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Alex please calm down so your argument is taken seriously!

Alex please calm down so your argument is taken seriously!

By Dark Politricks

Last weeks battle on prime time TV between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones  has become a major talking point in the blogosphere, on the MSM and across satirical comedy shows.

It was a heated debate, on one side at least, that has been re-shown over and over with Alex Jones being mocked and cast as a raving loon preparing for President Obama’s metamorphosis into the next Hitler. Ready to disarm the US population and then send them all off to FEMA concentration camps.

The debate (or clips of Alex ranting during it) have been repeated constantly from left to right wing blogs, mainstream news programs and satirical comedy shows like the Daily Show.

The question being asked is: Did Alex Jones do more harm than good by going off on one of his manic rants at Piers Morgan. If so did that rant take away any legitimacy that his side of the argument may have had and go over the heads of watchers of the program?

Alex tried his usual tactic of claiming to have facts on everything from A to Z to back up every counter point that Piers brought up, waving bits of paper in the air and reeling off names so fast most uneducated people wouldn’t have kept up with his fast paced arguments.

He had far too many facts to debate the merits of in such a short period of time on TV.

Therefore the viewers probably didn’t take many, if any of  them, in at all. Many probably went away from the interview with the perception that Alex Jones was crazy for going off on one on Piers who remained calm and seemingly sane throughout the interview. This should not have been the aim of any debating tactic when discussing the merits of such a serious issue as gun control and the 2nd Amendment.

Even worse – did Alex make Piers Morgan, a liar who’s testimony at the Leveson Inquiry about Press Standards and phone hacking has been called “utterly unpersuasive.” by the Judge himself, seem like an honest, sensible and well balanced person in comparison to his loud, aggresive self?

I used to listen to the Alex Jones radio show over the web and on pod-casts until I got so fed up with hearing the same adverts about survival food stocks over and over again that it just became a pointless exercise in hurting my ears with advertising. 

I have seen and heard the rants.

I have seen the madness when Alex gets passionate about a topic and seemingly loses control.

However I have also read many of the articles he claims proves his side of the story. I have read the often unhead of history and explored the evidence he constantly claims to have to back up his sometimes “heated” debates.

He is not always right but he is most definitely not always wrong.

On many issues he has valid points which are lost in translation because of his tactic of delivering them in such a heated manner. All the other person within the debate has to do is stay calm and quiet and he will come off looking like the sensible one whether or not Alex is 100% correct about everything he says.

It is a well know hard task to achieve but people need to look past any first impressions they get from Alex Jones and do the research for themselves in relation to anything he says.

Remember no one should make up your own mind but yourself.

That includes Alex, especially Piers and of course anyone else within the mainstream media. Only you can make your own mind up after reading a balanced view of history and you should always keep in mind that history is usually written by the winners and that conspiracies do and continue to be carried out by powerful people – despite what people might claim. They will continue into the future and have existed since the beginning of time.

In fact conspiracy charges are dished out all the time in the USA/UK to people by the authorities. I myself have been on the wrong end of one. It just means that more than one person colluded together to commit a criminal offence and if you consider either the Iraq war, 9.11 or the Lavon Affair criminal offences then they are all also to be considered conspiracies.

Whether you believe the official conspiracy theory or an alternative one all three events involved more than one person colluding together to commit serious crimes and therefore can be considered conspiratorial in nature.

If only Alex could practise some form of Yoga or meditation to calm himself down before going onto the mainstream media he would pass himself off a whole lot better.

It is not good to be ripped apart on satire shows as he was on the recent Daily Show where he was being portrayed as just a right wing crazy nut job who thinks Obama is the new Hitler ready to come for your guns.

The problem with Alex and his argument over gun control is two fold.

1. Alex Jones does actually have facts and evidence coming out of his behind.

The problem is he has way too many of them and whether you believe these facts or not he doesn’t put them over in a way that people will understand everything he is trying to say. Waving papers about in front of the opponents face proves nothing.

He would have done much better during his interview with Piers to stick to the single salient point that the UK, a country where the population has no guns (apart from a few farmers), does actually have a higher violent crime rate than the USA a country filled to the brim with guns.

This was proven in a recent study that said:

Britain has a higher crime rate than any other rich nation except Australia, according to a survey yesterday and the chances of having your car stolen are greater in England and Wales than anywhere else in the developed world.

According to the figures released in the report yesterday, 3.6 per cent of the population of England and Wales were victims of violent crime in 1999 – second only to Australia, where the figure was 4.1 per cent. However in the USA only 2 per cent of the population suffered an assault or robbery.

Also one out of every 40 people in England and Wales had their cars stolen in 1999, the highest rate in the 17 developed countries examined.

2. More importantly Alex needs to chill out before going on TV so that he cannot later be portrayed as crazy loon on satirical shows like the Daily Show.

When you are already being shown in clips along with FOX TV presenters, Republican Tea Baggers and nutters who believe everything they see on TV without investigating both sides of the issue first then you have already lost the argument before you have even opened your mouth.

Alex, take a Valium, no in fact take a 100. Just do what you have to do so that you remain calm in the face of your enemy and don’t explode in anger declaring another war of independence like you did with Piers on CNN.

It’s actions like this, which when shouted in anger, will be shown over and over again on YouTube and across the MSM. That are used by your detractors to repeatedly “prove” you are nothing more than a nutter with a loud mouth no matter how much substance or logic your argument has at it’s core.

Whether you are on either side of the gun control argument you should read up about the facts first before making your OWN minds up.

And if you are going on TV – just take a chill pill first and don’t overload the audience with facts.

Stick to one or two proven facts and debate them calmly and honestly. Then you can walk away knowing that you won’t be derided from state to state for just being the bloke who wants to deport the known liar and phone hacker Piers Morgan and start a new revolution.

The interview between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan can be watched below.

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12 Responses

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  1. alex jones is a fraud says

    alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.alex jones is a fraud.

    got it? sheeeeesh…

    • darkpolitricks says

      At least put forward your evidence (not conjecture or guessing) that he is a fraud so we know why you think that way.

      Anyway – even if he is a fraud – and he likes spending his whole waking life “acting” for whatever reason it does not mean that any argument he is putting forward is also fraudulent. He is not the only person who is against Federal gun control OR many of the other things he talks about. Therefore even if he was proven to be a fraud it does not automatically mean that any argument he is making is also fraudulent or false.

      Therefore please expand on your initial comment.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • alex jones is a fraud says

        I’ve tried answering twice with links.. not working.

      • alex jones is a fraud says

        want to tell me how i can post my response without it being censored?

        • darkpolitricks says

          Sorry – I get thousands of spam comments a day (literally) from porn/viagra/cialis/vicodin etc – all have links in.

          One of the modes of the spam detector is to blacklist or put in a pending queue any comments that have links (or if the email contains certain words – racist, swear words etc) they just get binned until I get time to check them all.

          As I work all day I don’t have time to check the site constantly so I have to err on the side of caution. When I do get a chance to read all the comments I can then unban them, or check their relevance etc.

          Using any links that are shortened, or redirected ( etc) or .ru (Russian) are signs of viruses or people trying to spread them etc so if you can put your argument in a comment rather than a link it would be better for you as you will see it straight away.

  2. alex jones is a fraud says

    You shouldn’t pretend you’re unable to do a simple Google search yourself, or that you’ve never heard reasons why he shouldn’t be trusted.. but for starters..

    even Gordon Duff, whose website you like to often quote, has a go ,though I’m not sure he is 100% legit either.

    and there’s a lot more out there, easily available, but I admit, there’s a lot of rubbish to sift through, but that’s obviously part and parcel of seeking truth.

    Gun control, or any other agenda aside, with Alex it may not be so much what he says, but what he doesn’t say. You should also be well aware that disinfo works, with a majority of truth, but with a small percentage of BS slipped in between, so the fact that a lot of what he says may in fact be true, is just standard operating procedure for frauds like him.

    I’m sure if you wanted to take a critical look at Alex Jones, with any preconceived perceptions put aside for a while, you’d be able to come up with some very convincing arguments as to why he shouldn’t be trusted, apart from the fact that hes an egomaniac obviously more interested in selling dodgy products on his website that moving any sort of truth agenda forward in a meaningful way.

    So without conjecture or guessing, but after looking at a lot of the evidence presented, by many people, as in the case of the official story of 9/11, I simply ask myself what sounds more reasonable, what I’m being told by Alex, ( or the Government ) or something else. For me it’s obvious, he’s something else.

    • darkpolitricks says


      I was asking YOU why you thought he was a fraud NOT why some blogger hosted in Brazil or someone else using a free wordpress hosted site is claiming it.

      You must have your own opinions – how do you know they themselves are not professional actors or shills or disinfo COINTELPRO agents out to discredit anyone who attacks the government but doesn’t do it with a methodology that then can be discredited easily by the establishment as anti-Semitic due to the high Jew bashing nature? As soon as you go down that path you are SHIT LISTED and can be easily ignored by many people.

      Listen, I can run a Google search, I have had a server banned from Google before for hacking its translation service with a BOT to automate a site in 42 languages. I can read other peoples info or I can write my own which I did with this article. You can prove anything with a link to some blog on the Internet whatever your point of view therefore a link becomes worse than useless – only your own words can persuade someone of your argument.

      I know about the Alex Jones stunt with the mega phone in Texas (it was on this site) and I know that he is trying to become a “dominant” personality in the #altnews world which means self promotion and Google Bombing which he does well e.g mentioning a keyword phrase on his radio show and then getting his listeners to search for it – pushing it to the top of the search ratings.

      This is a tactic he has done well to push information apart from 9.11 or gun control to the top of the rankings including the bankster occupation, fluoridation in water, the swinging doors between the Government & Wall St, the axis of war (US/UK/France), reasons we are always fighting, the dying US empire, the Euro credit crisis, global warming, fiat money printing and many other topics.

      However I am confused as you link to a site that is basically attacking him for defending Jews and then use Veterans Today to back it up along with attacking it at the same time.

      Just because I print articles from various sources does not mean I agree with them – as my own articles (under “My Articles” say) unless it has “By Dark Politricks” at the top of the article it’s not my writing and not necessarily something I agree with.

      The whole point of this site is its free speech orientated so I show articles I may not even agree with as long as they are relevant to the topics I want to cover.

      They may be left leaning, right leaning, anti X or pro Y but they don’t have my backing unless I comment on them OR write myself on the topic.

      Veterans today is a site I like parts of but feel others are too anti-Jew rather than anti-Zionist. You or I could become Jews if we wanted to, its a religion, therefore “Jewsishness” is not the problem Zionism I feel IS.

      You can be a Zionist and not a Jew or Israeli.
      You can be an Israeli and not a Zionist or Jew.
      You can be a Jew and not a Zionist or Israeli.

      Personally I am anti-Zionist not anti any religion in particular (apart from all of them!) and I feel any organised religions are just superstition. We grow out of believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy but not a man who was born to a virgin (mistranslation from Greek/Hebrew which meant unmarried) and was the Messiah (son of God – a word the Jews do not associate with the son of God at all) and believe a religion (Christianity) which was created by one man (Saul/Paul) who had never even met Jesus and personally used to kill Christians.

      Anyway this is not about religion its about Alex Jones.

      You still have not answered my main question which was the main point of my articles argument e.g Britain’s higher violent crime rate v US high gun crime rate.

      Just because you don’t llke Alex or his methods it does not mean he is not right on occasion and his switch from calm to rage in a second does him no good at all. A calm debate on the recent report about Britain’s high violence with no guns versus US gun control would have been better whatever side of the argument you are on re gun control.

      As for self promotion I don’t think Alex has much choice if he is to pay for all his equipment. I have seen him many times on TV without flipping out as well as his occassional rant which is then overplayed to his discredit.

      Like most people who don’t have mundane office jobs you have to pay for server hosting. I myself pay $70 out of my own pocket for this virtual server a month and get less than than that back in Google Ad clicks. My first sites were kicked off and another server hosting company therefore I need my own VS to handle traffic. It costs money to run a server amd the more people who visit the more it costs.

      I guess Alex’s site takes millions of hits a day from BOTS and humans and it would cost a lot more than $70 to handle hosting + bandwidth. Plus now he is doing TV / Radio shows he has to pay for all that equipment. This does not fall from the sky. It has to be paid for and if self promotion helps him get known so he can pay for it then I guess that is the route he is taking rightly or wrongly.

      Therefore whether you like the fact that he is a self promoter or not if he didn’t sell his tat, and have constant adverts on his shows he wouldn’t be able to pay for all the traffic and euipment needed for his shows.

      You must also realise that if he is a “shill” then that means basically pretending your something else your whole waking life – acting like that must be pretty hard to keep up. Being a professional actor as one of the links you sent claimed is a blatantly stupid idea. Even the best real actors in the world cannot keep up a fake personality their whole life 24/7 and if he was getting paid by the government for doing this heinous job then he wouldn’t need to sell all his books and videos etc.

      Also I think the reason he is quiet on the Jewish angle is (I read somewhere) that he married to a Jew. Therefore I can understand why he wouldn’t want to be labeled racist by attacking Jews instead of the globalists, Zionists, Banksters and the corrupt political system which are the main enemies of the common man NOT a religion you or I could convert to if we wanted to AND one in which most Jews I have met who are not orthodox are basically atheist in nature.

      It is the Western support for Israeli aggression, breeches of international law, assassination of US citizens without reprisal, their apartheid laws, bugging and spying of US leaders on US soil that is the problem not the fact some of them follow antiquated BS religious / cultural celebrations (and probably most od them don’t even know the significance of them anyway)

      So to your point about 9.11. Alex is not the only person who claims 9.11 to be a cover-up. There still remains 11 years on lots of questions and unlike Pearl Harbor which had at least 5 inquires into it we have had 1 feeble attempt with the 9.11 commission.

      If you want to read an article on 9.11 which I myself have debated the questions around the topics read this >

      You might enjoy it, disagree with it all or just enjoy the debate at the end but it is not Alex Jones speaking it is ME and I dispute that he “forecast” 9.11. If someone constantly forecasts economic collapse and terrorist attacks he is going to get lucky with vague comments at least a few times.

      Many US intelligence agencies had already identified the hijackers e.g operation ABLE Danger – and the Israeli Art Student Spy ring which were following the hijackers around the preceding year within the US (even FOX News reported this >> ) who did they tell? Did someone get told and not pass on the information or was the attack allowed to happen by certain people.

      I am not saying X or Y happened just that a proper open full criminal investigation needs to happen (which hasn’t yet) and it needs to be one that the White House cannot blackball, prevent witnesses from testifying or using for starting a new war i.e Iraq.

      Subpoena power is required for everyone including Dick Cheney and CIA officers. Plus answers are required to why so many Israelis were arrested after the attack, held for so long then let go. And what did that interview mean where those Israeli’s arrested for filming the attack said they were “told to document the event”?

      Like many people I have questions that I would like answers to. It does not mean there are not legitimate answers just that they have not been put forward to explain the questions properly. Government quietness and lack of transparency leads to conspiracy theories.

      As for Alex’s rant – I am more of the opinion that he just has a very short temper and gets enraged far too easily.

      Whether that helps or hinders his self promoting as you call it is another question and only one a proper survey of CNN viewers can answer.

      • alex jones is a fraud says

        Hi, you said,
        “I was asking YOU why you thought he was a fraud NOT why some blogger hosted in Brazil or someone else using a free wordpress hosted site is claiming it. ”

        My last paragraph answered exactly that.
        “So without conjecture or guessing, but after looking at a lot of the evidence presented, by many people, as in the case of the official story of 9/11, I simply ask myself what sounds more reasonable, what I’m being told by Alex, ( or the Government ) or something else. For me it’s obvious, he’s something else.”

        It is MY opinion, based on everything I’ve seen read or heard. The few links I posted, like you say, I don’t necessarily agree with everything there, but they were simple examples, of which there are many many more on google, but I shall refrain from posting more examples.

        I don’t believe I mentioned any religion at all.

        I trust Veterans Today as much as I trust Alex Jones. I don’t. I only posted the link to Veterans Today because I noticed you have referred to them often in the past. I’ve based my opinion simply on all the information I’ve found, and what seems most plausible to me. Like I said, there’s a lot more out there than what I linked to, and if you can not find a reasonable amount that gives you cause for some skepticism, then I really do doubt your search capabilities, or how genuinely you are seeking the information.

        I feel you misunderstand me about 9/11. I’m convinced it was NOT how the government says it was. Watching the explosive demolitions while being told they were collapsing is enough evidence for me, but then theres the plethora of other corroborating evidence that shows the official version to be impossible. I also believe the official account of Pearl Harbor to be a lie as well, but I don’t believe the likes of Alex Jones or Veterans Today have any real interest in seeing real truth progress. How long has it been now? over ten years, and yet, we are no closer to justice.

        “Alex please calm down so your argument is taken seriously!”

        Then it would’nt be the Alex Jones show, would it. Alex Jones is a performer, so as far as him keeping up an act for so long, I doubt he finds it hard, as that is just what he does. If all the truth was revealed tomorrow, he’d be out of work. I’m not saying the government is paying him, but I’m sure he enjoys what he does, maybe he believes its his destiny to fool people, by playing a fool, who knows, but he’s not helping advance truth, but for whatever reason he’s doing it, I’m sure it’s not sending him broke.

        $70 a month is less than a cup of coffee a day, but no one is forcing you to write this blog, maybe you need better paying advertisers, might help to get rid of all the Alex Jones, Veterans Today articles.

        You said,
        “You still have not answered my main question which was the main point of my articles argument e.g Britain’s higher violent crime rate v US high gun crime rate.”

        I’m not sure I know enough to comment about that, it’s not something I’ve looked into, and I cant see where you asked me that anyway, probably why I didn’t address it.

        I like your site, and to quote yourself, not verbatim, that’s its better to talk than to post links, well, in my opinion if I wanted to read a Veterans Today article, I’d go there, I don’t know why you’d print a whole article here if you didn’t agree with the point being made, where a simple link to the article after your comment on it would suffice. I don’t visit websites to read whats on another website, maybe that’s just me.

        It’s fairly obvious CNN and other main stream media are untrustworthy, but it is also obvious that a lot of the so called alternative media is just as untrustworthy. It is my opinion, based on a search for truth since 9/11, that I have been taken in by disinformation many times, and not least by the likes of Alex Jones and Veterans Today.

        There are still a lot of people who believe the official account of 9/11, a minority I believe, but still, there will be those that will always think of Alex Jones as some sort of hero for the truth. In both cases, theres compelling cases to be made for why a healthy dose of skepticism should be employed, but even so, some will refuse to even consider it. That of course is up to them, but as far as I’m concerned, “alex jones is a fraud”

        • darkpolitricks says

          Hi Cheers for getting back to me.

          I started this site over at a precursor site and it was purely my own work. Then I got banned by WordPress (as you can see if you go there)

          I do have some backup sited – purely just my own articles if you are interested in them e.g

 which I haven’t been banned from YET.


 which allows me to place advert on it.

          However I have decided to keep this site open as a free speech site.

          It does cost me money but I don’t really want to plaster the site with adverts like Prison Planet or Infowars etc. If I could afford to leave my day job and write all day I would love to! If I was a millionaire I would love to do exactly that – in fact I wanted to be a journalist when I was young until I learned about editorial control and how two papers could tell the same story in two ways depending on the owners political views. This put me off, I wanted to write what I wanted to write about.

          Anyway the rant was on CNN not Alex Jones’ own show. He may have been self promoting or he may have just had a short rage attack. You never know he may even suffer from sort of medical issue that gives them these outburts.

          I think he should have kept calm and the reason I brought up the UK report was because he mentioned it in the interview.

          He could have kept to one single point, kept calm and debated why the UK has a higher violent crime rate than the USA when there are less guns.

          That would have been an interesting debate as it would be about the reasons for violence not the availability of guns.

          As for VT and Infowars and any other site I show articles from I like to show a wide array of opinion on this site. Whether they are right, left, libertarian or even socialist leaning.

          Like today I have articles from Dissidents Today which talks about reparations for black slave descendants and an article about Bin Laden being alive at Gitmo.

          I don’t agree with all the articles but if they talk about topics I am interested in then I will read them even if I don’t agree with their conclusion. I like to get both sides of a story before making a decision and this site helps me do that in an automated way. I can read the days articles on my own site knowing none of it is MSM and all will interest me.

          I don’t agree with lots of the articles and have my own opinions which I write about when I can. E.G on gun control I have articles that are pro gun control and anti gun control. Being from the UK I know how violent it is over here and how we don’t need guns to start a fight. People get stabbed every day, gangs run streets, pubs are full of drugs, cops are bent and we have the same commercialism / materialistic society as the USA does.

          Anyway thanks for commenting and visiting the site and if you would like me to write more then clickity clickity click so to speak……

  3. Ian says

    The people in the USA on this subject will either let Mr Obama and his followers do what he wants to do or they will draw a line in the sand and stand for themselves and their country.

    Mr Obama and those he has by his side have no wisdom at all and his end will not be a good one.

  4. 123 says

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    […] In fact after all the years of listening to him it is one of the first I have heard him have a laugh and joke and show a sense of humour. It must be the fact he was speaking to Howard Stern and not Piers Morgan that did it! […]

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