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How do you feel about Barack Obama getting a second term as President?

How do you feel about Barack Obama getting a second term as President?

By Dark Politricks

Now President Obama has been re-elected as President of the USA does the thought fill you with joy or feelings of dread?

Did you vote for him, his opponent Mitt Romney or maybe one of the third party candidates, and if so was it because you believed in their promises of a better America or was it more of a case of choosing the least worst option rather than the best person for the job?

It seems that the 3rd party candidates from the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Justice and Constitution Party hardly made a dent in the political system that seems to be sewn up tightly by the duopoly of Democrats and Republicans who continue to control the Presidential process.

However thanks to alternative media and non mainstream TV stations they did for once have a platform to show off their policies to those who were interested and in future elections their power of persuasion will only grow in strength.

This is because as TV becomes more antiquated younger voters who have grown up with iPads and YouTube will increasingly find their news and sources of information from the web and alternative news sites helping to shrink the establishments level of control over the population.

Although in this election their level of coverage was not enough to make too much of a dent in the outcome and the choice of options that could actually win the Presidency were only two men there were many state ballots passed on the same night that were anti big government and pro-liberty in nature.

Ballots such as Colorado and Washington that voted to legalise recreational marijuana use Maine and Maryland that voted to allow same sex marriage. This is good for those who believe in the freedom to do what you want to your own body and keep the government out of your personal affairs.

However the big choice for President was between a big right of centre Democrat or a far right of centre big government Republican.

Not much of a choice for true liberals or constitutionalists who believe in limited government and freedom from SWAT teams entering their homes on suspicion alone.

If you voted for President Obama do you honestly believe he will finish off, or even start, the “Hope and Change” that he promised the first time round. Or will he just continue business as usual, even many people who voted for him believe the latter.

Business such as allowing the banksters of Wall St to continue to steal money from the tax payers, devaluing any savings people may have by continuing to use incredibly low interest rates. Business such as preventing any real reform of Wall St and allowing attempts such as the Dodd-Frank act to be watered down by powerful lobbyists. People who seem to be able to control the levers of power to their advantage whether an Elephant or a Donkey sits behind the oval desk.

Will Obama continue building the high tech police surveillance state in which more than a million people have top secret clearance and keep expanding the war on terror that constantly fills the military industrial complexes pockets with tax payers cash. Or will he grow a pair and realise he is only creating future “terrorists” with his 50 to 1 drone strike rate that kills more civilians than actual terrorists.

Will he continue killing off hard won civil liberties, destroying freedom from government with increasing executive orders and laws that are aimed not at foreign terrorists but domestic extremists such as the people who dare to protest against Wall Streets grip on power.

Acts such as the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA that give the President dictatorial powers to kill and indefinitely detain US citizens or even start wars without having to pay attention to congress as he did in Libya.

Will he continue to back Jihadists and al-Qaeda linked rebels fighting in Syria as he did in Libya all because the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Or will he actually grow a pair of balls and decide that morals and ethics are something that America should lead the world in through example and not bombs dropped from playstation controlers in Las Vegas.

Will he continue to back Israel as they break international laws, execute American citizens on tape, and subjugate the Palestinian people by blocking any bill in the UN with a veto. All the time hypocritically attacking countries such as Russia and China who do exactly the same whilst trying to prevent another NATO war of regime change masked as “humanitarian intervention” such as the one in Syria.

Will he even dare to cut the bloated and gigantic Defence budget that is bigger than most of the other countries in the world put together. A budget that means building gigantic military bases to encircle China and missile shields that do the same to Russia. A defense system that they see as a threat and one they can easily defeat if needs be.

These are acts that are more of a political statement than any proper defense for the US public and once again only serve to fill the military industrial complexes coffers where the money could be better spent on a hundred and one things.

Just imagine all the things that could be bought with all that money. You could even pay for a proper health care system instead of creating a mandatory purchase from insurance companies – a system hated by liberals and conservatives alike.

Does anyone think Obama is a true liberal or as many Republican message boards and blogs like to call him a Marxist or Communistpeople who have never obviously read a dictionary.

Or is he just a slightly less right wing version of the Republicans.

Both are big government parties, the only thing that differs is how much they move the line and what the big government spends the money on. More war or more help for the people of a country robbed by the banksters. Help for people left to fend for themselves whilst their homes are re-possessed by the banks who helped rob them and their jobs are shipped off to China due to tax incentives.

Whoever won the election we can be sure that the continuation of the Amerika we have all grown to fear will continue and systems like the TSA’s porno scanners and TRAPWIRE that monitor US civilians wherever they go will continue to feed into the rising police state system that seems to be expanding forever.

A true liberal would be curtailing these excesses not expanding them. Obama is NOT a true liberal.

True liberals would have only voted for him because they feared even worse consequences if Mitt Romney was elected to help deliver more tax cuts for the rich and stop Obama giving “stuff” to the immigrants as Bill O’Reilly said on election night.

Let me know what you feel about the result of the election with this poll below and leave your comments in the comment section if possible.

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