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… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Man Can Fly !!!

We have a special treat for you tonight…the lost film. In digging back through some of my old Vimeo Picks I found a gem that had been misfiled.

It’s a clip reel of early motorcar racing films, back when they called them that, before me time.

Pay close attention when you see driver bodies flying through the air. And why?

Well, it’s because real men did not wear seat belts in those days. It showed a lack of confidence.

Only a wussy would want one. And the same for roll bars.

The only analogy to this I can think of is the WWI Allied Air Brass who would not let pilots wear parachutes, thinking that it would detract from their ‘fighting spirit’…to be able to exit an aircraft in combat. So those shot down in flames had only their pistols to use to avoid the agony of being burned alive.

And as you will see here, gas tanks did not have any special protection as one driver gets roasted.

Getting crushed by your own car

You will also see that the old race tracks were a bit lax on crowd safety with attendees liking to get a good spot in places like hard turns so they were guaranteed of getting maimed or killed when a car lost the curve.

It seems the racing fans had their own macho thing to contribute to the event.

This first one up is the classic, ‘I Killed Myself When I was Young’, but it could have been called the Flying Men. VT salutes these early daredevils.

Don’t forget these were the days of wing walkers and flying the mail in bad weather with no real instruments, where getting lost was…well…very easy.

Many of them died, too…long forgotten, including WWI pilots who survived that to die in the eastern fog or Midwest rain or snow storms.

vimeo – Veterans Today – – Early Racing Crashes

We will close the show with a big load of French road rally crashes. Driving conditions on these village and country roads can be horrible with narrow roads, hairpin turns and gulleys galore. The drivers and navigators are well suited up in crash protection.

The death stars of this show are the bystanders and especially the cameramen that chose this day to commit suicide. I have never seen more people run over in my life with some cameramen shooting right up til the moment where they were hit, which maybe helped out the gene pool for the future.

Some of the dummy bystanders are on the outside curve for a good view of the incoming cars. That way they can see the one that are going too fast to make the curve real well just bef0re they die.

This is a YouTube compilation of amateur racing fans videos so be sure to pick 4890p quality

YouTube – Veterans Today – – Big French Road Rally