The first rule of philosophy is to see things as they REALLYare, not merely as they are presented. If we follow this rule we must

israeli infected US flag

Israeli infected U.S. flag

recognize that despite what the politicians and media are saying, American troops are not really fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan or in Iraq. And if Israel gets its way and goads U.S. political whores into yet another war for Israel, this time in Iran, the politicians and media will again make the very false claim that the troops involved are “fighting for our freedom.”

When we look at the war in Iraq we see it had nothing to do with American interests. Iraq was not a threat in any way to the United States. Al Qaeda was not present in Iraq until after American politicians started the war. Unlike Israel, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. In fact, the war in Iraq was detrimental to American interests by the loss of thousands of American lives, the wounding of thousands of American troops and the financial cost of close to a TRILLION tax-payer dollars. The real reason for the war in Iraq was NOT to protect America’s freedoms, it was to protect the Jewish state of Israel. Love of Israel is one of the reasons neoconservative warmonger and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was the first to promote a war on Iraq to George W. Bush.

Israel and its neoconservative agents in the U.S. pressured its U.S. politicians and kosher plutocrats into starting the war in Iraq. Now they are doing the same regarding a new unnecessary war with Iran.

The kosher politicians and media have such little regard for the intelligence and courage of the average American that they are not even changing their propaganda from what they used to get the war started in Iraq to their current attempts to get a war started in Iran, as this article makes painfully clear.

Key to their propaganda machine is to tell lie with big lies. The kosher plutocrats are great at lying. They’ve fine tuned it to an abhorrent art. They are so skillful at lying, their lies have become “common knowledge” to many millions of people. One good example is the big lie itself. When a person hears the phrase “the big lie,” they usually think of Adolf Hitler. They regurgitate what has been fed into them: “Hitler said in his book he uses big lies to control people and to gain and maintain power.” In fact, Hitler wrote that the average person is more likely to believe a big lie than a small one because they themselves are prone to tell a small white lie but not a big lie. He then went on to condemn the practice and blamed organized Jewry and Marxists for using the big lie technique. The fact that the plutocrats have used this particular lie so successfully for so long that people don’t even realize that Hitler was actually condemning the practice, demonstrates the power of the big lie technique and why the plutocrats still use it.

An essential part of the big lie when it comes to waging war for the benefit of a foreign nation is to make those who are waging it falsely believe that they’re doing it for their own people and nation. Without getting them to buy this part of the big lie, they would never put their lives on the line. Saturating people through the media with phrases like, “They are fighting for our freedom” and “freedom is not free” helps to sell the big kosher lie and to achieve the goals the war was designed to bring about. And the goals do not involve freedom for Americans. All the goals are strictly for Israel’s benefit and for the benefit of the U.S. politicians who serve the Jewish state.