeat bills that it writes itself?
  • Did you know that Israel, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE have been close friends for many years and pretend to not get along to sucker America into spending billions to protect them.
  • Were you aware that the 30 million (minimum) illegal aliens in the US crossed a 50 mile section of border that we have spent over $75 billion dollars to guard and some of it doesn’t even have a chain link fence? The actual crossing points total less than one mile when added together. We know each and every one of them yet they remain unguarded as I write this.
  • During the Bush administration, heroin and cocaine went down 65% in street price, availability quadrupled while gasoline went up by greater margin. Should the “war on drugs” have been a “war on oil” or maybe the wars were actually on “us.”
  • With Ron Paul receiving most of his financial support from active duty military, why is this not reported in the news?
  • Fact or conjecture, if Ron Paul were the Republican candidate, would he also receive half the democratic votes as well?
  • If I were to tell you that Hamas and Hizbollah elements responsible for terrorism against Israel were actually the Mossad, would you feel betrayed?
  • If you were to learn that Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler, up to 4 million dying in slave labor camps in the Urals during World War II, would you wonder why this has been kept secret, especially if you are a Jew?
  • If qualified historians could prove that America and the world’s financial system, now in collapse, had been under the control of organized crime for nearly a century and that this had been a serious contributing factor in two world wars, would you want the truth taught to your children?
  • If you were to learn that America had concealed advanced technologies that could replace gas and oil, nuclear and coal, clean technologies, but kept them secret because of “economic reasons,” would you be willing to risk letting oil, coal, nuclear power and the utility companies all go bankrupt overnight?
  • In 1989, cold fusion, a form of unlimited free energy was demonstrated. Then you were told it was a hoax. If you learned, as can now be proven, that the “hoax” stories were lies paid for by the energy industry, and these lies had kept the world from entering a golden age of prosperity, would you rather simply not know the truth. (there were demonstrable “free energy” technologies as early as 1935. Cold fusion is just a recent addition to the endless suppressed science.)
  • Do you believe the thousands of new UFO films are all fakes or that the UFO files Wikileaks planned to release but never did were real?
  • If the world’s finest religious scholars were to review the gospels and other Christian writings, 90% of which were suppressed by non-Christian Romans, would you accept Christ even without the “rapture” or a “heaven” or “hell?”
  • If it turned out that many of the beliefs you hold that you are told are Christian prove to be without scriptural basis and were more like science fiction or TV commercials, would you want to know the truth?
  • If you were to learn that all ancient history that involves religion were invented, phony relics, falsified archeology, “wishful thinking,” and those “invented facts” proved inconsistent with reason, would you reconsider your beliefs?
  • Did you know that the teachings of the prophet Mohamed, known as the religion of Islam, are version of reformed Judaism? This means, of course, that wearing of the Burka and other bizarre beliefs attributed to the Prophet are heresies and have no real part in Islam?
  • Did you learn, as a student, that Islamic civilization greatly surpassed the “west” and that the Catholic Church had outlawed learning of any kind and was responsible for the mass murder of millions while Islam promoted science, religious tolerance and social justice? Did your schools lie to you?
  • Assuming these things as fact, something not everyone agrees with: JFK was killed by a government conspiracy, George W. Bush never legally took office as the Supreme Court, according to the constitution, cannot appoint a president, that the Federal Reserve, also by constitution, is illegal and our money all counterfeit and that, over the past decade, laws that are clearly a violation of our constitution have been repeatedly passed but never challenged, is it just possible that America is actually a dictatorship?
  • If the US attack on Iraq were unsanctioned by international law, no UN resolution, no legal cause, no actual threat but was done by a group of criminals who had also illegally seized power in Washington, overthrowing the US government, and President Obama, knowing these statements to be true, has done nothing about it, is this reason for his impeachment?
  • Can there be a legal impeachment in front of a congress that is part and party to the crimes themselves, with many members making millions in war profits, illegal contributions and supporting laws that are criminal in nature?
  • If a reasonable examination of any week’s news reporting were to show that things presented as facts were false, systematic lies and distortions, whose only purpose was to mislead, enslave and cheat Americans of their natural right to freedom, is “reporting the news” a form of treason?

These are simply the national polls that represent things all of us consider or at least some of us. I think of all and more. Most thing of some.

None are ever asked as the answers are unwelcomed at best.


The answers withdraw the “consent to be governed” and, in themselves, removing what has become the ruling authority that has led the last century of science and technology, of learning and advancement into a new “dark age” of war, of poverty and of hate.

When Americans and other “close the door” and turn away, it is as though “the age of enlightenment” never happened.

Welcome to the 10th century, reborn and relived in filth and ignorance.