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I spy with my little eye – “How our privacy is being eroded by Government and Corporate interests”

I spy with my little eye – “How our privacy is being eroded by Government and Corporate interests”

By Dark Politricks

It is amazing how much indoctrination we are submitted to throughout our lives.

It is also amazing how little most people realise this. That they are being indoctrinated to accept a power system that subjugates and constricts our lives in so many ways. It is through this indoctrination that our concept of privacy is slowly being eroded.

Indoctrination comes in many forms and has many purposes but the current major form of indoctrination is to condition the new generation of society that privacy is an ancient and old fashioned concept.

Some of us are old enough to remember the times before 9.11, and before that the growth of the Internet. These are the two major events which have led to the erosion of our privacy in recent times.

Both of these events have affected the way democratic societies in the west have treated the privacy of their citizens. This has mainly come by allowing them to reduce any pre-existing limits that may have constrained government or corporate snooping on our private lives.

From the government angle we are expected to see this new intrusion as nothing more than natural behaviour that exists to “protect us” from the all powerful evil terrorists that live under every rock and bush just waiting to pounce and kill us all.

The fact that you are more likely to die from an allergic reaction to peanuts than a terrorist attack is overlooked in this multi-billion dollar business that keeps the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex full of tax payers hard earned cash. Also the fact that most of these terrorists have links with our government spy agencies is also overlooked or unknown by the uneducated and ill informed.

From the corporate angle it comes by giving with one hand, through the use of free tools such as Google Earth or Social Media sites, and then taking with the other i.e. selling on all our personal information to companies for profit. The other angle is that most of these big companies have links to the government and who knows what data is shared between the two without legal due process.

For the NSA or CIA a database like Facebook with hundreds of millions of peoples personal data, friendship groups, messages, photos and everything else must be seen as a golden cow to be milked as easily as possible.

Here are just a few of the ways we are being conditioned to accept government spying and corporate control over our lives.

1. Schools

Our schools are nothing more than factories for producing uneducated youth ready for the corporate jungle that will eat them up for low wages and little benefits.

Instead of actual education in which they would learn useful information such as ethics and morality, philosophy, debating techniques, logic and reasoning and how to question authority and stand up for your rights. They are instead taught a minimum amount of knowledge to become good and obeying citizens ready for the low wage jobs that our service economy is now built upon.

Instead of the junk they are forced to fill their brains with they should be learning useful life enhancing tools such as history that teaches events from multiple points of view. This is to not re-enforce any one sided indoctrination they may be getting from home by parents who have been through the same factory system of education themselves.

2. Computer Games

The most popular past time for school boys and girls today is the use of computer games.

Whereas once kids played outside, kicking balls against walls, riding bikes in the woods and making their own entertainment. They are instead indoctrinated into becoming soldiers of the future by playing war based games like Call of Duty and other games that involve killing “the enemy” en mass.

We can see the output of this indoctrination with the use of PlayStation controllers used by the controllers of drones who sit in Las Vegas and kill dozens of people halfway across the world as if it were nothing but a game. These games are designed to de-sensitise boys at a young age and make it seem normal to kill people without thought or reason.

When the real job of killing becomes no different from a realistic looking video game then it is easy to make someone not realise the difference. Only the close up noise, smell and sight of blood that comes with a mass bombing/massacre could ever make a game playing drone flier realise the damage they are actually doing.

3. TV and Film

Television is the cancer of the brain that rots the unthinking from the inside.

Whenever the government wants us to go to war there is an uncanny link with the TV/Film industry regarding the type of information relayed to the public in that form of media. It might be pure coincidence but there always seem to be films or TV programmes that are brought out at the same time to subtly influence the viewer into hating the enemy before any war starts.

For example whenever the rhetoric about war with Iran heats up there always plenty of references to Iranian terrorists or historical events that are perfectly aimed to embed a sense of  “us v them” mentality in the viewer.

The last time we were on the brink of war with Iran it was a film called the “The 300” and at the moment we have “Argo”. It might just be pure luck that these films come out at these times, as we do seem to always be on the brink of war with Iran, but when you look at some of the other TV programming. Shows that indoctrinate people into accepting torture such as “NCIS” or “24 Hours”, or ones that promote constant surveillance for your own good such as “Person of Interest” then questions must be asked about the links between the makers of such entertainment and lobbyists promoting such ideas.

All these shows and films have the effect of influencing the unwitting viewer into supporting domestic spyingfor our own good” as well as US foreign policy involving war with a foreign nation.

There are too many TV shows to count nowadays that try to show that torture works, paints Muslims in a bad light, stirs up hatred for Iranians or is based around supporting Israel. Any enemy fighters are dismissed as mere terrorists without any debate about the true reasons they are fighting us. It is always because they “hate us for our freedom”. This is such a stupid concept since we have allowed our own government to take away that same freedom all in the name of protecting us.

Whether this is just co-incidence or it’s due to the strong links between the TV industry and pro-Israeli (and through them pro-war, neo-con) lobbyists, they all seem to be linked to current events. To the many dumb vessels that view these shows the underlying messages are taken in but not noticed consciously, to others who are aware of what is actually going on in the world they are signals of what is to come or acts being planned for the future.

4. The Internet and Smart Phones

Whilst the Internet has undoubtedly been a force for good and allowed communication and the spread of information across the world it is now entering a stage where governments world wide are trying to limit these good aspects and instead use it as a tool to spy constantly on the public.

Whether it be CCTV cameras linked up to huge central databases through systems like TRAPWIRE or the ability for hackers (government or corporate) to remotely activate the microphone and webcam on your PC to listen and watch you, your laptop or phone can be used as the ultimate spying tool for those who need it.

Our PCs and Phones have become tracking devices that can pinpoint your location through inbuilt GPS devices. Even if you turn your phone off there is enough battery power to send out messages (pings) to nearby phone masts to find the strongest signal which can also be used to find your phones current position through the use of triangulation.

Is it just coincidence or mere convenience that new smart phones like the iPhone make it nearly impossible to take the battery out easily and prevent you from being tracked?

As nowadays everyone takes their phone everywhere it is the perfect tracking device and the more useful it becomes the less likely you are to leave it at home. In Japan people already use their phone to shop with and the more apps and useful toys that are built into them the better a tracking device they become.

On top of this, new laws being introduced all around the world have made it possible for the government to force ISP’s and Phone providers to hold log files of your data and calls for anywhere up to a year or more – just in-case of course.

5. Privacy

Kids today are growing up with no concept of privacy.

They post everything about themselves on the Internet on sites like Facebook and then live to regret those actions as they get older and go for job interviews. Nearly the first thing bosses do nowadays is search for your name online, using sites like to see what indiscretions their new employee might have got up to in earlier life.

Not only does the concept of having no privacy mean that people get used to being spied on constantly by CCTV cameras, satellites, phone companies, advertisers and the government.

It also means that once our generation has gone the future children of the world will think nothing of RFID chips embedded everywhere to help them find information whilst logging their whereabouts at the same time, or only using credit/debit cards or their mobile phones instead of cash to pay for their shopping so that every purchase they make can be tracked and analysed.

Supermarkets already do this so that they can “help you” with your shopping choices by showing you similar brands to those you have previously purchased or show you special offers. All this corporate surveillance is wrapped up in a cloak of helpfulness to the end user. I don’t doubt that within 50 years cash will be an antiquated idea for the current generation.

Anything that might seem helpful for the common man can also be used for nefarious purposes. Governments all over the western world are building huge data centres to hold all of your banking transactions, the  places you travel, shopping habits, friends you associate with online and much more. If you think this is purely for your own good then you are living in a dream world.

The nothing to hide, nothing to fear argument is often used at this point to justify this intrusive behaviour but I ask you this.

Do you really want your government looking back at you and hearing you talk through your web camera and microphone as you read this article?

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  1. Danny Warner says

    No I don’t want anybody looking back at me through my own PC or Phone I never realised how easy it is for the phone company or a hacker to reverse engineer devices such as your computer (once they have access to it) to then use the webcam and microphone to watch and listen to you.
    There was that scandal in that US school last year where teachers were watching their students through school provided computers whilst the children were in their bedrooms doing god knows what. Total invasion of privacy!
    Thank you for making this information available to those people who don’t realise how easy it is to use phones and computers to track, watch, listen and monitor you.

    Keep up the good work!

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