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Am I a crook for reporting on other alternative news stories?

Am I a crook for reporting on other alternative news stories?

By Dark Politricks

Today when I finished my day job I checked into the admin area of my site and was met with this lovely comment from someone calling themselves crook detector using the fake email address [email protected]

His comment was on an article I had reported on from Veterans Today called Americans Second Great Depression. The article is only a snippet of the main article on the VT website and contains a video from David Duke a well known anti-Semite which talks about whether Jews own Wall Street.

You can view the article and my reply on the article:

However I thought I would expand on the comment as well as my reply to it as it is a pertinent question in this day and age of copyright infringement and websites that collate news from other sites and re-print them.

These kinds of sites are called information clearing houses and they exist in their thousands. In this day and age of mainstream news bull shit and one party politics these kind of sites often serve as a good conduit for people to get alternative views on the news all in one place.

First his comment:

“Hey scam artist. It costs no more than $100/year for a host and thats on the high end. You are begging suckers for money when you are stealing copyright protected material AND you make it as if its expensive to have a host. You are clearly a crook. You are going to be either sued or else this site will be taken down via DCMA. Wait and see.”

My Reply (extended and with links):

“Hi Thanks for your lovely comment

As you can see from the article you commented from – it is only a snippet of the main article from Veterans Today with a back link.

Also you should note that:

a) I have written over 150+ articles and pages for this site just look in the “My Articles” section to see my own writings. I have written essays on how to handle a “no comment” interview, analysis of the Russian FSB apartment bombings, the science that lies behind 9.11 and the history of Intelligence Agencies using False Flag attacks and that is just a few of the essays I have written over the last 3 years on a wide range of topics. You can spot an article that has been written by myself by the bold “By Dark Politricks” that sits at the top of it (like this one!).

b) I collate and report on other articles related to the themes stated in the side bar only e.g articles related to politricks, free speech, liberty, the rise of the modern surveillance state and how the war on terror has been used to reduce our civil liberties at home. I don’t take articles from any site which are not related to the main themes and it is all done under the concept of “fair use” reporting. If you don’t know what this means it is a legal concept that has been defined in courts that allows for the taking of copyrighted materials if they are used for reporting purposes e.g:

“Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders.”

As well as reporting on stories that are related to “politricks” and the war on terror I also keep copies of articles that have already been taken down from their original sites such as the interview with bin-Laden in which he denies any involvment in the 9.11 attacks, and the Carl Cameron investigates Israeli spy rings and their connection to 9.11 which was taken down from FOX New’s own website after pro-Israeli pressure. I also have the original version of the Liberal Democrats proposed Freedom Bill which they watered down once they gained power in the UK, proving that their spots changed as soon as they got to sit on the more powerful side of the House of Commons. If I didn’t host these articles myself there is a good chance many people would never get to read them. You may agree with their content or not but I believe that information such as this is important and that people have a right to know what the powers that be are trying to hide from the public.

c) It actually costs me $60+ a month to host my own server. I pay for that out my own salary. You may be able to get a “shared server” for $100 a year but it will be shared with 100’s of other websites all draining your CPU, bandwidth and memory. I have purchased my own server to prevent this due to the large amount of traffic I get therefore if you know of some hosting company willing to give me my own webserver for $100 a month (not a shared server!) then please let me know. The money that comes from Google Adverts or donations in no way covers the $720+ a year I pay to host and run this site and I make no money from running this site at all. This doesn’t even include the hundreds of hours I spend managing the site, writing articles and replying to comments, creating polls or tweeting back to followers online. No-one is forcing me to pay $720+ a year to run this site BUT I DO IT because I believe it is important that a free speech site exists to display articles from all perspectives on certain topics. As I said to one commenter the other week, I don’t even agree with many of the articles that I display (such as David Duke spouting off) but I believe people should read both sides of a story (left/right, conservative/liberal, up/down) before making their own minds up. I leave my own opinions to my own articles and there are lots of them about for you to know what I think.

d) Add to this that there are literally thousands of other information clearing house websites out there on the web and I am no different from or who re-print whole articles taken from the mainstream press or other alternative news sites. I am certainly not the only site doing what I do but at least I write my own articles and ask for donations rather than covering my site in flashing adverts as many other sites do.

e) Most importantly – if you search for my own copyrighted material (e.g articles I have written myself). You will find them dotted across hundreds of other sites online. I don’t complain and moan that these sites have taken my copyrighted material without asking me first. I don’t harass them in their comment section or email their administrators asking them to remove my articles. No I am just glad that my own writings have appeared on a wide range of popular #altnews websites.

The rest of my reply to the comment is not relevant – but you can read it on the page.

So the question is asked now – am I a crook for re-printing articles related to the war on terror and dark politricks?

Should I leave important documentation such as Osama bin-Laden’s denial of involvement interview after 9.11 and the original Liberal Democrats Freedom Bill to disapear into a 404 hole online so that future generations won’t even know they existed?

And should I pepper my site with bright flashing adverts or rely on the kindness of visitors to make small donations where they can?

Most importantly does free speech matter?

The article the commenter posted on included a video by the infamous anti-Semitic David Duke. He is an ex KKK member and Jew basher. I don’t agree with his Jew bashing and I don’t agree with most “anti-anythings” especially those that involve prejudice against people of a certain race or religion, especially one in which David Duke or myself could convert to if we so wished.

I do however disagree with philosophies and ideologies that are racist. Those such as white supremacy or Zionism but then I discuss those topics in my own articles and I leave it up to my readers to decide whether they agree or disagree with the sentiments of someone like David Duke in re-posted articles.

This is the main reason I run this site and hopefully I can continue to do so for as long as possible despite fuckwits like the commenter peppering the site with his thoughts.

If I didn’t believe in free speech I would have marked his comment as spam and put it straight in the trash bin. The fact I didn’t should say something at the very least.

Let me know what you think.

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If you want to read JUST my own articles then use the top menu I have written hundreds of articles for this site and I host numerous amounts of material that has seen me the victim of hacks, DOS plus I have been kicked off multiple hosting companies, free blogging sites, and I have even had threats to cease and desist from the US armed forces. Therefore I have to pay for my own server which is NOT cheap. The more people who read these article on this site the more it costs me so some support would be much appreciated.

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I also have a backup of the FOX News series that looked into Israeli connections to 9.11. Obviously FOX removed that as soon as AIPAC, ADL and the rest of the Hasbra brigade protested.

I also have a copy of the the original Liberal Democrats Freedom Bill which was quickly and quietly removed from their site once they enacted and replaced with some watered down rubbish instead once they got into power. No change to police tactics, protesting or our unfair extradition treaty with the USA but we did get a stop to being clamped on private land instead of the mny great ideas in the original.

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6 Responses

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  1. Danny Smith says

    No your not.

    I’ve been reading your articles since you started blogging back on and remember when you got thrown off wordpress for your articles.

    The bloke is obviously a nob with no clue about “fair use” copyright and the law. If they closed you down they would have to close about a thousand other sites down as well.

  2. Joey Peacock says

    No fair use reporting lets you report on other news stories – even re-printing whole articles if you wished. It has been proven in court and is a well known legal precedent that has now been set.

  3. Required says

    Like you say yourself, Information Clearing Houses are a dime a dozen, and if its Veterans today rubbish you are reprinting, then yes, for the betterment of humanity it’s best it disappears forever.

    Just one example

    If you wish to propagate such lies under the banner or information, rather than more rightly named disinformation, that is entirely up to you, you pay for the server, but you shouldn’t complain, when others complain, about you begging for money to carry on such a dis service.

    Nobody forces you to publish your opinions, if it’s too much, give up. The only sites I’d ever donate to are ones that don’t beg for cash, just so you can publish rubbish that is freely available elsewhere.

    • darkpolitricks says

      No-one is forcing you to do anything.

      I don’t agree with half the stuff VT or a lot of the stuff says but I like to be able to get a collection of articles that interest ME so I can read them at the end of the day. If they interest you to then read them if not don’t come to the site.

      As I said I write my own articles – just look in the sidebar or the top of the homepage or under “my articles” if you are lost.

      It is these articles that take my time and if you want to help out then ignore the other stuff and just read my own articles.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. poopsie says

    What about DrudgeReport? I bet that cat don’t mind him doing the same thing you do!

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