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We are sleep walking into a surveillance society by our own consent

We are sleep walking into a surveillance society by our own consent

By Dark Politricks

Most of us don’t even realise it but we are all sleep walking into a surveillance society by our own consent.

Here in the UK the previous governments plans to introduce identity cards were scrapped by the incoming Tory Liberal coalition and we were offered a watered down version of a very good Freedom Bill as an attempt to restore some lost liberties. However in the great scheme of things this has meant very little for the young generation who have grown up with the Internet.

The billions of users that make use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and communicate by Skype and iPhones when they are not on the Internet can forget the old conspiracy theory that many people subscribed to regarding the micro-chipping of the population like dogs as it is no longer required because we are already living in a state of total surveillance where are every move is monitored.

Can you imagine someone living in the 1960′s being told that in the future all the following would be true.

What would they say.

Would they call you a paranoid conspiracy freak or would they believe that we would have to be living in some of fascist government for all this to happen?

Whatever they would say I doubt they would believe you if you told them that it would all be by choice and that the public has willingly traded privacy for the the sake of consumerism and a fake sense of “security” from terrorism.

So what kind of world have we walked into?

  • A world in which all telephone and email conversations are routed through huge super computers run by western nations such as the USA, UK, Canada and Australia to look for suspicious content. The Echelon system has been running for decades now intercepting billions of communications between people and whilst it was originally set-up during the Cold War it has now progressed to general snooping on the population supposedly to aid the fight against terrorism but in reality it has been used for industrial espionage as well as other spurious and   probably illegitimate reasons.
  • A world in which millions of people have been slowly conditioned over time to consider privacy as an antiquated concept. Through the use of social media Internet sites such as Facebook and MySpace people post every conceivable kind of personal information from “checking in” to their current location, to tagging friends in photographs and posting details about their habits, hobbies and social activity. Whilst many people only see this as harmless fun the huge database that is generated is worth billions not only to advertisers who can then target specific adverts as well as government sources who have intimate links with companies such as Google, Mircorsoft and Facebook and see this data as a goldmine for recording networks of people and identifying possible malcontents for further investigation.
  • A world in which people have gotten so used to be spied on from the skies, through Google Earth, and monitored by CCTV and their computers that they can see nothing wrong with the full spectrum surveillance society they actively participating in. They actively search on Google Maps to see if they can spot their car, house or building as if it’s “fun” to be recorded forever in a publicly accessible database as well as the myriad of government owned ones.

When the head of Google Eric Schmidt, the co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes, and the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, all attend their yearly Bilderberg meeting we can only guess what they discussed with all the government officials who always deny being there and the globalists who want full control over the worlds resources.

Remember we are just a resource to these capitalists, nothing more, nothing less and if it meant an extra few bucks in profit to some company somewhere they wouldn’t even ask before throwing us under a bus.

However we know that these companies are very closely linked with the US Government and the CIA and not only has Microsoft build in backdoors into their PC’s so that the NSA can access computers but Google was helped to startup with CIA seed money and has helped American security agencies develop real time monitoring systems that trawl the net looking for data that can help identify persons of interest whether they be terrorists, dissidents or just people brave enough to still exercise their freedom of speech.

Our technological world which more and more people depend on for every day activities is slowly becoming part of the prison wall that surrounds us.

As new advances in computing come on the scene and get taken up by large numbers of users it isn’t long before one of the big government linked companies come along and buy it up. Google has bought up so many applications that it has been a common joke in the developing world that the only profitable business model on-line is to write an application and hope it gets bought up Google.

An example of a recent buy-out was the popular but loss making Skype Voice over IP service that allowed users to make long distance phone calls over the Internet which was bought out by Microsoft for £5.2 billion.

Some people might wonder why Microsoft would want to spend so much money on a loss making service but when you consider their close ties with the NSA it becomes quite clear. Instead of having to spend huge amounts of money building tools to tap into the major Internet connections to then decrypt and listen into the traffic they now have access to the front end application.

Why build back doors when you have a front door key?

Why even open the door when the people using the house are willing to let you in and take photos of everything they have?

This is the stage our future generation is at with their constant finger flicking and tapping of the latest iPhone. Gadgets that let advertisers and the government know your interests, your friends, your plans, your whereabouts and much, much more.

Because the common Internet user perceive tools like Google Earth and Facebook as beneficial to their own lives they pay little attention to the other users of such tools and bit by bit we are slowly succumbing to a modern high tech police state in which soon the only privacy that will be available will be virtual worlds such as a better version of Second Life. A world where people can escape and be who they want to be as the world outside has become so cold and horrible to live in the only pleasure they get is pretending to be someone else, somewhere else.

All these points are signs that we are already living in a high tech surveillance society. You might brush all this off as inconsequential paranoia and see these intrusions as important tools in the never ending fight against terror and for most people it is most certainly a case of “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about”.

However we only have to remember the years of communism in which hunts for dissidents and free thinkers were the primary job of the Stasi and KGB to realise that when such a huge spy apparatus exists the scope of it’s remit only grows and grows until the number of innocent people caught up in its web eventually outnumbers the guilty. America is already there with it’s million citizens with high security clearance, it’s dozens of security agencies and it’s Orwellian double speak when it introduces bills that limit peoples liberties such as the PATRIOT ACT.

It for this reason that we should all be worried and if history teaches us anything it is that we never learn from it.

Our power hunger leaders are most certainly prone to repeating the worst excesses of previous surveillance states only this time round they will have super high tech tools with which to do the job.

For our own sake we need to keep a very close eye on the people that are supposedly meant to protect us as it might already be too late for logic and reason to reverse this move to neo-fascism. The fear of real and fake terrorists added to the excitement of a child with all the electronic monitoring toys they could posses is a lethal combination, and without proper balances and checks it will grow and grow until there is no stopping it.

One thing is for sure and that is we are not helping by just handing over our most private data and information.

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9 Responses

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  1. jason says

    I propose a separation between business and Government much like Church and State we cant even get the ladder right.

  2. Stephanie says

    Seriously it feels like your words coincide with my thoughts….I’m in the U.S. & angered by what I see happening to us, not only the U.S. but around the world. It’s frightening & this “1984″ is happening NOW, to us…& we are not only allowing it to come true, but pretty much inviting it into our homes, right into the very fabric of our lives. Keep it up, the articles you write are insightful, & a breath of fresh air, (that what you write, reminds me that there are others out there that are working towards exposing these horrible acts of sabotage & tyranny! Great job & God Bless you, your loved ones, & the rest of those battling for freedom!

    • darkpolitricks says

      Well thank you very much!

      We are all sleep walking towards this new society and by engaging in the materialistic society that consumes the earth like parasites, giving over all our personal info for free to front companies that then just hand it over to the government because we get to throw a sheep at an old school friends on a social network. We are just doing their data collection job for them.

      They even brag/forsee/blatantly tell us about it in TV shows like Person of Interest, which people don’t realise is akin to the TRAPWIRE system that links CCTV all over the country up to identify “terrorists” whose definition has now been changed to domestic extremists – or people who resist this change to a surveillance society.

      A change in mindset is what is needed but I doubt many people will be able to draw themselves away from a society they have been brought up in.

      The politicial parties on both sides of the Atlantic offer no real choice but war, austerity and looking after the banksters that robbed us of our future.

      Something will snap soon. Riots have been going on all year in Europe and they will continue unless the EU breaks up. I am just waiting for them to happen in the USA.

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