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Who owns the Bank of England?

Who owns the Bank of England?

By Dark Politricks

First a few historical comments by people who helped create two of the worlds most famous central banks, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” – Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

The Bank of England was created in 1694 by a Scotsman William Paterson who famously said:

The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing. – William Paterson

The history of the Bank of England and how it was taken over by one powerful family hundreds of years ago.

Up until 1946 when it was nationalised the Bank of England was a private run bank that lent money it created out of nothing to the English government and was paid back with interest.

A very famous story relates to the Bank of England and the infamous Rothschilds, that all powerful banking family. This story was re-told recently in a BBC documentary about the creation of money and the Bank of England.

It revolves around the Battle of Waterloo in which Nathan Rothschild used his inside knowledge of the outcome and his faster horses and couriers to play the market by getting the result of the battle before anyone else knew the outcome.

He quickly sold his English bonds and gave all the traders who looked to him for guidance the impression that the French had won at Waterloo.

The other traders all rushed to sell their bonds before the market crashed thinking that they were now worthless and a massive fire-sale occurred as brokers clamered to get rid of their stock. This massive sell off quickly drove the price of the bonds down to 5% of their original worth.

Once the bottom had dropped out the market Nathan Rothschild then re-bought as many bonds back as he could at hugely discounted prices and in doing so he multiplied his wealth twenty times in 3 days of trading.

At the same time as becoming immensely wealthy he also became the single largest debtor to the English government which ultimately gave him control over the bank of England.

English bonds were a debt guaranteed by future tax revenue of the English government, therefore the taxes the citizens paid were going to pay the 8% interest that the English government had to pay to borrow the money.

As Nathan Rothschild now controlled the majority of the English bonds he could determine the price and therefore the supply of the English currency which gave him great power over the countries finances. As he famously said afterwards.

I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.- Nathan Rothschild

Privatisation of the bank continued for years until the bank of England was nationalised after the war in 1946.

However because the government was broke after the second world war they didn’t have enough money to buy out all the shareholders so instead they were issued with government stocks.

Although the government now earned money from any bank profits they also had to pay interest on any new stock they issued to pay for the shares they couldn’t buy back in the first place.

In 1977, the Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary called BANK OF ENGLAND NOMINEES LIMITED, a private limited company with 2 of its 100 £1 shares issued. The objectives of the company are:

“To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them….”

The two shares belong to the bank itself and John Footman who only holds it on behalf of the bank. The directors of this private limited company which is a subsidiary of the bank are John Footman and Andrew Bailey who are both employees of the bank itself.

This company is very special as its protected by the official secrets act, its Royal Charter status and is exempt from the normal disclosure requirements that other companies have to comply with to meet section 27 of the Companies Act 1976.

The reason being is that the major players in the world of finance including the Queen of England and other Royal families use this company to purchase shares and remain anonymous.

However the Bank of England Nominees company accounts are not exempt from any laws regarding companies and they must print their accounts as every company must do which can then be accessed through the Company House website. It is interesting to note however that the latest Bank of England Nominees LTD accounts say that:

“There has been no income or expenditure on the part of the Company since its incorporation and accordingly no profit and loss account is submitted.”

It still also has total net assets of £2 (the £2 shares).

However even though the Bank of England is now state owned its important to note that up to 97% of the UK’s money supply is privately controlled being in the form of interest bearing loans created by the big commercial banks.

The bank holds very little government stock and the Bank’s profits primarily come from the issuing of coins and notes for use by high street banks. Therefore it seems the Bank of England has reduced in size and importance over the years and is now mainly a regulatory body that oversees the existing banking system and since the 1997 Labour government it’s main role is to control inflation and the base interest rate used by the country.

Referred to as “the lender of last resort” one of it’s other main functions as “the bankers bank” is to support banks that get into difficulty such as during the financial melt down of 2008.

On the surface at least it seems that the Bank of England has returned to state control however in America the Federal Reserve is still a privately controlled bank. This comes as a surprise to many people who don’t know the history of the preceding US central banks that went before it but were closed down due to worries that the bankers had too much power.

The history of the US banking system has been one in which control of the money supply has alternated between Congress and privately owned banks.

The founding fathers and early presidents of the USA were very much aware of the dangers concerning central banks and they realised that whoever controlled the nations money supply wielded enormous amounts of power.

The founding fathers of the USA wrote about the dangers of central banking extensively.

“[The] Bank of the United States… is one of the most deadly hostility existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution… An institution like this, penetrating by its branches every part of the Union, acting by command and in phalanx, may, in a critical moment, upset the government. I deem no government safe which is under the vassalage of any self-constituted authorities, or any other authority than that of the nation, or its regular functionaries. What an obstruction could not this bank of the United States, with all its branch banks, be in time of war! It might dictate to us the peace we should accept, or withdraw its aids. Ought we then to give further growth to an institution so powerful, so hostile?” -Thomas Jefferson

“We began planning the Revolutionary War in order to issue our own money again” - Benjamin Franklin

“I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Banking was conceived in iniquity, and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from them, and all great fortunes like mine will disappear. And, they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be the slaves of the bankers, and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money, and control credit.” - ABRAHAM LINCOLN

“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” - James Garfield

The following video takes a look at how after a contrived banking crisis the Federal Reserve came to being during the dead of night in 1913.

Hopefully this short history of two of the worlds most famous central banks shows you that Nathan Rothschild was true when he said that whoever controlled a nations money supplied controlled the nation.

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30 Responses

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  1. jeebus says

    oh, and they’re satanist bilderberger freemasons…
    join the dots…

  2. darkpolitricks says

    I don’t remember mentioning anything about any of those unfortunate groups of people.

    Join the dots however you like but are you disputing any of the quotes or any of the history discussed?

    Even the BBC showed a documentary this year on money and how the Rothschilds used their faster horse riders to report a false outcome of the battle of Waterloo to manipulate the market by declaring that the French had won, causing a massive sell off of bonds and then buying them all up cheap as chips.

  3. Sylon heroic says

    Hi there,

    Nice article one of the best I’ve read on the subject, the entire world now seems to have a centralised banking system,

    With the exception if Syria, Libya, Cuba a and north Korea (as far as I’m aware)

    Iraq will be going live in 2013 as I direct result of the war (I’m assuming)

    In early 2011 the Vatican Called for a “world bank” only this year, Evelyn de Rothschild called for “world currency”

    Can you recommend any reading on the worl central bank systems, is there information on how he banks were set up across the world, who wins them etc?

    A web us un ravelling before me and I have a terrible feeling in my gut

    Best Jerry

  4. Betty Stoggs says

    No member of the public should ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, read or anything similar. Neither should anyone ever refer to any of the “publically available” documents referred to in that document.

  5. Marcus says

    Great that we can get a much broader education directly through the internet. Great!

  6. Pussycat says

    There are so many errors in this article, and I didn’t even bother reading past a few paragraphs.
    Firstly, the Rothschilds didn’t make huge sums on the back of the Battle of Waterloo. When access was granted to their archives, it showed that the Rothschilds had contracted to supply gold to Wellington’s army, and had gambled on a protracted campaign. Since the battle was over quickly, the Rothschilds had to sell their gold at a substantial loss. Some bond dealing on the day mitigated their losses but they basically ended up even.
    Secondly, Nathan Rothschild never said the “I care not what puppet” quote. It’s a complete fabrication.

    I get sick of being lied to when I’m searching online for information.
    If people want to hate Jews then fine, go and hate them, but at least try and be honest.

    • darkpolitricks says

      First – the details of the Battle of Waterloo and the faster rider from the Rothschild family which returned before the English State rider with news of the battle was documentated recently in a BBC documentary about money presented by their top economic expert. The details about the bond trading was mentioned directly in that documentary. Remember anyone can edit WikiPedia!

      Secondly – this article has nothing to do with Jews. I don’t think the word Jew or Jewish is mentioned at all in this article so if you have a hang up about Jews then that’s your problem. Personally I don’t give a shit what religion someone is – especially one I or you could change to if we wanted. I think all religions are BS.

      Third – Where is your proof that this quote about the “I care not what puppet sits on the throne” is a fabrication?

      Fourth – Are you also claiming the other quotes, and the way fiat money works are also fabrications? What about the founding fathers and their many quotes about the dangers of a central bank? Why did they have 2, which were both closed before the FED was created in the dead of night? Are you claiming all the Thomas Jefferson quotes on central banking are fabrications as well?

    • KLAUS says


    • Ash says

      Really can you prove the crap your talking about? The Rothschilds are satanists who want to control the world fuck them and you! i dont give a shit about no fing jews what i do care about is what will happen to us and the future generations! Answer one question who is the USA and the UK governments in debt to? just answer that simple question! Your not dumb your just fucking arrogant trying to defend the jews!! Ask yourself who owns the large super companies? Starbucks? Sainsburys? Law firms? Gap? etc all owned by jews is it just a coincidence? I think not! I am not racist everyone has a right to believe what they want but to bloody enslave people is just bloody evil! There is so much shit going on and everyone is just captured in surviving but just bear in mind today we are just about surviving tomorrow we will not even have that option. We are already debt slaves nothing is ours once they put these chips inside us they own us. Think about it?? Its up to you if you want to believe in God not my business but personally i think He is the only one who can save us now because we have helped the Rothschilds to almost succeed in their plan. They are building concentration camps in America wtf!!! what the hell for?? For the imaginary terrorists wake the fuck up! Its all propaganda , its the divide and conquer rule again think about it. They are pushing us away from God so that we thrive towards materialistic things??? Look at people these days its all about clothes cars phones looking good etc. I am not saying its wrong but that is all we think about no time for God. We send our children to schools nurseries where they put shit in their minds to disrespect parents, trust me im not talking shit look ay the children these days unruly stabbing each other gangs suicide due to bullying, drinking drugs! No respect left in todays generation threatening to call the police etc. I am not saying its wrong for women to work, I am for womens rights, I work myself but when i have children i would want to stay at home with my children and hence wouldnt want to work but will i be in the position to do this??? no!! i fucking cant, you ask why??? its because so much inflation has occurred and so much debt has been created that i cant afford to sit at home. Will i be able to feed and clothe my children probably not. They want mothers to go to work so that 1 – they can tax your wages too, 2 – Keep you away from your children so that you are not able to teach your children what is good and bad and to keep them away from evil, children need love and emotional support no matter how much they deny it, 3 – you will send you children to nurseries / schools at very early ages very easy to now teach your child total shit and whatever they want, children getting influenced easily and their minds are like sponges.

      They have control over all the mainstream media so you will only know what they want you to know.

      I have so many questions one of them is what is the purpose of the queen? What does she actually do apart from increase her expenses and feed of the public!

      Bloody pathetic!

      • darkpolitics says

        How am I trying to defend the Jews? What planet are you on?

        We are all in debt to China for huge amounts and they could all pull the plug on us whenever they wanted. We are also in debt to zombie banks who literally have no real capital but fake their assets and accounts so it looks like they are rich when in reality it’s one big Ponzi scheme.

        With China, the problem is they don’t have enough domestic demand for their own products yet to sell t heir goods to them. The Middle Class is growing but they are not spending their spare cash on Chinese goods yet, however once they do have a big Middle Class that can buy Chinese goods there will be no need for the symbitotic relationship with USA./ Europe and they could call in the debt owed by almost every country in the world and bring them to their knees overnight – or cause world war 3.

        What is the purpose of the Queen? Fuck knows – I am no Royalist and if you had bothered to read any of my own articles on the state of UK politics and why I hate the Queen (she is literally the law as when you go to court it’s tjhe Crown who is Judging you, therefore if the Queen killed a load of people it would be very unlikely she would use her own courts to send herself to prison) then you would know my thoughts on her and why we should get rid of her. We are basically serfs still.

        As for COINTELPRO and Operation Mockingbird I know all about it – read some other articles. The US Goverment has filled US media with agents which is why it has such a low ranking on the Press Freedom Chart this year.

        This is just a history of the Bank of England. I know fiat currency is the root of evil, there is not enough REAL cash in the whole world to pay back all the debt there is, which is why more debt needs to be continually created to pay off existing loans.

        Why you are attacking me and think I am defending the Jews I have no idea. I just don’t think a religion I could convert to if I really wanted to is the root of all evil.

        Zionism is evil – yes. They are Racists, who made deals with the Nazis and let Jews die in World War II as “One cow in Palestine is worth all the Jews in Eastern Europe” as one famous Zionist said. Plus their IDF was created from terrorist gangs such as Irgun and the Stern Gang who killed many British soldiers (King David Hotel) and Palestinians when they forced them from their homes.

        They still treat Palestinians and Israeli Arabs as 2nd class citizens and even Eithopean Jews. The wall that divides the country is there to make “facts on the ground” and prevent settlement withdrawla and the attack in International Waters on the Mavi Marmara was jut illegal – I have the video of the execution of the US Citizen as he lay on the floor on my site somewhere (check the menus on the right) – why the US did nothing about a blatant execution of one of their citizens just shows how much they bend over to the Israelis and let them get away (literally) with Murder.

        However not all Jews are Zionists and not all Israelis are Jews OR Zionists.

        So identify the enemy correctly – Banksters may have a high proportion of people of the Jewish faith in them but then history shows that charging interest on loans was against both Christian and Islamic faiths so only Jews could do it. Therefore many Jews became bankers as that was one of the few jobs they were allowed to do.

        The world is in a mess because of fiat currency, the stolen gold and the false accounting of the major banks, But what that has to do with the history of the Bank of England who is the lender of last resort, decides interest rates and prints money I don’t know.

        I suggest you read some more of “My Articles” (there is a helpful link in the menu – and a sidebar list of my best ones on the right) before you accusse me of things that are not true.

        Thanks for commenting.

    • Rami Saba says

      you are simply a Jews trying to defend your rubbish attitude and your bloody crimes, i will not argue to what your wrote but simply go revise your ancestors and the history you come from

      • darkpolitics says

        Are you having a go at me for being Jewish? You nutter! I think if you actually bothered to read some articles on here about the attack on Gaza, the Mavi Marmara, IDF assassinations, US vetoes on Israel at the UN and Mossad False Flag attacks you would know that I am “anti Zionist”. I am not Jewish, Christian OR Muslim. I think all religions are BS. I am against aggression from any country who is more powerful than the ones they attack and I am against Israel building on Palestinian land illegal settlements and forcing them out of East Jerusalem so they cannot have it as their capital. Read up before attacking someone so you don’t look like a fool please.

  7. Sivuyile says

    Gr8 article. Africans lost a gr8 leader in Gaddahfi. He tried to fight the bankstas and he lost.

  8. D Doronron says

    I think the author shows his ignorance of the topic when he refers to the Companies Act 1976. Company Law has changed considerably over the years and new Companies Acts were issued in 1981,1985,1989 and totally revamped in 2006. The Bank of England is wholly owned by the government and all the relevant documentation far from being secret or hidden is available to view online to anyone who bothers to look properly.

    • darkpolitricks says

      I think it’s quite clear if you read the article properly that the author states that the Bank of England was nationalised after World War 2. If you don’t know what nationalised means then it means “owned by the government”.
      The only secrets are the BOE nominees, e.g what they invest in through that mechanism.

      • D Doronron says

        Just for the record I’ve worked in accountancy for 38 years so I do know what nationalised means thank you very much. During my 38 years I’ve worked for 3 of the top 20 accountancy firms in the UK and I have seen the accounts for both Bank of England and BOE nominees – both of which are freely available and totally transparent – and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that your wacko conspiracy theory is just that – wacko.

        • darkpolitricks says

          Sorry what is whacko about it and where is the conspiracy?

          Do I actually mention conspiracy theory in the article – no I don’t think I do! Where are you getting these thoughts from?

          Are you telling me that Robert Peston is a “conspiracy theorist” when he presented his BBC documentary on money and how it works?

          The same person who told the story during the documentary of the Rothschilds faster messenger from the battle which helped him sell his stocks?

          Are you telling me those quotes from the Americans are all fake?

          Are you telling me that the FED wasn’t the 3rd US national bank and that the law passing it wasn’t passed in the middle of the night?

          Are you telling me that we are not in a huge economic crisis?

          Are you telling me that the majority of money that comes into production isn’t from debt issued by banks rather than coinage and notes from the BOE?

          Have a look at >

        • Gus says

          BS, no self respecting accountant from 3/20 top account companies for 38 years would comment on this subject.

          Your obviously a troll looking to discredit the subject by use of the terns wacko and conspiracy theory.

        • Gus says

          BS, no self respecting accountant from 3/20 top account companies for 38 years would comment on this subject.

          Your obviously a troll looking to discredit the subject by use of the terns wacko and conspiracy theory.

          • D Doronron says

            No my friend it’s you who’s the troll. Why don’t you check out the facts rather than just issuing insults? I told you that the Companies Act has been issued several time since 1976 have either you or Darkpolitricks checked this out see if I’m right? As for my comments about the accounts for both Bank of England and BOE Nominees being freely available have either of you checked this out? Just to prove the point and make life a little easier for you you might try using the following sites:



  9. John says

    Sorry, but if you think anything shown on the BBC is truthful and will allow you to understand what is going on, then you are sadly mistaken. The way to understand what is going on, is to wake up to media fakery. The Rothschild’s own Reuters and AP, who feed the media endless fake stories to condition and scare the masses. They also control the BBC and every other channel. Do you think they would ever let the truth out on one of their stations? The BBC are up to their neck in it over 9/11 and 7/7, which were both hoaxes. Look at the religion of those who own newspapers and TV. They are allowed a small slice of the pie from the masters, the Rothschild’s.

    Most posters on here are just shills, trying to ridicule those who understand what is going on. They use the same ill-educated tactic over and over again, but at least it exposes them. Remember, the key to understanding what is going on is media fakery. September Clues proves 100% that 9/11 was a hoax. You should also visit Clues Forum for all the other fakery we are exposed to. Belief or theory doesn’t matter, stick to proof which is provided on said sites. The masses are condition, so won’t accept what is going on. To think that journalists are involved is too hard for most to get their head round, but it is true. How could any journalist say with a straight face that 9/11 was real?

    I’m probably wasting my time with this post, but maybe one sheep will wake up, which is a result.

    • Ethan Harrison says

      I thought everyone made some good points – even the ‘accountant’ though it seems patronising to call anyone on here a sheep. Well done darkpolitics for getting it out there some more. I’ll go with the last but one point and move to banking: How ‘can’ any journalist say with a straight face that 9/11 was ‘real’? It is the most utterly ridiculous story ever told.Far, far more impossible to believe than Santa Claus and like Santa Claus you would have to be a child to believe it – and, of course, as everyone knows whose not a child , the Bankers did it.
      There is a video on You Tube in which Norman Dodd, an extremely experienced 82 year old ‘accountant,’ investigating US tax exempt foundations in the 1920′s and 30′s discovered that they the board members of these foundations, Rockefeller, Carnegie etc had worked out long ago that the most profitable event for them was war so, with profit in mind, they should endeavour, with all their considerable energies, to find the most effective way of making sure there always was one and also, through the state education system, how the citizens would learn both to accept and expect them. That’s capitalism for you and the banks own capitalism. In the end its just the bottom line. War makes the most money and also the most debt and so illicits the most control. Therefore…. welcome to the military industrial complex.
      Standard journalism is a complete nonsense, points made earlier about the Associated Press and Reuters are true. Whatever means the Bank of England or its board of members are using to control the monetary system in this country its as obviously fixed as it is across the world by FED subsidiaries: World Bank, IMF, BIS, ECB, WTO, Goldman, Chase, Morgan etc. Countries everywhere are still paying for wars started by the CIA, MI5, Mossad and other ‘government agencies’ long ago it has been going on for hundreds of years. SS Maine, Lusitania, SS Madox, even Hitler funded by Prescott Bush with brother of Paul (father of the FED) Max Warburg running IG Fabern. If the Versailles Treaty and the armistice falling on the 11/11/11 (bankers number for judgement and destruction; 9/11, 7/7 7×11) is a coincidence considering it was also signed at the Rothschild’s house then the odds against must be 16 000 000 000 000: 1 which, by another incredible coincidence, is the current debt the US people owe to the FED.
      Get rid of the bankers or they’ll get rid of you; standard rules of financial competition apply. Its the only way.

      Thanks for letting me post darkpolitics I hope it wasn’t too long. I’m following you on Twitter. Though that sounds kinda creepy. Keep up the good work and cheers.

      • darkpolitics says

        Cheers stalker LOL, sorry if your comment was held up for any time its just purely automated comment spam detection which scans for a number of keywords, links that sort of thing. As I’ve been in hospital recently I haven’t had a chance to check the comments but I approved it asap.

        Don’t get me started on 9.11 I think we all know that was a false flag to get the US/UK fighting the Muslims (and driving up our hated of them forcing the much forwarned clash of civilisations) by Israeli agents who have been proved to have been following the hijackers around the US, even living next door to some of them.

        I suggest reading the 4 part FOX NEWS (yes even right wing neo-con war mongering FOX had a series on the Israeli connection to the hjackers until it was forced to pull it down by the pro-Israeli lobby) –

        Also I suggest reading the denial made by bin-Laden almost immediatley after the attacks.

        A bit odd for a terrorist to “deny” such a brilliant planned attack that defeated the massive US air force, NORAD, CIA, NSA, FBI etc, with bolt cutters and US supplied flight training, plus entry to the USA through a known CIA controlled Yemeni consulate used to train the anti Soviet freedom fighters, the Mujahideen who then became “the base” or al-CIAduh assets who Sibel Edmonds has proved were still in close contact and being controlled by US agencies right up to 9.11. Also we only have to look at Syria and Lybia to see how we support them in certain wars whilst claiming them to be our mortal enemy in others.

        Read Robin Cook admits CIA created al-Qaeda here >

        Why is it most terrorist groups ADMIT responsibiity for their attacks. It’s because otherwise what is the point of doing them if not to bring attention to their cause?

        The IRA admitted to every bombing they did so did ETA and every other terrorist group yet when 9.11 happened even bin-Laden denied he had anything to do with it. Why not claim he had even if he hadn’t – e.g take fake credit? Even the FBI admitted there was not enough evidence to link him to the attacks. The fact his name was being yelled as the attacker by US media within minutes shows us we were being led down a certain path……

        Read his denial here >

        Very odd to deny the most successful terror attack in world history no?

        As for the no planes theory I have no time for that.

        Yes media outlets are owned by a small select few groups of interlinked and powerful people.
        Yes war is a racket.
        Yes the CIA is the army Capitalism uses to further US corportations influence and they have a black budget funded by drug running so they don’t have to ask Congress for money. If you have time read this 4 part series on the history of CIA drug running >

        All the way from the 2nd World War to the Golden Triangle, Air America, to Columbian Coke deals, Interviews with the biggest Burmese Heroin dealer who said the CIA were his biggest customer, Barry Seal, Bush, Mena and more…..BUT,

        To claim that every one of the thousands of people who saw the planes overhead them hit the towers are lying or paid shills is foolish.

        Nearly all the camera shots and footage of planes slicing through buildings or entering out the other side have been explained by people who can analyse film and prove how a sharp zoom over miles would ensure one shot one second shows no plane, yet after a fast zoom a plane appears.

        Who were in the planes, what was controlling them and why WT7 came down you can debate but that no plane actually any of the towers, nope, not having it.

        You can read my article on the subject here as first when I watched the September Clues documentary I admit I was intrigued with some of the questions however the main ones are easily debunked I’m afraid and more likely put there to discredit the whole 911Truth movement as loons who believe thousands of people can be hypnotised and thousands od TV workers, Camera men, helicopter pilots, people with footage that has only recently come to light and everyone else are just “actors” or “paid shills” >

        I have no doubt the US media is full of COINTELPRO and Operation Mockingbird agents and the war in Iraq proved it by the number of paid for US military “analysts” who were giving out biased information day by day during that unneccessary war.

        If the hijackers were all Saudi then why did we attack Afghanistan and Iraq and not the Bush/Bandar Saudi’s who were allowed to fly out of the country ASAP.

        My thoughts on the 9.11 attack are here by the way >

        And my other article on the “Pentagon Attack – Finally Solved” – Ex Reagan official and witness statements from those people who saw planes prove the hole in the wall with a clean lawn in front is NOT where the plane hit but a secondary explosion. Which explains why people walked through it and saw no plane debris.
        It also explains why some people saw planes and others didn’t as well as showing how witnesses who came out were threatened to keep quiet by the government

        I know the videos are long but if you don’t have time I suggest watching the one which shows exactly what happens when a plane made of light weight metals hits a wall at 400mph – it explodes into nothing and the wall remains standing.

        Also the talk by ex Reagan official Barbara Honegger. In this talk she expertly puts the pieces together to describe how witnesses could both see a plane hit the Pentagon and how a hole could be punched through 3 rings of re-enforced concreted. Which obviously a plane couldn’t do at 400mph inches from the ground going into the first floor windows – an impossible feat as any plane engineer or pilot knows due to the downforce and control needed to fly that low without hitting the ground.

        Anyway thanks for commenting – and yes the banksters need stringing up. Money is being created by banks loaning out money and then crediting accounts with nothing but electronic digits. They then loan this “newly” depostied money out ten times over.

        We don’t have enough “real” money in the world to pay off ALL the debts AND interest which is why more loans are constantly required to be made. When the people stop spending money they haven’t got the Government takes over. We need bankers being jailed like they were in Iceland.

        Thanks for commenting and I hope you get time to read some of those other links.

  10. Steven says

    Queen of England? I would not even to hazard a guess at the writer being in the Useless of A. England is a constituent country within a group of countries known as the United Kingdom.

    • darkpolitics says

      Nope, actually if you had checked a bit more you would easily know I am from England. I suppose being English I see her as the Queen of England even though she is also the Queen of the UK / Britain, and other territories as well as the Head of State for numerous other countries of the commonwealth. I’m afraid its due to the way I was brought up, being English, therefore I call her the Queen of MY country which she is, the Queen of England as well as Scotland, Wales, Northern Island, The Falklands, Gibraltar, etc etc.

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