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Azov Films And The CIA

Azov Films And The CIA

Crimea – and stars of Azov Films.Sandra Waslov, from Stafford, in Virginia in the USA, was listed as Vice President of 4p5p Inc., the Canadian corporation that owned Azov-Films, FKA, and

According to researcher Silvija Germek, Stafford, in Virginia, is the location of one of the busiest airports for the CIA.
Sandra Waslov is the mother of Brian Way, AKA Steve, the joint owner of the Azov Films firm.
On September 3, 2012, the U.S. Embassy Office of Defense Cooperation conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony at school #14 in downtown Simferopol, Crimea. The school was recently renovated under a Humanitarian Assistance Program of the U.S. European Command.

The photographer whom Way used in the Crimea region of the Ukraine was Igor Rusanov, AKA Zverozub., from Simferopol.
Several of the boys Rusanov filmed for Azov have testified in court that Rusanov had sex with them.
Allegedly Azov Films may have links to the ‘Russian Israeli mafia‘ which allegedly has links to the CIA and its friends.

Distributed by Azov Films

According to Silvija Germek:

1. The Russian Israeli mafia is run by Jews from Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania.

Their bases include Russia and parts of the former Soviet Empire such as the Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldova, Ossetia and Poland.
2. Reportedly the Russian Israeli mafia is involved in the child sex trade, including snuff films.

3. Toronto is a major global child porn and child sex slavery hub.
4. Toronto has always been known as ‘Disneyland for pedophiles’.
Reportedly, child abusers occupy many positions within Toronto’s police, political system and academia.5. The author James Kincaid, who spoke recently in Toronto, has adorned his books with the photography of Sally Mann.

In some of her photos, “the doll-like dreamy facial expressions of her children are reminiscent of programmed mind control.”

BOOK REVIEW / ‘Child-Loving.

6. Barney Frank is also one of the star speakers at the University of Toronto.’Reportedly, the kids of the Franklin Scandal in Omaha ‘remembered Barney Frank’. Barny Frank’s boyfriend allegedly ‘ran a pedo ring serving politicians in the Beltway.’

7. Allegedly, Azov Films, in the past, has been protected by the authorities.

8. Reportedly Azov Films distributed its softcore films through Amazon.

9. There is a suggestion that Azov Films may have exploited survivors of the Beslan school siege.

aangirfan: Beslan and the CIA

10. Many of the Azov Films were made in the Ukraine.”Senior Ukrainian politicians are facing allegations of child sex abuse at a Black Sea holiday camp…”Popular among children in Soviet times, the Artek youth summer camp in Ukraines picturesque Crimea is still a major holiday destination.”A woman claims her son and her daughter were sexually abused there…

“She said they were not only sexually assaulted by the camps employees, but were also forced to be filmed in pornographic movies. According to witnesses, several politicians were involved in it…”

Kids raped in famous Ukrainian recreation camp? RT News.11. There have been arrests in North America.

Synopsis: “Boys love building their muscles. So, when our group of nine-to-eleven-year-old boys hit the gym, they attack the weights with furious enthusiasm. After a good workout, it’s time to hit the local sauna for some relaxation.”

12. Azov Films were made mainly in the Crimea but also in other countries including the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Moldova, Poland, Australia, Paraguay, Romania, and Germany.
1 History of the company2.4 List of all movies

13. It has been noted that Vladik, the main child star in Azov films, makes numerous satanic hand signs.

(Satanism is used by the security services such as the CIA when they carry out mind-control to produce sex slaves for the elite.)

Reportedly, Azov Films contain the type of symbolism used by the CIA in MKULTRA brainwashing.
Azov Films sold Baikal Films, Europa Sun and Award Films – all three being originally distributed by Baikal Films.~~

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  1. Silvija Germek says


    You are quoting my research. You are quoting from one of two articles on Aangirfan for which I submitted my research which led to these articles. Note – I originally posted it on WMR (Wayne Madsen Report) but since this is behind a firewall, I simultaneously sent Aangirfan copies of it because I wanted it to be found and copied. I have a LOT more info on it which I put on WMR – Wayne Madsen – look for the thread I called “AZOV FILMS” inside of that blog. I am Silvija Germek whom Aangirfan is quoting and I am Sil G on Wayne’s blog. There is quite a bit more research than what has come out on Aangirfan which I put on Wayne blog above – feel free to copy what you find there. I have a lot more on this and understand what this Toronto?AZOV FILMS thing is and will be posting more, so help yourself.

    Silvija Germek

    • darkpolitics says

      Thank you very much. Feel free to take any of my articles I have written under “my articles” if you need to or find anything interesting – top viewed articles in top right side bar.

  2. Silvija Germek says

    I have continued the research on this topic and have found much more, including a massive smoking gun and have assembled and researched this quite a lot. What I found is so significant that someone other than me needs to report it because I have generally been the invisible researcher for years.

    I am working with a major investigative journalist who is my friend and whom I very much trust and am turning the material over to him. This story is big and it needs to be published by a major journo to get the traction it deserves.

    He will put out a big article on this topic which he was already working on when I added my information to his. We are also working to somehow put together a radio show on this topic which will be released hopefully next week also which will deal with this topic with our journalist and a well-known former CIA whistleblower as well. We are definitely having fun and are doing a lot of productive work and we will reveal some incredible things we have excavated jointly about this Toronto to Azov Films matter.

    I do not mean to sound mysterious but I always do this once a major journalist takes my research and is developing it into an article which is sure to be hot due to topic and journalist with whom I am working on this, the lid goes on the story on my end just so it is not ruined with leaks and disinfo’d before we can even get our real story out the door. So for now, all I can say – stay tuned.

    This story is about to take a rollercoaster ride in a few days when we will post an article and a podcast show or perhaps just a Skype chat between all of us. I am looking for a quick way to find a podcast setup somewhere because several big names will discuss this who are working with us on this. I am certain that people will find this interesting – I will post it all here but I will get very busy and there may be a delay. If anyone wants to pick up the story and links directly from me when they come out, feel free to friend me under this name on Facebook because I will post it there as one of the first places when I distribute it. We will definitely share it with you but if you want the big update immediately when it comes out, that is how you can find us in the meantime.

    Definitely stay tuned. We have some startling facts to announce in this case soon.

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