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Here we go again – Propaganda, Lies and War

Here we go again – Propaganda, Lies and War

By Dark Politricks

With Israel launching missiles attacks on Syria it seems that they are totally unafraid of igniting a regional war that could see the Middle East end up in flames.

I suppose they are hoping that if Syria retaliate, either itself or by proxy i.e. through Hezbollah, that the USA will ramp up it’s already fast paced move towards arming the Syrian rebels and join in any killing games that seemed to have been planned for the region.

Do we really want another war in the Middle East?

Have we learnt nothing from Libya?

We supported the rebels and now they hate us.

Terrorists kill US ambassadors and other officials, religious fanatics destroy UK world war cemeteries and rebel gangs control large segments of the country. This is not a sign of an appreciative people for the help we gave them other-throwing their dictator – not that we should have been involved in the first place!

The people are no better off than they were under Col. Gaddafi and they most certainly have no love for us even though we armed and backed them in their cause.

Have we learned nothing or is the actual idea to really destabilise the region by arming Islamic fascists with high-tech weaponry so that the certain blow back can drift our way once more?

The Free Syrian Army is such a mismatch of various secular and religious groups with just a smattering of al-Qaeda. Are we really wise to be even considering sending heavy arms and training to them when we don’t know what they will do with it once any civil war is over. I doubt they will hand all the weaponry back – the Libyans sure haven’t.

Why is it we keep finding ourselves on the same side as our supposed mortal enemy?

We are supposedly fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen but then backing them in Libya and now Syria?

Do we have such few moral absolutes in the west that we can support extremists like al-Qaeda in Syria just because we don’t like President Assad and nor do they?

The guns and rockets we supplied to the same rag tag bunch in Libya haven’t been handed back to us in a neat pile and instead rebel commanders with links to the LIFG and al-Qaeda control cities and fight each other daily.

This is all in-between carrying out racial executions and implementing Sharia law where it didn’t exist before.

That’s not even mentioning the current mess in Egypt! We sure picked the right person to help install as President if the aim of the neo-cons was to help Israel in any way.

It makes me think we actually want to go back to the 60′s and start another war with extremist Islamic fundamentalists on one side and Israel and the Axis of War on the other.

The US is currently on a mission to try and convince Russia to arm Syrian rebels, pretending that it won’t lead to another Libyan style mess.

This is something I doubt the Russian’s will go for seeing that they feel tricked after the last UN resolution they supported. They backed a no fly zone over Libya to protect civilians and then the axis of war turned it into a “no limits” full out armed assault on Gaddafi’s troops. Something that was NOT in the remit of the UN resolution.

We took sides in a civil war we had no right to be in when we were just supposed to be protecting civilians from being attacked from the air – from both sides.

The same is happening in Syria.

We know Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Qataris are sending rebel fighters to Syria and they are being covertly backed and supported by Israel, Turkey and through them the “real axis of war”, the USA, UK and France.

A recent independent UN investigation into the use of chemical weapons suggests that the attack was carried out by Syrian rebels NOT the forces of President Assad.

However despite evidence to the contrary the USA is keen to pin the blame on Assad for any use of biological or non conventional weapons.

Ms Del Ponte, a former Swiss attorney-general and prosecutor with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia said on Swiss TV that there was “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof” that the rebels had used the nerve gas Sarin – a favourite of home grown terrorists.

Sarin is a colourless, odourless liquid or gas which can cause respiratory arrest and death and is therefore classed as a weapon of mass destruction and is banned under international law. This undoubtedly means that the USA, Russia, China and most other countries have huge hidden stockpiles, purely for research and defensive purposes of course….

However it seems that the axis of war is keen to pin any blame for the use of chemical weapons on the Assad regime even if the finger is pointing the other way. Remember evidence only matters when it backs up the pre-written script we are all supposed to follow.

The matter is complicated even more by earlier reports from hacked emails, from the defence contractor Britam, that the US has already discussed the use of a false flag chemical attack in Syria.

This chemical weapon false flag attack would then be pinned on Syrian government fighters and provide the perfect excuse to escalate the war and allow US troops to enter Syria with “public” backing.

As this earlier article discusses. If President Obama can be linked to a staged chemical attack on civilians then this is nothing more than a war crime.

The leaked emails, obtained by a hacker in Malaysia, feature an exchange (click here for screenshot) between Britam Defence’s Business Development Director David Goulding and the company’s founder Philip Doughty.


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


The fact that the plan involves delivering a CW (chemical weapon) that is “similar to those Assad should have,” clearly suggests that the idea is to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack that could be blamed on President Assad by the Gulf states like Qatar and the NATO powers. This would give them the perfect excuse to sell any war to the public and ramp up their support of the Syrian rebels or even go in themselves Libyan style.

If reports of a chemical attack are true and the US is refusing to even consider that the rebels could have been involved then it would seem that this earlier false flag plan is already on the way to being rolled out. It seems that Israel lobbing missiles into Syria could be their idea of just “helping” to push this plan to fruition.

Let’s not forget that Dick Cheney was prepared to stage a fake shoot up in the Strait of Hormuz to start a war with Iran which was exposed by the investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, and that Tony Blair and George Bush even discussed shooting down a UN marked plane over Iraq to start their desired conflict with Saddam Hussein.

Therefore our current batch of leaders are not opposed to using such devious and underhand tactics so don’t be surprised to learn that false flag attacks are a common tool to start wars. They have been used all through history from the times of Rome to the Gulf of Tonkin.

So whilst Israel lobs missiles into Syria and Turkey allows the rebels to cross over their border for protection and training. The Sunni regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are busy financing the operation and sending fanatical rebel fighters to battle.

All the time we are just sitting on the side lines waiting for the “right kind of Benghazi style incident” that can be used as propaganda to draw our own forces into another civil war we have no business being involved in.

Why not send our own sons and daughters into the desert once again to fight President Assad’s regime?

Once he has been disposed of it makes it so much easier to attack Iran from all sides.

With bases in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Georgian help and of course Israel and Turkey the Iranians would be literally surrounded on all sides if Syria falls to the west as well.

Does anyone really care about the possibility of yet another Islamic fascist regime in the Middle East armed to the teeth with western weapons and an ideology that means we are obviously the enemy once Assad has gone?

Is the true aim to make oil so expensive everyone literally has to walk to work or take loans out to fill their cars up with gas?

I have no doubt Israel will try it’s best to bring the US in by trying to provoke a retaliatory attack from Syria or Hezbollah and with the USA preparing to launch another massive round of war games in the area it is just perfect timing that a huge armed force is arriving almost on queue.

Just be-warned.

We were lied into a war with Iraq and we have had attempts to lie us into a war with Iran.

Not only is the nuclear issue being falsely cranked up whilst the NPT compliant Iran hasn’t even broken any international rules yet but the driver of war Israel, sits upon a massive pile of unregulated nukes and outside the NPT.

Who are they to say who can have nukes and who can’t?

Who has actually used them in a war apart from the USA?

Plus wasn’t it Israel who only recently claimed that Osama bin-Laden was being hidden by the Iranians?

It must have been a bit hard seeing that he was either already dead or propped up in a chair in Attomabad, ready for some shooting practise by a number of soon to be dead Navy Seals.

Therefore let the propaganda begin, the lies start spinning, and get ready to see more sons and daughters who have no reason or right to fight in this civil war die for another countries geo-political ambitions.

It has been written in the stars, let the bull shit and spin begin.

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