by Stewart Ogilby

The US media are blatantly lying to us. Not just little white lies, but lies those of an upcoming generation are being killed for. What kind of human beings are these men and women who accept money to tell lies to their neighbors and to millions of their fellow citizens? How are they raising their own children?

They lied when they told veterans there was a necessary and patriotic job to be done. They are lying to students, to teachers, to farmers and workers, and to all who came to this country looking for peace, hoping against hope for freedom from abusive and tyrannical government.

Television news, upon which the vast majority of Americans depend for accurate information, is not only unreliable but has become simply a huge propaganda machine for war criminals. Six corporations, owned and managed by men having financial interests in corporations that profit from wars, determine what the mass of America’s people watch on television. If you don’t yet know that 911 was a massive audio-visual hoax, you may shortly grasp that fact. Television’s “news reporters” are simply lying fear-mongers, preying upon insecurity in persons who yearn to trust what they perceive to be authorities.

Free people rightfully expect institutions of their society to be managed and operated by persons of integrity. What we now have in America is an entrenched mob, criminals with the lowest ethical standards imaginable. They now control all three branches of our federal government, much of state governments, local judiciary, police, as well as the national media.

As good citizens, most of us act in accordance with an imbedded ethical and moral sense when dealing with our employers, our families, our neighbors, and our friends. We know that there is a fundamental difference between right and wrong. We seek to separate and to reform misguided persons in our communities who violate the law.

We. who have no respect for liars, watch attractive well-dressed men and women appear on our television sets. They are the whores of modern America’s media. They deserve no respect. In fact, they deserve today to be disregarded at the very least, and prosecuted once enough Americans have decided that they have had enough economic abuse, civil abuse, and lies from criminals who have usurped our government and who fully control America’s lying media.