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History Abandons Israeli Regime

History Abandons Israeli Regime

By Gordon Duff

Veterans Today

US troops in Afghanistan

US troops in Afghanistan

“…America can’t fight any more wars. Our military is gone, not that we don’t have weapons. We are drowning in them.

We have half a million broken soldiers, one million broken young veterans and two million more left over from other wars.

We have a population that no longer believes the news, a population that thinks “false flag” at every staged false flag incident.”

It isn’t just Netanyahu. The controlled media is working 24 hours a day to make it seem like America will do Israel’s bidding in yet another round of wars fought for oil, drugs, stolen human organs, stock market scams or whatever the “flavor of the month” in Tel Aviv is.

It just isn’t going to happen.

I don’t care what this interview or that pundit say, America can’t fight any more wars. Our military is gone, not that we don’t have weapons. We are drowning in them.

We have half a million broken soldiers, one million broken young veterans and two million more left over from other wars.

We have a population that no longer believes the news, a population that thinks “false flag” at every staged false flag incident.

No sane American would fight for a nation ruled by the clowns in Washington, not even if we nuked Denver. TV already warned us about nuclear false flags on the series Jericho.


There is a huge divide in Washington. The Israel lobby is at the center of the Obamacare debate and the government shutdown. Many global political analysts see Obama’s reassessment of Syria, in particular his rejection of Israeli intelligence reports on the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons as a “red line” to Israel

It is not.

Many more see the burgeoning friendly relationship between the US and Iran as a betrayal of Israel. They could care less.

Netanyahu’s belligerence is, in itself, intended to be high comedy, played out to a UN General Assembly that has voted sanctions against Israel over 200 times.

Netanyahu would be more welcome at a Nazi Party rally.

The Obamacare issue is about “funds in management.” The health insurance industry, through investment banks and hedge funds, accounts for 35% of the entire investment capital of the United States.

This sector has been totally unregulated with, not just individual policyholders but industries and government forced to subsidize a health care Ponzi scheme where, in some cases, fewer than 3% of policy premiums were paid back in benefits.

It isn’t just Netanyahu and the issue isn’t Zionism or Greater Israel or “the Jews” or “death panels.” The issue is massive financial fraud perpetrated by, low and behold, insurance companies that are, in actuality, banks, the majority of whom are tied directly to the ownership and management of the Federal Reserve and IMF.

When Netanyahu is out there, making a fool of himself at the UN or sitting next to Obama who has often publicly stated he would rather be attacked by rabid rats, he is speaking for secret societies and financial cartels.

Netanyahu could care about Israel. No Israeli leader since 1948 has hurt that nation more; you could almost compare Netanyahu to George W. Bush or even Tony Blair, though I would stop short of that.


Syria is the end. The idea of fighting in Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq is insane. The terrorist you train to fight in Afghanistan or Syria may, someday, be living next door to you. Oddly, in my case, I have an American trained Mujahedeen military leader living nearby.

I make him write articles for Veterans Today.

The Syrian model is more insane, with terrorists and advanced weapons likely to head to Europe or be used to dismember Iraq or overthrow the Saudi government.

This has been a huge error and will only get worse if or perhaps “when” the Assad government is finally triumphant. The scurrying rats will turn on their masters.

The power elite, be they Zionist plotters or the Bush family, you choose, have deluded themselves that they can control the world, force populations to kill themselves off, starve off others, kill millions more with diseases engineered in secret facilities in Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland, enslaving the world, ignorance, anarchy, pestilence and death.

Watching western leaders, excuse me for including Netanyahu in this group, shamelessly speak of others developing “dangerous” or “illegal” weapons when new germ warfare labs are being built every year, part of the “gulag” of “black sites” that infect so many areas now, veritable “free trade zones” for murder, torture and human depravity.

Whenever you hear the term “Central Reference Lab,” think; Ebola, anthrax or virally spread fast killing cancers. Sarin has become passé.

This model was designed by Henry Kissinger who has some surprising adherents, names like Rand Paul for instance. Long ago, we were warned to be wary of those who saw what we want to hear.


The new model is based on Africa. America’s military collapse, based on the inability to maintain permanent war, hit as early as 2005. The answer was General Petraeus and his “surge” in Iraq. By “surge,” we surged in bribes, surged in hypocrisy and surged in lying.

What we had done is what we had done in Vietnam decades before with General Westmoreland. We had “seen the light at the end of the tunnel” and failed to recognize it to be a fast freight train preparing to squash us into oblivion.

Thus, we are transitioning our wars to Africa. There, we can live entirely on surrogate armies, often barefoot, some paid nothing, sent out to war on one another.

The mechanism is simple and is well underway. Intelligence agencies have set up nearly a dozen terrorist groups across Africa. Over the past few years, thousands of acts of terror have been perpetrated.

This has been a period of “testing.”

Advanced game warfare software watches the responses, learns with each new incident and creates models to achieve the desired aim.

What is it?

Afghanistan is going to continue putting out a hundred billion a year in drug cash, much of it flowing directly into the American political system.

Next, Afghanistan’s rare earth mineral wealth, almost endless, will fall under control

This alone will finance an unassailable police state that no uprising of enraged patriots could ever overcome.

The European Union has been castrated, it currency collapsed, its financial markets destroyed, its industrial growth ended.

There will be peace with Iran because it is no longer necessary to create artificial confrontations in the Persian Gulf to manipulate the world fuels markets. New computer software developed in concert between the NSA and Israel can do that without the distraction of threats of war.

There has always been that risk that the power elites have dreaded so much, that “peace” might just break out, spoiling their plans. This is the great enemy that they have armed themselves against.

The advantage to spending a generation burning Africa to the ground is obvious. Vast armies can be recruited for almost nothing. A million deaths in Africa can go unnoticed and, as some are more than aware, has.

A half dozen intelligence agencies are focusing their efforts on Africa, building insurgencies, training terrorists, rigging elections, bribing and blackmailing. This is obvious to any, long in evidence.

During the 1980s, scientists from South Africa, Israel, Belgium, Libya, East Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States embarked on a program of developing diseases to target African racial groups.

Chemical weapons programs with similar purpose were funded also, the records of these are available through the South African Truth Commission website, albeit edited and expunged.

Similarly, vast computer networks backed by satellites, drones and tied to the seemingly innocent internet social networks, have begun prestaging the next generation of endless “Kissingerian” human suffering.

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