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Paulie Shore tells Soledad: Republicans are ‘too far to the white’

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Stand up comedian Pauly Shore. Photo: Screenshot via

Appearing on CNN Friday morning, comedian Pauly Shore told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that he believes the Republican Party lost the 2012 presidential election because it has gone “too far to the white,” echoing a theme that many Republican pundits have voiced as well in recent days.

“If you look at the Mitt Romney audience, they’re all white people,” he said.

Shore’s visit was prompted by the launch of his new nation-wide comedy tour promoting $5 downloadable show he created called “Pauly~tics,” in which he interviews and attempts to humanize national political figures.

“When you went around for your special to interview the Larry Kings and the Barney Franks, what were you trying to understand?” O’Brien asked him.

“When you guys speak political language, a lot of people don’t understand it,” Shore replied. “You were breaking down that tea party, girl, which was awesome, because you started saying things that no one understands. Normal people don’t understand this whole fiscal thing. They don’t understand. So, my motivation was to focus on the politicians and make them speak English, make them speak in a way that I can understand and so the audience can understand as well.”

This video is from CNN, broadcast Friday, November 9, 2012.

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