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Where’s the real choice in the forthcoming US Presidential Election?

By Dark Politricks

It makes me laugh when I go onto US websites that are either left leaning like the Daily Kos or right leaning like any FOX News linked message-board or Christian website and I see the types of comments each side throw at each other.

The Democrats are called Communists and socialists and Barack Obama is called anything from a Muslim who wants to destroy America and hand it over on a plate to Iran so they can destroy Israel to a secret communist who’s great grandfather probably was a co-writer of the Protocols of Zion.

Then the Right wing are called everything from idiots to zombies and people who don’t believe in anything apart from God, Banning Gay’s and Gun’s.

What makes me laugh is that from this side of the Atlantic there is not much difference between your two parties at all. As it is often said the Democratic Party is the second most Conservative party in the Western world, it’s a shame more American’s can’t see that.

Both parties are pro war, pro bailouts, pro Wall St versus Main St, anti liberty, anti Internet freedom, pro-Israel, pro-police state and both have contributed massively to the huge amount of debt the USA is now in.

Whether it was spent on tax cuts, trillion dollar wars or huge bailouts to potential future employees at the Treasury from Wall St the only thing keeping the US afloat is their ability to print money and it’s use as the reserve currency of the world. Wars have been fought to keep it that way.

That is not to say my country is any better either. All three main parties fight for scraps over the centre ground and whilst all 3 parties, Labour, Tory and Lib Dem have MP’s that speak their mind and are to the left or right of their party the machine as a whole follows the path left by the previous government. Albeit with minor changes to tax rates, benefit cuts and how much they “speak out” against the EU and the failed Euro project.

Obviously behind the scenes all 3 are now the same faces of a triple sided coin much to the dismay of people who voted Lib Dem at the last election hoping for a restoration of the crush on civil liberties only to be met with a watered down Freedom Bill missing many of the original components that people voted for.

No matter whether Tory or Labour are in power one thing is for sure and that’s our governments slavish devotion to US foreign policy objectives which also include pro Israeli, pro war anti Russian and Iranian sentiment and actions.

What is shameful is that the majority of people in this country don’t like our brown nosing of American politicians and there was nothing in my life as cringe worthy as watching Gordon Brown’s speech to Congress where he was licking arse so much he was almost touching Tony Blairs feet.

The term special relationship on it’s own is enough to make most Brits throw up in their mouths and the disconnect between politicians, and what they promise and then what they do once in power is as much as it is on this side of the Atlantic as it is on the USA‘s.

So many people now realise that nothing changes with a vote for a major party but there is a lack of choice at the ballot box when it comes to alternatives.

As I said to someone the other day on Twitter the choice is either between standing yourself and getting nowhere in an electoral world of lobbyists, million dollar campaigns and expensive advertising or going for the least worst option and getting something out of it even if the candidate isn’t your ideal fit.

That might be a vote for Ron Paul hoping he really would stick to his word by ending the US policy of indefinite war and detention, ending the FED and restoring some lost liberties without dismantling everything that people without a dime to their name rely on in these increasing hard times.

Or it might be a vote for Obama hoping that freed from worrying about a 2nd election he would really deliver all that hope and change we never really believed in during the first election. So far all he has done is further Bush’s war of terror, crushed more liberties than most other Presidents put together and signed more cheques than can be cashed until eternity.

Having to dance for your dinner is probably a big distraction for any first term President and like most of recent times it is only within their second term that they start worrying about their “legacy”. Freed from the shackles of having to find future bucks for favours they can attempt to deliver at least some of what they promised the electorate rather than their paymasters.

However Obama’s track record leaves little to be desired and if he couldn’t get any of his “hope and change” passed in a Democratic House and Senate then it was down to a lack of will not votes. He is unlikely to change in my opinion.

So what can be done when there is no-one to vote for who can be believed in?

I don’t know how the electoral system works in the US but here in the UK we only get to vote for our local MP whilst our glorious (cough) Queen reigns over us forever as the untouchable Crown that is limited by no law at all.

I suspect there must be a lack of millionaire good guys in the USA otherwise at least a few would throw their hat in the ring and spend some of their money on an election or two?

It cannot only be total doofuses like Donald Trump who have the dollars to waste on expensive elections and I cannot believe that there isn’t a few billionaires over the seas who don’t like the state the USA is in at the moment.

Maybe it is just pie in the sky dreaming to expect that people with more money than they can spend want to take it all to the grave with them and don’t already belong to “the club” that gets invited to Davos, Bilderberg and all the other meetings of high fliers each year.

So if no good guys with full pockets have the balls or morals to stand for President then it only leaves a good citizen with some savvy marketing skills and some online clout or a leader from an existing protest group like the original Tea Party (not the GOP flavour) or Occupy Wall St to stand up and be counted.

Whether any of them will or not I have no idea but unless an independent is available to say no no no to more war, more debt, more bailout and more police brutality then the only other course of action is a general public willing to make their protest felt at the ballot box by spoiling their paper in some fashion.

Some possibilities would include:

  • Writing “None of the above” – and list the reasons why.
  • A write in for someone not even standing but with enough spoiled ballots would be mentioned in the electoral count.
  • Just a big cross over the whole ballot slip.

I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that a vote for the incumbent or for Romney or Gingrich will mean a change for the worse, a probable war with Iran and huge cuts to your public services like we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Let me know who you would vote for if you could have anyone you wanted – use the comment section.


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11 Responses

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  1. Arctic Patriot says

    Nice site-

    I borrowed your Iran poll, with proper linkage and attribution, to spread the message over here. Brilliant!

    And, to answer your question, Ron Paul is my pick of any of the possible candidates.

    Honestly though, our system has strayed too far from where it was after the 1st American Revolution (what do you call it over there, btw?) to be fixed by one person.

    Politicians are merely symptoms of a disease, and that disease is the American voter who wants to take care of his every need and want. The disease is the American “Monkey” (see link below) who insists on bleeding his countrymen dry for his own benefit.

    You Brits might benefit from reading this book as well-

    Sounds like both of our nations could use a little “revolution” of one form or another.



    • darkpolitricks says

      Hi Arctic Patriot,

      That’s ok, you can take the poll or any of my articles (under the “my articles”) menu link as long as they are backlinked and properly attributed.

      As for the American Revolution, we call it that as well but I like to think of it as another English Civil War – just in a foreign land. Most of the patriots fighting were English or British immigrants and the inspiration for the constitution and the Bill of Rights came from English philosophers like Thomas Paine.

      Thanks for commenting

      • Arctic Patriot says

        You’re right, the patriots were Englishmen, fighting against their government and countrymen.

        Many Americans like to think of them as a separate people before the Revolution, which is incorrect and gives a false picture of them, in my opinion.

        I’ll be back regularly, and I’ll be clicking on links and pitching in as I can… 😉


        • darkpolitricks says

          It is a perception issue but its also a basic sociological issue and a misunderstanding of the definition of Communism. A true communist society (and we have never had one apart from maybe a few Kibbutz and farmyard communes) means that:

          a) everyone is equal.
          b) no-one is the leader, all decisions are based on the good of all and consent of all – which makes decision making hard.
          c) the means of production are owned by the workers.

          We can therefore see how the USSR, China, North Korea and any other “Communist States” were nothing of the sort as once you get above a certain number of people you require a sub-section of the population to become the “decision makers”.

          It is hard to make group decisions where everyone is equal when there is over a billion people to be consulted and if the means of production are truly owned by the whole of society then decisions on what to produce, how much, who and how to sell it etc need to be made.

          Therefore as George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a great example of how the farm animals/workers could not tell the difference after the revolution between the pigs/humans (leaders). Therefore they replaced one class system with another two tier system in which “some are more equal than others”.

          Therefore as a real communist society could never exist on such a large scale it is pointless labelling previous attempts or existing liberals as communist.

          Plus I would disagree with the equation of the meaning of the word liberal with socialist/communist as personally (and here in the UK the definition of liberal differs from the USA) I would call myself a liberal – why? Because to me and many others a liberal means:

          -Belief in personal freedom and the Government NOT telling me how to live my life, what to put in my body, who to sleep with, where to go and what to say.

          -Belief in free markets not a state controlled economy – although I do believe that you need certain regulations to exist as free markets making all decisions do NOT work and a totally unregulated economy would lead to chaos. Personally I don’t want to be run over by a 10 year old, legally drunk and stoned kid, driving a fast car on the pavement without a licence. I also don’t want to live next door to someone whose house is rubbish tip strewn with rats and disease just because they have decided not to pay for individual drainage maintenance, water rates, rubbish collection and health insurance etc – that’s what taxes are for to get services ideally as cheaply as possible that serve the whole community. If you had to pay for every service you ever used on it’s own it would be a fortune compared to the amount of tax we currently pay. To stop that laws and regulations must exist – how many and what they are for is up for debate.

          As many libertarians say to admit that government has control over you is to admit that there is a gun in the room (Stefan Molyneux). I would agree with that but I would also say that it has to be the only gun and the decision making behind the trigger has to be tightly (and its not at the moment) controlled with a bill of rights to back up an individuals side of any conflict within the social contract that I believe DOES exist between the individual and the state.

          Debate is open on the times that this state controlled gun may be used and if it’s a choice between no government, a small constitutionally constrained government and a huge state I choose the middle option not the first. Again I don’t want to be ruled by gangsters and mobsters, for if you take away the government and the police that is who will run the show. Many estates in the UK are already like that.

          -Belief in a small government that doesn’t waste my money on a Ministry of Attack (for that is what our Ministry of Defence really is) but defends the nation, prosecutes criminals including all the banksters who have robbed us of our future.

          -And I personally have no problem with a social safety net for the most vulnerable in society [and myself when I need it]. I would much rather my taxes go towards my pension, social security and the NHS than shooting £400k Tomahawk missiles into mud huts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Iraq. A healthy workforce leads to a more productive society and economy.

          -Equal life chances for all – Just because you are born into a poor household it shouldn’t mean you are stuck for life in that environment. I don’t believe the Royal family should be able to take my tax and be exempt from the law NOR the elites who lord it above us due to WHO they know NOT WHAT they do.

          The recent decision to increase University fees has seen a huge drop in the UK for applicants and we are basically being told by people who all got paid (literally given ££ to go to University through maintenance grants and free tuition) that to become educated one must go into huge amounts of debt and servitude at such an early age.

          Debt = Slavery and education should not be the privilege of the “existing” rich. University used to be a place where you could turn up a poor boy from a poor estate and turn yourself into an equal who could do any job despite previous life experiences – again I would rather my tax went to pay for free education than missiles and bailouts for the banks.

          Whether you call that description a socialist utopia is up to you? However I would call it spending taxes wisely on the good of society not the destruction of other societies through war.

  2. Rollory says

    “anything apart from God, Banning Gay’s and Gun’s.”

    What precisely belongs to Mr. Banning Gay and his associate Mr. Gun?

    “it’s a shame more American’s can’t see that.”

    What exactly is this “can’t see that” which supposedly belongs to an unspecified American?

    Confusing plural and possessive makes baby Jesus cry.

    Also: there is absolutely nothing “conservative” about being “pro war, pro bailouts, pro Wall St versus Main St, anti liberty, anti Internet freedom, pro-Israel, pro-police state”. The Democrats are not conservative. The Republicans are liberals of the right: they accept all the basic premises of the liberal project, they just want to not be “extreme” about it.

    • darkpolitricks says

      It was actually a quote from Karl Denninger I was referring to when he said the original Tea Party had changed into God, Gays and Guns group and had lost the real meaning that initiated the movement.

      I should have put in a paragraph on how the GOP could be easily seen as a liberal version of the Democrats as both parties are just two sides of the same coin.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Arctic Patriot says

    That’s a perception issue, I think.

    Many of us here in the States see all of our politicians as liberal Marxist wanna-bees.

    In the grand, global scheme of things, they’re still somewhat conservative.

    I agree with Rollory that the Republicans are the liberals of the right, but I also recognize that someone I might see as a sniveling marxist dirtbag might be considered quite conservative in other parts of the world.

    Also, Rollory, you and I are considered “right wing extremists” in our own nation. 😉


  4. Gavinthornbury says

    USA elections treated with seriousness that they warrant.


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