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My Guide to Fixing Broken Britain

My Guide to Fixing Broken Britain

By Dark Politricks

It is almost halfway through the Tory/LibDem parliament and not only are we still bouncing in and out of recession we are expanding out national debt not cutting it as promised by George Osborne and co.

We are making so many people unemployed that the amount of benefits we pay out to them far outweighs the amount of tax they were bringing in to the countries coffers. Maths? I don’t think some of our politicians have heard of it.

Whilst we try and save money by cutting our Armed forces to the smallest number they have been for hundreds of years we are still engaging in foreign conflicts that we cannot obviously afford.

As we bounce in and out of triple dip and quadruple dip recessions and shoot ourselves in the foot by not having proper plans for growth it has made me think of just a few things we need to do to fix David Cameron’s “Broken Britain”.

These steps should not be ideologically bound and should be considered in a “what works, works” conceptiuial basis. Whether you are a Tory, Liberal or Socialist we all are suffering under the same problems and a solution that works should be considered whether or not it neatly fits inside your ideological view box or not.

The Economy

1. The private sector has not rushed into fill all the public sector jobs that are being lost.

People are being put on the dole which increases government payments for jobseeker allowance and housing benefit and in turn increases the amount we need to borrow and therefore increases national debt. Therefore the question needs to be asked whether or not in makes more logical sense (and in turn basic mathematical sense) to keep on this track.

Many people might blame our tax rates and they might be right. If it can be proven that lower company taxes or a flat tax rate system will bring in more actual revenue to the governments coffers then I have no problem with it.

However corporation tax has already been dropped, our tax free allowance raised twice already, the higher rate of tax dropped from 50% to 45% and no influx of private sector jobs has occurred yet.

Here is something that ought not to be just a thought experiment. I would love to know if some university professor with too much time on his well paid hands has tried workig this out or not and please if anyone knows the answer let me in on it.

In the 1980’s our PM of the time Maggie Thatcher went to war with the miners. Many mines were unprofitable but they supported whole villages and towns and were often the only place for people in the local area to work.

Therefore when the mines were closed whole swathes of the country were made unemployed and in time due to the 3 million unemployed people on the dole the government told the employment agency to shift people onto disability allowance if there were eve the slightest thing wrong with them so that the figures were reduced and they could claim success in the war against unemployment.

This is the same government (although a different generation) that is now trying to get people off the disability allowance they had put them on to help win elections. Hypocrisy?

There were no private companies in these places for the people to go to work in and most of the miners were unskilled manual labourers with little other skills. The only “fix” given by the government of the time was from Norman Tebit who said “Get on your bike” and look for work.

Many of these miners are still jobless and many of the towns and villages that were based around the mines are now desolate wastelands full of empty or broken houses, drugs, drink and other social problems.

Now if someone at the time of this massive descission could have done the maths and worked out whether over the next 20-30 years the amount of money spent in dole money, sickness and housing benefit, extra police, court and prison costs and all the other long term costs that come with massive social deprivation and compared it with the subsidies or lost money from the mines which would come out on top?

Is it better to have a town full of people all working, all feeding their familes, all with a sense of pride in their community living in a town with lower social deprivation at the cost of a government subsidy?

Put aside your libertarian or socialist views and consider it from a basic mathematical point of view. Which do you think costs more?

This is the question we should be asking now with the current public sector cuts. Without knowing the actual true cost of the massive mine closure over 30 years I would surmise that it is cheaper to keep people working and off multiple government subsidies (dole, housing etc) and keeping a loss making mine open – another government subsidy.

So it comes down to a simple question of which subsidy is more benefiial for society?

The subsidies handed out in dole money, prison buildings and wages for wardens and policemen due to the social deprivation caused by the closure of the only place of work in town and the social problems caused by it.

Or the subsidy required to keep open the mine or public sector workplace in the first place. A loss leader which may require propping up but which also serves as the main source of employment for the town.

Take away the mine or the hospital and you take away the income for the town, the pride of having a job, trade for the local shops, pubs, and other retail outlets who all rely on the wages of the workers and if there are no retraining schemes (they cost money so the government doesn’t do them) then even if private companies come to these empty towns the jobs will be filled by migrants and other people moving into the area who already have the skills to work at these places.

At the moment we have whole swathes of Britian particularly Wales, Scotland and the North where the only jobs available are Public Sector ones. Take them away and replace them with nothing and we are left in the same situation as the 80’s.

Remember that the higher cost of current government subsidies for unemployed people has brought our borrowing levels up NOT down and it is only our low interest rates that have kept our heads above water and not turned the UK  into a permanent London riot all year long like Greece and Spain.

When I hear George Osborne or David Cameron, both millionaire toffs tell us “we are all in it together” it makes me puke.

I think the first order of business is to take the whole Tory/Lib Dem government and force them to live for a month on Jobseekers allowance of just over £120 a fortnight and see how long they manage without all their luxuries and all the things they take for granted that most of the country could only dream of having.

I’d like to see how in touch with the common man and woman they’d be once their chauffeur driven cars, cooks and butlers are taken away from them. Where a night outs worth of money has to last them a fortnight.

Watching them shop at LIDL in the cheap food section aisle for tins of beans with mini sausages in them as a “treat” and eating horse meat “beef burgers” instead of the salmon or steak they are used to.

Not  being able to drink expensive Brandy or Port after their dinner but instead being derided by society for drinking cheap cider instead just to blot out the daily boring grind of life without a job in this most excellent and happy country.

Would they cope not going out to the theatre or opera at night for entertainment but instead having to suffer watching Eastenders and Britain’s Got Talent like the rest of us on a cheap TV on second hand furniture in a damp squalid flat. With no skills apart from being able to talk bullshit they wouldn’t get a job in most towns unless they chose to get their hands dirty digging and building.

Only then, once they had actually experienced life without a well paying job in a desolate part of Britain could they actually know what it is like to live like the 99%.

To know that the bus route they are planning on shutting will mean an extra 30 minute walk in the morning or the local sports centre that relies on council funding that is being cut means that they have even less to do with their day apart from stare at jobs in papers that they have no qualifications for or transport to get to.

So once the politicians have had a sharp dose of reality shoved down their throats we need to fix the country. Here are just a few ideas on how to do it.

Stimulating the Economy

Just a few off the top of my head.

  • Tax breaks for UK companies that make their products within the UK and don’t offshore them to slave labour camps like China.
  • A “human rights” tax break for companies who don’t offshore their workers to countries that pay less than minimum wage in this country. Companies that only hire people on “living wages” who have proper labour rights and work benefits instead of giant nets to catch staff members trying to kill themselves by throwing themselves off a building.
  • Tax breaks for companies who hire long unemployed people – e.g if you have been unemployed for over 1 year or even 6 months.
  • More emphasis on ensuring companies are not hiring illegal migrants and keeping UK citizens out of jobs through the use of slave labour. A National Insurance card must be provided, photocopied and saved for every employee and provided on demand by people who’s actual job is to prevent slave labour from occurring in the first place.
  • Closing all tax loopholes and ensuring any international company who wants to sell their goods in one of the biggest markets in the world has a UK company setup on these shores and all relevant corporation, VAT and other related taxes paid to our treasury from that company. A simple tax code would mean less loopholes for the lawyers to work around and deliberate avoidance through convoluted mechanisms should be made a criminal offence.
  • Setting up a UK PLC company that is owned by all the taxpayers of the country who will recieve dividends from the company each year – which will be used to stimulate the economy. They would battle in the private sector like any other company for work but for government contracts they should get first dibs – and why not I ask? The Labour government has shown us through PPI how much money was (and still will be for the next 20 odd years at least) wasted on these private public investment schemes. The UK PLC company would be filled with UK workers with valid national insurance cards, the long term unemployed, ex prisoners, other people struggling to get work AND any other workers who apply to vacancies when required. The only benefit this company would have compared to others is in the public sector e.g government contracts.
  1. It gets first refusal on any government contract whether it be an IT system or new Hospital building or even just a maintenance role at a school. Why pay a private company hundreds of pounds to change a light bulb when we should be able to do it cheaply? Believe me through Gordon Browns PPI system we do pay hundreds of pounds to change light bulbs in hospitals and schools all around the country. We shouldn’t be paying companies billions of pounds for huge computer systems that don’t even work and then get scrapped anyway when we can hire IT University graduates and other IT staff to work for UK PLC which will be run like any other company but without the motive to rinse the UK government for every penny it can squeeze out of them.
  2. If it makes a profit the profit is divided between expanding the company and paying dividends to us taxpayers who will then use that money stimulating the economy in the private marketplace. The employees have an incentive to do well for this reason alone and it would also incentivise people to get jobs for the yearly dividend cheque.
  3. It is a first port of call for the long term unemployed and other skilled people without  a job or at the end of their careers to have a chance to re-enter the workforce and put their skills to good use.


  1. We need to create a national bank that has proper interest rates for savers and encourage people to save money again at a rate that makes it worthwhile.
  2. We need a bank that is owned by the people of the country and is willing to loan out money to small businesses who are the companies who give people jobs.
  3. We need a bank that is owned by the people that’s job isn’t to make money purely from money e.g gambling, as we know all the big players do with their high frequency trading and front running.
  4. We need s bank that is owned by the people where the profit is given out to the shareholders of the company each year (the taxpayers of the country) and not in million pound bonuses to a few of their best AND most of their worst gamblers.
  5. We already have huge stake-holds in more than one bank. We should take the whole thing over and turn it into a bank run for the people of the nation for the benefit of the nation.

Can you imagine as a working tax payer being given a yearly cheque for a few thousand pounds to spend as you wish because you as a taxpayer are also a shareholder in a national bank?

This is one way to stimulate the economy as well as incentivise people without jobs to get jobs and to start paying tax.

The European Union

We should leave the European Union as soon as possible. We should give them an ulimatium either make the whole shaky house of cards what is should have been a free trading zone, with free movement of people and goods and not a semi quasi supra government. One in which unelected people can weild enormous power over us and the elected EU government can weild little whilst Euro MP’s claiming huge expense accounts all at our expense.

The Euro should never have gone ahead as it was clear to many people at the time that the North and South European countries were two totally different systems that would never mesh together and it was only with the help of the criminals at Goldman Sachs that allowed countries like Greece to hide their huge debts and get on board the Titanic with no-one noticing.

We will save money and keep our own embassies and seats at the UN instead of what is surely on the EU’s roadmap a huge polical union like the USA in which the EU is the only embassy in each country and the EU Foreign Minister makes descisions for all European nations.

Whilst there are some good things in the EU there are plenty of bad and I cannot see the balance being tilted the other way anytime soon. Before that happens the EURO will most likely crash or we will end up in another European war.

The case of Abu Qatada has shown our weakness in the face of unelected European judges and whilst I am happy
to know that an appeal lodged at the European Court of Human Rights will take up to 7 years to be heard and maybe prevent Gary McKinnon from being deported to the USA the flipside is also true and it prevents us from deporting dangerous criminals like Abu Qatadar.

Law, Equality and Liberty

The case of Abu Qatadar brings me onto the legal system in the UK.

We should create our own Bill of Rights on the same lines as the US Bill of Rights and that every single person wether they be a policeman or royal is covered by the Bill and everyone in the UK is equal under the law.

I want to know 100% that I will be given the same treatment by the judiciary as the Queen if she let her pack of Corgi’s maul a child to death or drink drive into a bus stop full of people killing many of them. Only when we are all equal under the same law – a British made law and one that is the highest law in the land can we call ourselves free and equal.

Alongside this the true “Freedom Bill” should be implemented post haste not the weak and feeble cut down version that made it’s way through parliament after being watered down into a “freedom from car clampers” bill.

These reforms will rebalance our extradition treaty with the USA, restore our right to silence under police interview, give back our right to protest near parliament and many more important laws the pro-surveillence governent of Labour (and now seemingly the coallition) had brought in.

The English should have their own parliament to solve the West Lothian question and to prevent Scottish MP’s voting to raise UK students tuition fees whilst they can keep University free in their own country.

We should do away with this mismash of devolution which Tony Blair started and go the full hog. We should have full devolution for all 4 parts of the UK in which citizens of those countries vote for their local MP to sit in their countries parliament on matters that affect their country alone and then sit within the Westminister parliament when the matter is UK wide e.g whether to go to war, to sign treaties with other nations and other important UK matters.

The English parliament can sit in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and matters covering the whole UK will involve members of parliament from the Scottish parliament, the Welsh parliament and the Northern Irish one.


I live in a town that due to Joanna Lumley is no longer recoognisable due to the ex Gurka veterans (who I have no problem with at all) bringing their whole families over to live in this country. This would be fine if:

  • They could speak English.
  • They were not all given houses straight away, houses some of us have waited decades on the housing list for and then removed from (me being one of those people who was told by letter that people with higher priority such as single mums and immigrants would get housing first).
  • They were not overloading our already strained and mercilessly cut public services.
  • They would at least try and learn our culture and fit in. A thank you wave when you let someone through a door or in a car at a junction is not too much to ask – I know a little thing that many other people don’t do but it’s little things like this that really grind my gears (quote Peter Griffin)

People come to the UK from Africa with HIV and turn up at the nearest hospital and then given the best treatment around for free whilst someone who has live in this country their whole life and can trace their history back hundreds of years is treated contentably by the NHS when they have a serious illness. I know I have had serious illnesses for the last 3 years and they are still not fully sorted and I have spent whole days in waiting rooms at my local hospital just be turned away due to the scanning department now being closed until Monday or some doctor not knowing the types of drugs I am on.

I am not against immigration as it was badly needed after World War II and when English people won’t take the jobs someone needs to do them.

  • What I am against is the fact that whole swathes of the UK are now ghettos where a white person would feel threatened to walk at night.
  • Where on a bus ride in certain towns you can hear a myriad of conversations, that is apart from English.
  • Where if you go to certain places in London you would think you were in India or Pakistan if it were not for the Red buses that fill the roads.
  • Where if you open a door to a woman in a head scarf or let her pass in the street she won’t even look at you in the eye let alone say thank you. I know their culture forbids it but this is Britain not Saudi Arabia and we treat women as equals not slaves therefore we should expect some modicum of “fitting in” if we are going to allow tens of millions of people all from various cultures into our country.
Is it too much too ask in these cash strapped times when far right groups like the English Defense League are growing that we try and save money by only printing council literature in English, don’t put up road signs in Punjabi instead of English and don’t spend millions on translators for job centers and police stations? We could save all this money if we only ensure that before you enter our country you can speak basic English.

It is not racist to feel this way and anyway calling me that can suck my right fist. However as the last election showed we cannot have a grown up debate about immigration without being called a racist or someone who wants to wipe out the English race – there seems to e no middle ground.

So along with tighter border controls we should ensure that anyone wishing to migrate to this country should be able to pass an entrace exam on our history and culture as well as know basic English before being allowed on our soil – not after. What do we have foreign embassies in every country for if we cannot use part of them as exam halls for potential migrants?

Once they have completed their exams they should be given a citenship ceremony in which they are presented their national insurance card. A card by the way which should be mandatory display at any doctors, hostpital or benefits agency.

This is not an ID card that can be demanded by Police Officers that holds genetic material, iris scans and other Labour big brother plans. It would be a hard to copy piece of plastic that we all get when we turn 16 with a unique number that identifies us in the workforce or benefits office. Any new immigrant should be proud to achieve the right to hold one.

They are a sign you are entitled to work, pay tax, claim benefits and this should also include the right to health care at the NHS. If you turn up half dead then I don’t expect you to have to show the card but people who use the Accident and Emergency service as a local doctors as they do in the USA should have to bring their card with them. This will prevent NHS migrants and hopefully reduce the stress on our already strained health service.

Not only will this help social cohesion it will install a sense of pride at achieving British Citizenship.

We should abolish the stupid tests Labour brought in which were more about how to claim benefits than the history of our country and make the tests hard enough so that people willing to move here will take them and when they do they will hopefully fit in with the existing community.

Labour ruined this country in more ways than can be counted and this stupid test of theirs is just one of them.

We want people who want to live here and accept our way our life. I don’t want our government sending troops to foreign lands so that they can say that “we fight them over there so we don’t fight them over here”  whilst at the same time we have thousands of men and women within our shores looking at our culture in disgust and planning payback for all that “collateral damage” we do across the world.

It goes both ways and I definitely don’t agree with the wars we are in. Stop the wars and stop the hate at home.

There are so many other things I could go on about including more about our endless war on terror, ending the surveillence state, removing our tongue from the USA’s ass and much much more but I think I have said enough for one essay.

Lets cross our fingers and pray to the great big Spaghetti monster in the sky that some of it becomes true.

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