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Ron Paul speaks out against the beat of US war drums towards Iran

Ron Paul speaks out against the beat of US war drums towards Iran

By Dark Politricks

In this video of the US Congress, the Democrat Dennis Kucinich, gives way to his friend and comrade Ron Paul to speak about the  “The Obsession with Iran Act 2012.”.

Whilst on the surface these two Congressmen might seem to the unknowledgeable diametrically apposed  to each other. One being a Democrat the other a Republican.

In fact on many issues from the Bill of Rights, personal freedom and civil liberty to US foreign policy and it’s war mongering. From the Constitution to the FED and the control of US money and the rise of the Amerikan Surveillance Police State and targeted assassination by executive order they hold very similar views.

In my own opinion the two would be a great constitutionalist, anti-war, pro-liberty cross party Presidential ticket to draw Democrats, Republicans and Independents together. People all across the political spectrum, who would vote them in to sort out these few key things they both agree on that are leading America down the path to destruction.

Things such as repealing NDAA and the PATRIOT Act, ending the wars and closing the hundreds of military bases down that litter the world. Restoring all parts of the Constitution that have been ignored or over ruled by executive Order and stopping the militarisation of the US police forces that have crushed recent Occupy Wall St protests with ex military equipment and literal iron fists.

They should stop any corporate handouts, simplify the tax code and and use any saved money to pay down the national debt.

Give the majority of main street living Americans tax cuts to stimulate demand, remove any tax advantages that help companies move their staff and offices overseas to aid growth and give US companies incentives to base themselves at home and pay US tax.

The main US export at the moment is rubbish, which goes to China – what does  that say?

Anyway I digress – the point is these two conscious and knowledgeable Congressmen were debating the recent Iran Sanctions Bill.

Or as Ron Paul likes to call it “The Obsession with Iran Act 2012.”

A Bill that was passed anyway at 421-6.

Showing you that at least 6 people had the balls to put American sons and daughters first for once and stand up against their political parties war mongering and subservience to Israel.

The same sons and daughters who will die on foreign battlefields fighting unnecessary wars for a bought and paid for US Congress taking it’s orders from a foreign nation instead of doing what’s best for itself for once.

All reasons these two lonely voices are on my Good Guy List.

In the speech Ron Paul says the following:

“A vote for this … will show that it’s just one more step to another war that we don’t need,”

“We have not been provoked, [Iran] is not a threat to our national security and we should not be doing this. For the past 10 to 15 years we’ve been obsessed with this idea that we go to war and try to solve all the problems of the world. At the same time, it is bankrupting us.”

“What we continue to be doing is obsess with Iran and the idea that Iran is a threat to our national security,” the congressman said. “Iran happens to be a Third World nation. They have no significant navy, air force, or intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

Do you think we’re protecting civil liberties by arbitrarily dropping drones or threatening to drop drones any place in the world, with innocent people dying?

“If we want to really care about civil liberties in Syria, why don’t we really care about the secret prisons we have and the history of torture we have in this country?

While the US is making kill lists, it is preaching for civil liberties abroad and “poking our nose in other people’s affairs, just looking for the chance to start another war,” this time in Iran said Ron Paul.

As Ron Paul says in his speech. The Iranian sanctions bill is “an act of war” and as I have said before we are technically already at war with Iran and our support of terrorist groups like the MEK and Jundalah who blow up innocent civilians in Iranian mosques and using Iranian traitors to execute peaceful scientists in their cars for their Mossad/CIA paymasters is only the scratch of the surface when it comes to the covert proxy war already being fought out by US freedom fighters (really) terrorists and the Iranian regime.

As I said months ago America has lost any moral authority it once had in the world by it’s recent foreign policy actions.

It’s hypocritical support of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as they crush dissent and attack human rights every day whilst bleating on about the abuses in other nations who are not their friends or sell them large quantities of oil whilst holding US military bases in their territories only makes their hypocrisy more visible to the rest of the world.

When the US/UK/French axis of war attacks countries like Iran and Syria for “targeted killings” all the while holding their own “kill lists” ( death by executive order ). They are being more than a little choosy in who they accuse of human rights violations especially as they let one one of the worlds biggest human rights abusers, China, lend them billions of dollars so they can carry on killing on tick.

All the while they continue to bankrupt America by fighting wars they cannot afford and keep Gitmo open with many innocent detainees still locked up denied the right of habeas corpus.

Plus they still have the massive blemish of torture at prisons from Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba on their sheet which they need to remove before any moral authority can be restored to their words and actions.

They use drones to kill innocent people all across the world in their “shadow wars” and claim that no civilians have died purely because they count all dead males of a certain age (if they bother counting at all) as enemy combatants whether they are or not.

Plus who can be bothered to count the dead when a drone drops a bomb in Pakistan that is controlled from Langley. Drones that now fly the skies over the US in a prequel to a Dark Angel world of instant scanning and automated minority report style pre-crime detection.

This is whilst at home all around the US the police has become it’s own little Armed forces brigade. Driving tanks and using special military grade armour and weaponry to break up small protests and break into citizens houses. Shooting dead people and dogs who dare bark too loud all in the aim of  looking for small amounts of marijuana.

The War on Drugs is as phony as the War on Terror.

Who can forget the recent Occupy Protests in which cops beat up grannies and held open students noses so that they could shoot pepper spray down their throats  just because they dared to sit down in a peaceful line to protest.

It is no wonder people are wondering why the home of the free has become the home of Orwell’s worst dreams.

Even the upcoming US Presidential election looks like a choice between two useless contestants.

Nothing will change whoever wins unless the American public wake up and vote in someone with morals, a sense of America’s true actions in the world and at least a modicum of knowledge about why half the world wants to kill them.

If only there was some way of the American people showing their displeasure at the road it’s taking that doesn’t involve voting in a GOP version of Obama or keeping a very non-liberal Democrat as President…..


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  1. Danny smith says

    Too right Ron.

    War is costly in blood and dollars. We should stop policing the world and spend those billions n trillions of war bucks on sorting out our economy and putting right the sad fact that the richest nation in the worlds primary export is trash to china! WTF!

    We need to throw FOX n Fuks in the bin and vote in someone who listens to the people not the lobbyists and big corporations first and the American people last.

    Well done!

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