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Alex Jones Calls for Government Gun Free Zones in White House Petition

Kurt Nimmo
December 28, 2012

Alex Jones Calls for Government Gun Free Zones in White House Petition gunfreeIn response to criticism of NRA VP Wayne LaPierre‘s suggestion that armed guards be placed in schools following the Sandy Hook massacre and the double standard presented by the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones has posted a petition on We the People: Your Voice in Our Government, the federal government’s petition website.

Alex’s petition reads as follows:

We Demand Obama Issue Executive Order Making White House, Federal Buildings and Events Gun Free Zones

Journalist Alex Jones and are calling for President Barack Obama to issue an executive order amending the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. The executive order will establish the White House, all federal buildings and federal events as gun free zones and all federal security personnel will turn in their guns. We also demand the order apply to private schools such as Sidwell Friends School attended by the presidents daughters. This petition is a response to government and corporate media dismissing a call for armed guards at schools following the Sandy Hook shooting. Jones and believe there should not be a double standard. If the government believes gun free zones are a solution for citizens, the same standard should apply to government servants and employees.

You can sign the petition here.

Since the government has bought over a billion rounds of ammo and armed vehicles and is hardening facilities, we are calling for them to all to turn their guns in, including all federal police… and the military, Jones said on Friday prior to the petition post on the White House site.

The petition follows remarks made by corporate media host David Gregory over the weekend. Gregory criticized LaPierre for his armed guards in schools idea. Following Gregory’s dismissive remarks, it was reported that the Meet the Press host enrolled his children in an elite school ” the same’D.C.-based Sidwell Friends attended by Obama’s children ” where students are protected by no less than 11 armed security guards.

Gregory isnt the only one putting himself in this hypocritical box, though, writes Warner Todd Huston. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was reportedly ‘outraged’ at the NRAs security guard plan. But Emanuel also sends his kids to a school that has armed guards plying the hallways every school day. (Not to mention his fully armed personal security detail that shadows him everywhere he goes.)

Jones said on Friday that if the government truly believes in gun free zones, Obama should insist that Sidwell Friends and other elite schools disarm in order to comply with the federal law. Because, according to them, that’s what makes us all safe, Jones told

Proponents of gun free zones and the 1990 law mandating them never mention the fact that mass murderers specifically target defenseless schools, theaters and malls because they know there will be little resistance to their rampages if a defense-free rule is in effect.

We must stop blinding ourselves to the obvious: Most of these mass killings are happening at schools where self-defense is prohibited, Carla Howell, executive director of the Libertarian Party, said in a statement following the Sandy Hook massacre. Gun prohibition sets the stage for the slaughter of innocent children. We must repeal these anti-self-defense laws now to minimize the likelihood they will occur in the future and to the limit the damage done when they do.

Despite Gregory’s dismissal and that of government officials and the corporate media, hiring armed security guards — and in lieu of that allowing teachers to carry firearms — is the only rational solution to mass shootings at schools.

For some time now teachers in Israel have carried firearms in response to terrorist attacks. Two (armed) teachers would have kept (the Newtown shooter) occupied for 45 seconds each, Oren Shemtov, CEO of Israels Academy of Security and Investigation, told Fox News on December 27.

During his Sunday Show, Alex originally called for a government gun free zone and others posted petitions on the White House site in response (see Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them). On Friday, journalist Adan Salazar covered this petition.

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One Response

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  1. Corspeak says

    Okay. I get it. We are basically in a quietly formed Police State. Watching peaceful protests (1st Amendment) being dismantled VIOLENTLY by Police Forces pulled the veil of denial off my eyes! I’m glad this was exposed.

    Armed guards and metal detectors at a single entrance to all schools exist in urban areas but not in what people perceive as safe, quiet neighborhoods. Malls could use some armed security guards as well as movie or anywhere people gather en masse.

    HOW IS THIS GOING TO BE PAID FOR? Let’s face it, this is one Expensive proposition!

    Oh yeah, and what about school buses? The drivers are low waged and aren’t checked thoroughly for psychological problems so what would prevent a bad apple from shooting down all the kids in a bus? NOTHING, of course! Should kids not be allowed to get rid of their excess energy and not go out to their playgrounds where they could be picked off by a sniper even if the teacher was armed? And why should underpaid and overworked teachers, many of whom have lost their jobs in recent years because of budget cuts, be expected to take on ever more RESPONSIBILITY via carrying weapons? Don’t we want our kids to get good educations? Teachers packing weapons isn’t in their job description.

    How are we to pay for armed guards for our kids? The petition doesn’t address this. Wouldn’t it be better to use the energy to get funds to protect our kids with the huge number off armed guards needed to do so?

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