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Yet Another TSA Official Outed As A Sexual Deviant

Screening Chief at Miami International Airport was fired as cop for soliciting sex

Steve Watson
Dec 12, 2012

Yet Another TSA Official Outed As A Sexual Deviant 221112TSA3

It is no exaggeration to say that the TSA is manned by an army of perverts and sexual deviants. The amount of stories that have emerged documenting this phenomenon is staggering. Here is yet another.

When it was revealed earlier this month that Miami International Airport had fired more TSA screeners this month for theft than at any other airport in the nation, the Miami New Times did some digging around to find out who was running the show down there.

The free weekly newspaper discovered that one of the head screeners at the airport, Juan Garcia, was fired in 2000 from an 18 year role as a cop. Why? Because he attempted to buy sex from a prostitute who, unfortunately for him, turned out to be one of his undercover colleagues.

Internal affairs records state that Garcia offered officer Ella Moore $60 for a “f*** and a suck”.

Needless to say, Garcia was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute, and conduct unbecoming an officer. He resigned from the Miami Police Department shortly thereafter.

Now, Garcia is in charge of overseeing the metal-detectors, body scanners and full body-patdowns used and conducted by TSA screeners at MIA.

Garcia was said to have been hired not too long after his exit from the police department, and according to a TSA spokesperson, the agency had full knowledge of his sexual misdemeanors.

“[Garcia] fully disclosed the charge on his application.” a statement sent to the Miami New Times by the TSA reads.

“As part of a full background check, TSA determined the charge had been dropped and therefore did not violate any hiring qualifications.”

So, in this instance the TSA did perform a background check, and concluded that it didn’t matter that someone who likes to buy sex illegally would be groping the genitals of law abiding Americans on a daily basis.

Earlier this year, a television station in Atlanta reported, however, that the TSA is so backlogged that it is simply forgoing background checks, and hiring just about anybody to grope and irradiate the public.

In a move that could affect security at airports around the nation, the Transportation Security Administration confirmed Wednesday it had such a backlog of background security checks, airport employers were allowed to hire any employee needed, WSBTV reported. TSA officials said the background checks are delayed, but they are processing them as fast as they can.

This could explain why the has TSA been found to consistently hire sexual deviants and even pedophiles.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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