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Alex Jones speaks to Howard Stern about his life, drugs, sex and population control

Howard Stern- Alex Jones Interview 02/26/13

By Dark Politricks

Alex Jones calls in to the Howard Stern show to talk to him about all of the following:

  • The real story between juice boxes making your kids gay and shrimp committing suicide.
  • Why gun control might be ideal in a perfect world but that we don’t live in one.
  • Why the war on terror is a ruse for the American government to bring in measures such as the TSA groping, drones over the USA and the NDAA.
  • When bin-Laden really died and why they killed the Seal Team who attacked the compound in Abbottabad.
  • The Georgia Guidestones and what they mean.
  • Population reduction and how they are planning on doing it with vaccines and soft kill methods.
  • How in the future the elites won’t need 7 billion people and how MIT are already planning the robots to take over the means of production for the “wealth creators”.
  • Vaccinations and why he hasn’t let his kids have one.
  • Why is it that McDonalds hamburgers can sit on a shelf for a year and still be eaten.
  • His relationship with Charlie Sheen and why Glenn Beck threatened to ruin his career.
  • The interview with Piers Morgan and why his “spidey sense” told him to get out of New York after seeing shit stained toilets in the CNN building.

He also talks about his past and his family including:

  • How he lost his virginity at the age of 12.
  • How he is happily married to a Jewish woman and doesn’t put his success down to being an “Israeli Mossad Disinfo Agent”.
  • How he is interested in spirituality but see’s all organised religion as BS.
  • Why he home schools his children and why he thinks home schooling is growing in the USA.
  • How he played sport as well as did drugs at school – and he inhaled!
  • Why he loves history and went into talk radio as he hated hearing the USA being put down in Community College classes.
  • Who he respects in the industry and who his top hated people are.

This is a good interview that doesn’t put Alex Jones in a bad light for once. Not once did I hear the steam come out of his ears and a megaphone being used.

Maybe the reason he managed to stay calm for longer than 20 minutes in a row for once was that he was purely on a self promotional job rather than pushing a new conspiracy theory.

Whether you agree with Alex Jones or think he’s just a disinfo agent as many people seem to nowadays it doesn’t really matter.

You don’t have to agree with everything he says to agree with some of it.

I don’t agree with organised religion at all but some of the things many religious leaders and prophets have said over the years still resonate with me and make good sense. I don’t have to believe Jesus was the son of God to believe that being kind to your neighbour is a nice thing to do.

For people still stuck in the mainstream media maze of bullshit some of the topics Alex mentioned during the interview might have been enough for some of the listeners to go off and investigate the matters on their own. It might have even woken a few people up to what is really going on in the world especially if Howard Stern is the the nearest they ever get to a real “alternative” news source.

In fact you don’t have to be a fan of Alex Jones to know that something isn’t quite right in the USA today.

Not when TSA agents scan or grope your naked body, all your phone calls and Internet usage is logged and monitored and we have been at war with a CIA created terrorist group for over a decade. A group that we seem to fight one day in one country and then support and arm in places like Libya and Syria on another.

This is a supposed mortal and all powerful enemy that can bypass the most sophisticated defence systems in the world yet one which has ties to our intelligence agencies going all the way back to the 80’s and 90’s where we supported them in Libya, Kosovo and the Afghans fight against the Soviet Union.

If you don’t think you are living in a police state when the Government say that they can kill you on the say so of the President alone. Or the fact that the ex vice President having his own death squad doesn’t even alarm you the slighest then you should be listening to more Alex Jones not less.

You don’t even have to like Alex Jones to find the globalist policies of de-population, false flag attacks and constant war for resources scary enough to read up on them further. 

Remember – whoever you read or listen to. Go and fact check everything they say for yourself and never take a word somebody else says as gospel, whoever they are or whatever site you are on.

However just because someone has made money from the #altnews media and spends time playing the self-promotion card to get certain information out into the mainstream, it doesn’t automatically make them a fully paid up member of the Israeli Hasbara brigade.

Just imagine how much effort it would take to be an actor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just because Alex Jones doesn’t criticise Israel much ( probably due to his Jewish wife ) it doesn’t mean that other information he puts out there isn’t worth listening to. Please remember that just because he doesn’t pin everything on Israel it doesn’t logically equate to “everything he says must be a lie”.

Personally I stopped listening to his podcast radio show ages ago. There were far too many adverts and way too much shouting for my own liking. However you won’t find any ranting and raving in this interview and personally for once I think Alex comes off well, especially after the criticism I gave him for losing his cool on the Piers Morgan show.

This was the show that Alex should have beaten Piers with pure logic and facts on a simple point but instead blew his top causing massive publicity for himself and at the same  time discrediting many pro-2nd amendment supporters.

Instead of playing out his usual dog n pony show of shouting loudly and waving lots of papers around in the air, reeling off far too many facts and figures for people to take in as he did on CNN that night, he should have kept the talk to one a simple fact.

That a recently published report showed that the unarmed UK has a far higher violent crime rate than nearly every other rich western nation, including the USA!

If only Alex had stuck to the discussion of that study and what it logically meant instead of ranting about revolution and Mao Tse-tung then maybe he wouldn’t have seemed so foolish.

I know he is passionate but if he had debated Piers why it was that the unarmed people of the UK have much more severe violence on their streets than the armed to the teeth Americans. If he had have done that, then just maybe the right people would have took notice, instead of all the satirists and comedians that instead ripped Alex apart for looking like a right wing gun loving loon who thought Obama was the new Hitler.

However this interview with Howard is not combative in the slightest and is instead it’s more personal and jokey. Alex tries to explain why he acted up on the Piers Morgan show as well as discussing some of his theories when he gets a chance to in-between Howard’s attempts at lowering the tone of the conversation.

Whether you like it or not Alex Jones has helped wake a lot of people up from the MSN matrix we are all living in. Whether you then choose to believe he is a false prophet or not is down to you and how much further reading you do.

In all the years of listening to Alex talk, this is one of the first times I have heard him actually have a laugh and joke instead of trying to scare the shit out of everyone with hyperbole and talk of imminent martial law and FEMA death camps.

In fact he actually shows a sense of humour. It must be the fact he was speaking to Howard Stern and not Piers Morgan that did it!

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5 Responses

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  1. Haggis says

    Alex Jones? Anyone who promotes him can not be trusted.

    “It also might hopefully might wake a few people up to what is going on in the world.”

    You’re talking in your sleep.

    • darkpolitricks says

      You don’t have to like Alex Jones to believe in some of the things he says.

      If you have actually read some of the links I linked to in the article you would have seen I have attacked him for his self-promotion and his outbursts e.g on Piers Morgan and so on.

      However that does not mean things like flouridation in water, chemicals in
      food and plastic, de-population, gun control, 9.11, and any other concept people worry about doesn’t have a basis of truth in it.

      The article was written because it was one of the first times I have heard him NOT rant n rave, speak about things he is accussed of (by people like you) and much more.

      Also anyone who believes you can walk around 24/7 being basically a state paid for actor all day is living in a dream world. He most definitley has his faults but then this reminds of me the drug world. Every dealer calls every other dealer a snitch and grass behind their back. Either everyone is a snitch or everyone is talking shit.

      You don’t have to like the preacher to believe some of the preaching.

  2. Basketball says

  3. darkpolitricks says


    I have updated the article to more accuratley reflect my views on Alex Jones.

    As I said in my last comment “you don’t have to like the preacher to believe some of the preaching”

    Thanks for commenting.

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