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Our Hearts, Minds, And Wills Have Been Seized For World War III

Saman Mohammadi
Nov 17, 2012

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I. The Death of Civilizations: Iran And The West

People are curious about when America died. The answer is that America died a slow and continuous death. The tragic process occurred in multiple stages. The seminal dates and events are as follows: 1) the establishment of a private central bank that exists above the federal government in December 1913, 2) the CIA’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, and 3) the false flag September 11 events in September 2001. For more details, read, “From The Fed To JFK To 9/11: A Hidden History of High Treason in America.”

But America is not the only country in modern times that has shed its former skin and underwent a massive revolution. Russia, China, and Iran all come to mind. The change in America’s national character and political system has been unique because it has been silent and slow, unlike the Islamic revolution in Iran, which happened in a short flash and was quickly tested when Iraq invaded in 1980.

To patriotic Iranians who detest the tyranny of political Islam, Iran died in 1979. And, likewise, to many patriotic Americans who reject the emerging fascist globalist state, America died a long time ago.

When we say America and Iran are at war, we should be careful to keep in mind that the real America and the real Iran have already died. Two hijacked nations are at war with each other.

What is never talked about is that the national hearts, minds, and wills of America and Iran have been seized by co-conspirators who are working with unity and purpose.

It is a matter of historical fact that the Anglo-American intelligence agencies plotted the Shah’s overthrow and brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power by spreading his Islamist propaganda in the international media.

The hijackers of America and Iran are seeking to create a fascist new world order, to be sold to the world after a devastating and catastrophic world war involving Israhell, America, and the West on one side, and Iran and Islam on the other side. Brainwashed American and Iranian warriors have been trained to fight and kill each other for their masters’ sake. But it is not my fight and neither should it be yours.

II. False Revolutions, False Enemies, False Flags, False Religions, False History

I see the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979 as an illegitimate revolution because Khomeini’s power did not grow out of the Iranian people’s will. Khomeini imposed himself on the nation’s psyche through sheer will-power. Most Iranians did not want to live under a rigid Islamic regime but the American-Iranian hostage crisis and the experience of the Iran-Iraq war forced many people to accept the new government for a very simple reason: patriotism.

It is interesting that only two percent of Iranians go to Friday prayers, which is a big sign that the country never spiritually accepted Islamist rulers. Khomeini was a deceiver who tricked the Iranian nation. He was catapulted to the spotlight to be the national voice of the entire anti-Shah opposition during the initial stages of the revolution but he used his religious prestige and public position to sell a purely Islamist revolution. This was not the act of a liberator but a tyrant.

Why did Khomeini and his Western backers establish an Islamic political system in Iran? The answer should be obvious by now: to set the stage for an apocalyptic clash of civilizations.

The Globalists in Washington, Zionists in Israhell, and Islamists in Iran are all on the same side. The leaders of these countries are merely play-acting when they make speeches and denounce each other in public. Netanyahu is not good at play-acting, he comes off as a loon, but the other leaders are experts at it.

Ayatollah Khamenei usually says in his speeches about America that the leaders of America rejected the Islamic revolution in Iran and resented this historic development in global political affairs. But how can this be true when the CIA was instrumental in bringing down the Shah and helping Ayatollah Khomeini consolidate his power?

One perfect example of hidden cooperation between American and Iranian leaders is the artificial American-Iranian hostage crisis. The film ‘Argo’ is fiction. Hollywood is spreading the myth about the crisis into the minds of millions but the truth is more fascinating and surreal.

The American-Iranian hostage crisis was pure theatre. The devious leaderships in America and Iran secretly agreed to create a crisis of great significance and manage it until President Carter was voted out by an enraged American public. It was a trick that worked brilliantly.

We will never get the truth from the poisonous totalitarian governments in America and Iran about the hostage crisis or any other controversial event. U.S. leaders will never tell the American people: “What’s up. Look, we and Israel did 9/11, not Al-Qaeda. Sorry about that. Can we still be friends?”

Lying is how they get by. It is their only way to maintain their perverse control over millions. They are not going to stop lying now.

There must be no quit in truth-tellers and peace-seekers, either. We can’t stop telling the truth about 9/11 and other myths that justify war. We must tell the truth, regardless of how unpopular it may be. The truth makes totalitarian propaganda irrelevant and meaningless.

Saman Mohammadi is the writer and editor at The Excavator

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