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Two Thirds of Americans support Peace with Iran

Two Thirds of Americans support Peace with Iran

Veterans Today
By Jim Dean

Getting to know you, getting all about you;

” Getting to know you, getting all about you” (Mary Poppins) – ” Can you feel me now? “


Reuters post merger logo

Reuters post merger logo

Well it is now official. Reuters published their triple whammy poll showing grassroots Americans support Obama’s Iran opening on three levels.

Two thirds support the interim deal itself…are wary of any military action against Iran, and then what is most interesting, that we “should not become involved in any military action in the Middle East unless America is directly threatened.”

After reporting these poll results Reuters’ admiral work comes to an end. We all know now that public support for ‘shooting our way’ into international resolutions has run its course. It was never an American way of doing business, but one grafted onto our body politic by elitist insiders and outsiders, political gangsters and banksters.

In a major subversion of American democracy the NeoCons and their friends quietly and without fanfare changed our national defense policy away from allowing pre-emptive strikes only in the face of an eminent attack. They replaced it with a vaguely defined one where we reserved the right to attack anyone that might be a threat at some point in the future.

Aggression had been technically legalized behind a defensive shroud where our President to attack anyone simply by saying ”I see a threat coming.” This was literally part of a coup that was already in motion, and was completed with 911, the anthrax attacks and the Patriot Act.

If any of you are wondering if this was also done to set Iran up with a gun to its head you are exactly right. What the NeoCons and friends did not count on is the American people being smart enough to figure out eventually that the gun was also pointed at our heads. That may have been the ultimate goal of the Radical Zionists and the NeoCons all along.

Reuters would never run a poll asking these kinds of questions in a million years. Fifty percent or more of controlling a population, disenfranchising their democracy, is what questions are not asked, or as we say in military lingo, “keeping them below the radar.”

American weigh in for peace - but the warmongers refuse

Americans weigh in for peace – but the warmongers refuse

The earth shattering event will not go down as the Iran opening itself, but stopping the Syrian attack at the last moment and the people waking up to realize when Obama asked for a Congressional vote, the grassroots folks woke up from their slumber realizing the ball was being thrown back in their court.

For any of you who can remember getting hit with a ball in the face when we were kids, that was the impact. I wore a baseball’s stitch marks on my forehead for two weeks after losing a sky ball in the sun. I blocked the sun in my eyes with my glove for just a second, only to have the ball bounce off my forehead when I uncovered to look for the ball. Ouch!

Elementary school kids are quick with nicknames, and I was tagged with Mr. Frankenstein pronto as the ball’s stitch marks imprinted into my forehead looked like I had had a lobotomy. The difference between me and Mr. Netanyahu is that I figured out I had made a big mistake instantly.

Bibi did not catch what the deluge of phone calls that buried the White House and Congressional phone banks on Syria showed… that our policy had been a big mistake, and that a lot of people knew it.

Lavrov - the most respected statesman on the world stage today

Lavrov – the most respected statesman on the world stage today

Russia’s foreign minister Lavrov became an instant hero. There were even lighthearted discussions about his needing to come to the US and lecture the State Department and Congress on how to conduct diplomacy without holding a gun on the other party.

When he pulled the Syrian chemical weapons rabbit deal out of his hat, people jokingly posed that maybe we should ask Putin to let us borrow Lavrov for six months, or work out a time share deal on his services.

While the poll numbers spoke for themselves, Reuters pulled a psyops on us by spinning what motivated the majority view.

This is why Intel agencies like to run polling companies. It allows you to play blackjack with a marked deck. Reuters interpreted the two out of three vote as being based on a ‘war weary’ America. Of course they quoted someone in the polling business as screen. Here she is:

“This absolutely speaks to war fatigue, where the American appetite for intervention – anywhere – is extremely low,” Ipsos pollster Julia Clark said. I can’t think of a better attempt at trivializing what was really happening. That is what shows it is a psyops and Reuters might want to have some pros come in to weed out the infiltrators they have.

What Reuters was trying to hide is that the poll showed that grass roots America has rejected our pre-emptive strike doctrine based on its track record of really being a ‘shoot ourselves in the head’ one. That was the big story and game-changer, one that was artfully dodged by Reuters to the pleasure of a client who preferred that not be brought up.

Iran is killing the Israelis in the wold public relations arena, among those who have not been bought. While Iran agreed to the suspension of their 20% enrichment while in the six month negotiating window, Netanyahu and the Likuds have been increasing settlement activity to undermine the Palestinian peace talks.

Zionist Settlers attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Zionist Settlers attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque

But that is not all. They have allowed settlers to to attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in a flagrant provocation to stimulate terrorist attacks in response.

We have all be here before when Sharon lead group to the Temple Mount that kicked off the First Intifada.

The political situation at the time was the Israeli peace movement was polling 35%, a dangerously high number for a ruling class of extreme elites who prefer a public suffering under bombings to keep them united against any movement toward a Palestinian state. The one event killed any peace progress for ten years.

All talk by Israel now of ‘going it alone’ on an attack on Iran is just that…talk. Uri Avnery in his Gush Shalom column this week detailed how anyone with any common sense in Israel knows this can never happen. Israel has to have US approval for such an attack for the US taxpayers’ pockets to be picked to pay for everything…all the ammo, all the planes lost, any other damage, etc.

The off the books funding support on such items comes right out of the Defense Department until it can be replaced. In times of government shutdowns and big military cuts, frankly our military would prefer Israel not cutting in line.

Such US funding commitments are theoretically ‘defensive’ support agreements. That is why you hear Netanyahu keep saying that Israel will do what it must to defend itself. That is his way of saying “I’ve got my hand in your pocket.” But everyone knows that is a totally bogus argument because Iran is only a threat to Israel if Israel attacks it, and when is the last time Iran attacked anyone?

Israel, through Netanyahu, has overplayed its hand as a spoiler

Israel, through Netanyahu, has overplayed its hand as a spoiler

Russians were quick to jump on another opening, that with the decreasing of Iranian tensions there will no longer be any need, even theoretically for the missile shield defense.

Of course the idea that Iran would be someday shooting nukes at Europe is off the scale of incredulity.

The missile shield was an ‘in your face’ offensive deployment as part of the Bush regime’s cranking up a new Cold War with Russia and China to keep the military industrial complex walking in tall cotton while budget pressures were expected with the Iraq and Afghan war draw downs.

More and more Americans have been figuring out that the ‘threat hoax’ has been used to loot them of even their children’s economic future. The real threat against America was always right here at home, political corruption, greed and incompetence, for which George Bush (43), Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld will forever be poster boys.

They did more damage to America than all of our so-called foreign enemies combined, and they have not paid the appropriate price for it either. Gordon Duff once said on Pakistani TV while a guest there that for what these three had done to their region they should be dragged behind a jeep through the streets of Islamabad.

That Obama would carry forward much of this through his first term was a hell of a shock, despite his disengaging in the Gulf Wars which everybody knew was coming anyway. But to his credit, he seems to have finally read the tea leaves or gotten better staff advice, or started listening to people who did not have rocks in their heads.

Conversely the Bush, Cheney, NeoCon, Bankster gangsters are still unrepentant for the generational disaster they brought upon us. May God have mercy on their souls…for we shall not.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.

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