A question that every American must ask that why America should burn for Israel.

By Raja G Mujtaba

On Wednesday, last week, Jeff Rense hosted the author to very interesting but very sensitive issues that were discussed in his program that only covered Iran but also other countries like Pakistan, Syria etc. in the region. Based on that radio talk, this paper has been written for the benefit of the listeners and readers.

The technologies that is available to America like EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that can be exploded from 50,000 feet or

The Bomb that will push the civilization back to stoneage.

above can virtually knock out every computer or computer assisted system thus rendering Iran very vulnerable and helpless before America. This is a wrong attitude and a wrong approach; it’s based on arrogance and ego. In such a scenario, free flight weapons would remain quite effective.

However as time moves on, war clouds are looming large over Iran; the main threats are coming from Washington but equally strong if not more are from Tel Aviv. America is already engaged in a dozen wars in the Muslim World, Iran front would be would be a nightmare for the US. Its not just Iran but Syria is also being engaged simultaneously.

Obama said They understand that the world community means business. To resolve the issue Iran will have to come to the table” and prove that “the intentions of their nuclear program is peaceful.” Such threats do not solve rather complicate the situation. America is not understanding Iran, Iran has a history of thousands of years where as America has history of over 200 years. Compared to thousands of years, a couple of centuries are like droplets in the ocean. History determines the temperament of the nations, Iran has stood to its past and it would do so in future also. Like in Afghanistan, where the empires have fallen, Iran too would be no different.

In Afghanistan, the British were humiliated twice, the big bear, Soviet Union evaporated into thin air now America is licking dust before it falls down. With this background, America would be well advised not to attack Iran just to appease Zionist State of Israel.

Netanyahu is trying to trap the US in every possible manner, Washington must be watchful, if not the American public must come out to defend their interests by avoiding war and be taken as hostage to Israel. Later on Monday, speaking to an influential pro-Israeli lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Mr. Netanyahu said, We waited for diplomacy to work; we’ve waited for sanctions to work; none of us can afford to wait much longer. This is a clear threat to America; if the US bows to such blackmails, not Israel but the American people shall suffer and pay the price.

Again during the AIPAC conference, the spring-board of Israel to land on Capitol Hill, Netanyahu called on the international community to acknowledge the fact that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. “Amazingly, some people refuse to acknowledge that Iran’s goal is to develop nuclear weapons. You see, Iran claims that it’s enriching uranium to develop medical research. Yeah, right.” Why don’t Obama question him that what about over 200 nukes that Israel possesses, aren’t they a naked threat to the global peace? Israel is a state that is most fanatic and cannot be trusted; she will not hesitate to fire shots on a slightest pretest; can Obama guarantee that Israel would not nuke the region? If the US wants other countries to surrender their nukes then it must be a global approach, the United States should be the first to surrender and dismantle her nuclear weapons of all sorts.

Mr. Obama, the official said, had maintained during his Oval Office meeting with Netanyahu that the European Union s impending oil sanctions and the blacklisting of Iran‘s central bank could yet force Tehran back to the bargaining table ” not necessarily eliminating the nuclear threat but pushing back the timetable for the development of a weapon. Iran is resilient country that has strong national pride; they would not bow to such arm twisting. If Obama is a bold person and a man with determined courage, he must board the plane and land at Tehran and enjoy the simple but warm hospitality of Ahmedinejad and enjoy a simple food sitting on the rug. This would bring a sudden but a positive change in the entire atmosphere that is smelling war.

What Obama stated, is clear indication that he has submitted to the desires of Netanyahu, who is a ruthless bully of the US. My policy here is not going to be one of containment, Mr. Obama said before the meeting on Monday. My policy is prevention of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. He added, When I say all options are on the table, I mean it. If Obama acts the way he has said then America would regret having not listened to sane voices that are rising from every quarter of the globe. Obama should not risk and jeopardize the future of the American people to an uncertain end. What divine right does Obama have to paint the world as he wishes? Every country, every culture has the right to their way of living. If Obama has signed the Same Sex Bill it does not mean that he has the right to turn the whole world gay.

In the same context, in June 2011, American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan hosted a party for the gays, is that part of the diplomatic norms or duty? When you offend the host country then on their reaction, the people are labeled or branded with all sorts of names. We must learn to respect the culture, social values, religious norms and morals.

Muslims, including Iran al have been friends of America, they invested trillions of dollars into American economy, but they did not tax or burden it like Israel drains out in billions and billions of dollars every year. American people must question themselves, why for few million Israelis, America has antagonized and defriended 1.5 billion Muslims? Why should America risk its own people for an unjust cause and a state that is far from being an American friend? If America believes in free and just world then it must demonstrate with courage and deeds.

Netanyahu said My supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains the master of its fate. If Israel has to be the master of its fate, don’t the other states including the US have a similar right? Why should America get after Muslim states to surrender their sovereignty? Today there is not a single Muslim country where America does not have its finger.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented one central question during his meetings in Washington in the past few days: “What will be the price of not acting against Iran?” he asked at every opportunity. American people should respond to this question by saying, America will be saved and so would be the world.

The US must know that for now her feet are burning in Afghanistan where the burning of Quran (Koran) by the US troops has enraged the entire Afghan population no matter what side of the fence they are, are bitterly attacking American troops and facilities. The worst thing that has happened to the US is that their own trained soldiers from within picked up the weapons to shoot them down. Here again the American people in particular and the world in general must know that America is burning in every fire of the war in the Muslim world is primarily for the Zionist State of Israel.

Under such conditions when their NATO Allies are trying to quit Afghanistan at the earliest opportunity, America resources would be stretched very thin on ground; opening more avoidable fronts would further suck America into a whirlpool from where it may never come out; Soviet Union is a fresh example before us.

Now to save the world from a major catastrophe, the responsibility lies on the American public. The need to react has never been so grave as it is today; some insane minds are bent upon destroying the world for their vested interests. Remember death is never a matter to rejoice, it brings chaos and destruction. It would take one push on the button to destroy what mankind has taken ages since times immemorial to build. It’s our world or its no body’s world; that’s what the situation is like.

The article was originally published in Opinion Maker.

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