The Mossad Specializes in Giving FBI and Secret Service Badges Out to Friends

NYPD’s Arab Hate Indoctrination Class Filmaker Phony Fed


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The story was broken in the New York Post, the Murdoch rag and immediately removed at orders of AIPAC and the ADL, sponsors of Erik Werth, co-producer of “The Third Jihad.”

NYPD Commission Ray Kelly subjected 1500 police recruits to the crude racist spew of Werths “documentary” paid for by Arab hate groups funded by Neocon and Zionist organizations. Picketers have demanded Kelly’s resignation.

The story became particularly funny when Werth turned out to have been arrested back in 95. It seems that Werth, a favorite of Kelly’s and the New York Post, had a habit. He loved threatening people with arrest telling them he was a Secret Service Agent.

A search for court records has even been more curious, Werth, whose bigoted film attacking Muslims is now being banned was arrested, posted bond and then his records seem to disappear as almost by magic, or almost as though Werth were working for a foreign intelligence agency, which is our guess.

NYPD denies it knew it had hired someone with a spotty record. If Werth were not an Israeli agent, would his bigotry, racism and propaganda have been more socially acceptable to the police department that has now become the laughing stock of the world?

Making things worse, Police Commissioner Kelly, earlier this week was caught lying about his participation in the creation of Werth’s Islamophobic diatribe. In fact, Kelly had been interviewed by Werth and helped contribute to the hate spewed white supremacist rhetoric.

Kelly kept the Werth film on continuous loop, making sure all officers were aware of the threat of Islam and how people who looked Middle Eastern or “dark skinned” tended to “overbreed” and turn to violence.

It is a common practice for Mossad agents to dress as police or carry credentials claiming to be Homeland Security, the FBI or Secret Service. One former Homeland Security Director, Michael Chertoff, actually was a Mossad agent while serving as director of Homeland Security, a bit of a spin, as it were.

As for NYPD, their history is working for the mob and now for Wall Street. Islamophobia and racism has always been big with NYPD but is now official policy it seems.

Nobody has checked Kelly’s closet for a white sheet with eyeholes but we strongly suspect one is there.

That Werths arrest records were quickly “disappeared” and the New York Post withdrew the story from it’s online edition is more curious. The Post is owned by Israel ultra-nationalist mogul Rupert Murdoch whose blackmail scheme nearly brought down the British government.

It is our contention that NYPD needs to be investigated, top down, to see if Murdoch has wiretapped and blackmailed his way into that department with rent boys, phone taps and hookers the way he took over Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police.

The London scandals, among the worst in Britain’s history since the assassination of Lady Diana and the Norman Conquest manage to have escaped New York somehow, the distance being so far and NYPD being so closely aligned with the Wall Street Banks that have been passing “under the table” checks to officers to keep “Occupy” demonstrators away from their door.

For the Post, this is a white supremacist coverup. For NYPD, more of the racism it is famous for.

For Werth, it seems we have a Mossad agent exposed, peddling pornography, racism and filth to police officers who are probably more than immune to such things.

Time better spent.