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Violent rampage of Detroit union mobs foreshadows what’s coming for all of America as states go bankrupt

Mike Adams
Natural News
Dec 13, 2012

Violence erupted yesterday in Detroit as a mob of union workers destroyed a tent, injuring two people inside. Union mob members then assaulted Fox News journalist Steven Crowder who was calmly asking questions about their protest, while a voice caught on camera screamed, “I’ve got a gun! “I’ve killed plenty of’m### f###ers with a gun!”

Some of the union violence was captured on camera in these two videos (EXPLICIT):…

A preview of what’s coming when the wave of bankruptcies strikes

The article you’re reading right now, however, is not about “Right-to-Work” laws, nor unions, nor even Detroit. It’s about the startling realization that this violence is only the beginning of what’s going to happen across America as one state after another goes bankrupt and is forced to slash pay for unionized government workers such as teachers and cops.

It’s about the sense of desperation we see today where people are panicked that “there’s not enough to go around.” Financial scarcity has turned to fear… and fear to violence. But if this is what happens after a contract dispute on worker pay, imagine the chaos that’s going to unfold when “the Big Money Lie” emerges.

What is “the Big Money Lie?”

It’s the lie that the U.S. government will always back your currency. In reality, the U.S. government is now completely on track to a runaway debt blowout that will almost certainly see the dollar abandoned and replaced by a new currency. When that day comes, every dollar you have in the bank will suddenly lose 90% – 99% of its value. Every dollar in your pocket becomes worth a nickel, or even a penny in real spending power.

Sure, the government will run a currency “exchange” program where you can trade in your old dollars for the new currency, but the exchange rates will of course equate to the most massive financial ripoff in the history of the world.

Who are the winners in all this? The globalist bankers, of course… the very same people who run the Fed and have given themselves the authority to create money out of nothing while enslaving everybody else with infinite debt.

When the day comes that the U.S. dollar is officially abandoned, America’s cities will erupt into riots and chaos.

Where NOT to be when the riots explode

Multiple choice question:

Where should you NOT be when the riots explode?

A) Living in a high population density inner city with only half a tank of gas in your vehicle.

B) On the front lines of the riots, facing riot police.

C) Living out in the boonies, miles from civilization.

D) Living on welfare in a government housing project.

E) A, B and’D

Is this bringing back frightening memories of high school quizzes? The answer, of course, is “E.”

When the riots hit, you don’t want to be anywhere near a high-density city like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York. Where you really want to be is on grandpa’s farm, milking a cow and cleaning your rifle. (Not necessarily at the same time.)

If you start out in a big city, getting to grandpa’s farm will be especially tricky because all the out-bound roads will be jammed up and probably even guarded by the TSA running roadside checkpoints. So the only reliable way to GET to grandpa’s farm is to BE at grandpa’s farm in the first place.

And that means you need to move out to the country.

Ah, country life… it’s truly interesting. If you’ve never lived in the country, you’re up for some eye-opening experiences. Ever had to clean the poop out of a chicken house? That’s a fun one for ya. Or how about pulling your own vehicles out of the mud using a John Deere tractor in a heavy rain? Country life is amazingly enjoyable, but it’s nothing like city life where everything is artificial and convenient. Living in the country actually takes effort and determination. That’s why country folks are the most capable people in every culture — they can’t rely on the comforts and conveniences of those giant artificial constructs we call “cities.”

So learn some country skills while things are still relatively calm. Because a wave of bankruptcies is coming, and cities, states and even entire nations will fall during the implosion.

I don’t want you to get caught unprepared, so take steps now to live as independently as you can. Your ultimate goal should be to get completely off the grid and have your own water, electricity, soil, food, compost and garden seeds. Until you’re all the way there (and I’m not even 100% there but I’m close), you’re still vulnerable to the systemic financial collapse that’s coming.

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