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A Christmas Message from the Police – Keep Calm and Fuck Off

A Christmas Message from the Police – Keep Calm and Fuck Off

By Dark Politricks

I have reposted this article as the message is so apt for our society at the moment.

The UK is a boiling simmering pot of anger and bitterness that is just bubbling away under the lid at the moment. The question is, can we direct this anger in a useful positive way that can advance our aim of justice and equality for all?

This is a Christmas card that the London Metropolitan Police have been sending out since last year. I was sent this from an inside police source and apparently the cops have been sending it out to their friends as a “joke”.

I wonder if they are still “joking” about it this year after all the reports of them being in hock with bent journalists and taking payoffs for information?

I absolutely adore the message of glad tiding they put at the bottom

“Keep calm and Fuck off”

I wonder what message of “peace and goodwill” to all men this could possibly be conveying?

I suppose after the riots in London last year the cops would love to keep the streets of London calm and trouble free but I doubt telling the public to fuck off is going to help.

Personally I would reverse the message and tell the police to keep the fuck away from me you dirty bullying on the take bent protester killers.

What do you think?


London Police wish everyone a very happy Christmas with a nice Keep calm and fuck off Yuletide greeting

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5 Responses

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  1. Dan williams says

    Here’s my Xmas message to the police – fuck you, You chose a job that makes you a hated prick when you could have been anything else probably coz you were bullied at school. Therefore it is no wonder you are hated by everyone apart from grasses, and people who have never met you.

  2. Danny Warner says

    Fuck the police – ACAB – and four dots on the knuckles all the way from Southampton to the MET!

  3. kfl says

    Does viewing and commenting on these type of websites can be used to prove that I am against government and police

    • darkpolitics says

      You are now on a hundred GCHQ / NSA databases and no fly lists so expect your next holiday to include a full prostate exam curtsey of the TSA

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