I was born in Staten Island Hospital and grew up on the southeast shore of that island when its waters were clean and teemed with fish including porgies, weakfish, bluefish, striped bass and big sharks. Our island, a burough of New York City, had clean beaches,dense woods, farms, unspoiled lakes, and abundant wildlife. Raritan Bay separated the island from the shoreline of New Jersey that stretched around to the entrance of New York harbor. Working on South Beach as a lifeguard in the summer for the NYC Department of Parks in the 1950′s, I could watch magnificient passenger liners as they arrived and departed through the Narrows. On clear days the parachute jump ride at Coney Island in the distance could be seen from my beach perch. More than once I explained to Sunday city folk, when asked, that it was the Eiffel Tower. Some people are amazingly gullible.

To access Manhattan it was necessary to ride the ferry. When the Verrazano Bridge was planned my parents, both of whom came from old Staten Island families, recognized that the end had come for their beloved bucholic island and they bought a farm in Ohio. In my teens I spent summers with cousins and other family on the island. Some years later I watched the familiar New York City skyline change as two box-like immensely high buildings, presumably modern in design and vastly different from neighboring structures, towered above Hudson River’s city piers.

The so-called “twin towers” were flagship structures in NY Port Authority’s new World Trade Center in which seven other smaller ones were constructed. Building 7, which eventually achieved notoriety due to its obvious demolition late in the day on 9/11, was roughly half the height of the twin towers. The Port Authority’s 1964 cost estimate for the project was $350 million. By September 1965 it had risen to $525 million. By December 1966 it was $575 million. There was no stopping this highly touted project to construct the world’s tallest buildings, despite serious financial reservations. Bid at $750 million, the final construction cost was $1.2 billion.

By the time it was complete, commercial office space was no longer in great demand. The buildings were
topped off but some say that they were never fully occupied. To save money, interior construction, such as flooring, would be done as leases were signed. To hide financial reality, occupancy percentages were calculated on constructed areas only, it is clamed.

The twin towers were a financial boondoggle. To make matters worse, there were design problems. Any good
sailor knows of galvanic corrosion between aluminum and steel, especially in a marine environment. As winds blew across the Hudson, the aluminum exterior sheathing began to separate from the interior steel beams. The face of the WTC began to fall off. Tenants would not tolerate the tremendous noise of repair. The sensible financial move for the Port Authority was to demolish the buildings. Due to the asbestos insulation, according to one source, the EPA would not permit the buildings to be imploded conventionally. They would have to be taken down by 2007 beam by beam, floor by floor, at a projected cost of $20 billion.

What to do? Well, these guys are not stupid. Today there are millions of Americans who, although not inclined to believe you can see Europe from the shore of Staten Island, are totally inclined to believe whatever masquerades as news, official government pronouncements and narratives broadcast from their magic boxes, the ubiquitous television sets that have matriculated from homes into restaurants, bars, barber-shops, and public areas. Add controlled newspapers and Hollywood fantasy and their propaganda game is complete.

Most intelligent and informed persons now realize that 9/11 was an “inside job”. TV narratives provide diversions. Let’s consider a few “what if’s”. These will offend, disgust, amaze, delight or confuse you, based upon the extent of your own knowledge and research since 9/11:

  • What if the story of hijacked commercial airliners is not true?
  • What if 9 WTC buildings (yes, 9!) were explosively demolished?
  • What if the buildings had been emptied and thousands not killed?
  • What if partying Arabs had been imported to be patsies?
  • What if UA-175′s impact of WTC-1 was animated digital fakery?
  • What if photographing that incoming drone plane had been per-planned?
  • What if owners of America’s mainline media are complicit?
  • What if published airliner passenger lists are fake?
  • What if “lost relative” posters swamping NYC were fakes?
  • What if “The 911 Truth Movement” has been infiltrated for diversions?
  • What if “dead victims” were manufactured and unreal persons?
  • What if millions of dollars are being paid out to “grieving” actors?
  • What if no commercial airliners were crashed anywhere?
  • What if the 911 narrative was twisted to further demonize Arabs?
  • What if money, war, power, and psychopathology is in charge?

If 9/11 had been an inside job, to be eventually exposed as such, would the perpetrators have risked
murdering thousands of innocent civilians? If you think these ideas are far-fetched, please dig into work done pertaining to 9/11, New York City’s huge urban renewal project, over the past decade. As a start, approach with a new perspective Simon Shack’s September Clues and Phil Jayhan’s Let’s Roll Forums. Listen with caution to better financed 911 Truthers.

Sums of money are being raised by grieving family members who are equipped with one or two photos of
their “murdered loved one”. Arrests for fraud and sworn testimony from opportunists may become the key
to exposing the 9/11 perpetrators, addicts to money and dominance, the wanna-be masters of projected
world government.