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We need a new form of government

We need a new form of government

By Dark Politricks

Over the years I have developed a total distrust in politicians and government in general. They say that power corrupts and I totally believe that it does.

We currently have career politicians who fill their pockets and treat the tax paying public with contempt. Therefore we need a massive reform of our governing system.

We need to have limits on the number of years any one politician can serve to prevent people getting too cosy in their jobs.

In my opinion government at every level should be treated more like jury service than a life long career.

What do I mean?

Well that every citizen with a brain and has paid tax during their life, has the possibility of serving in Government at some stage during their lifetime. This would ensure that a true cross-section of society is reflected in the people who make our laws at all times rather than the white middle class and well “schooled” males that dominate our current set-up.

It would also prevent MP’s becoming tools of the lobbyists which I think is one of the most detrimental aspects of our current system of government.

Big multinationals and rich businessmen buy influence and affect policy and the honest politicians voice is drowned out by the loud-speaker who is bought and paid for by the rich. There are always honours to be bought and rich people wanting a title as we saw with the scandal during Tony Blair’s years in office.

I also think there is a case for doing away with political parties altogether, or if not going that far we definitely need to increase the number of free votes on bills instead of having party whips forcing MP’s to vote against their constituents wishes. All because the party line has to be adhered to and fuck the voters wishes!

You may argue that such a system would mean a weak government as it wouldn’t be able to force through its own agenda however when I look at the UK’s 3 main parties there are no major ideological differences between them any more. The same can be said of the USA where the Democratic party is commonly known across the world as the 2nd most Conservative party in existence.

The only things that seem to really matter is who is going to manage the economy better e.g:

Will we get a 1p reduction in income tax or a 2.5% rise in VAT?

Will the Government add on an extra 3p increase on cigarettes and booze or will they help motorists and put a freeze on fuel duty?

Will the benefits of the poor be cut even more so that they can pay off the national debts incurred by the tax payers bailing out the rich banksters who screwed us over?

Will corporation tax rise or fall and will that bring in more investment and tax revenue or less?

Do the bankers need more regulation and higher taxation on their bonuses?

How can we spread our GDP equally across the country so that the South East and London isn’t the major driver of tax income?

How can we increase investment from foreign firms or new start-ups into places where there is high unemployment through tax breaks and other schemes?

These are the sort of arguments that most of our MP’s debate about and rightly so. The health of our economy matters so much that it really shouldn’t be left in the hands of politicians who only want to spend 4 years taking money from us so that they get enough cash stored up to bribe voters with tax cuts just before elections.

If management of the economy is so important, which it is, and our politicians are so useless at doing it, which they have proven to be, then another method is most definitely required.

I personally believe we should have a committee of top economists that have the responsibility for the economy and nothing else.

They would have the job of ensuring stable and equally spread growth so the North East of England benefits as much as London and the South.

They would also need to ensure low inflation so that if job creation is low we don’t get stung by high interest rates and constant money printing.

Most of all we would want high job creation for our citizens and an optimal but fair tax system that would ensure high tax receipts without scaring off investment or hitting the average worker in their pocket.

They would also have the job of ensuring a well-funded and invested social safety net national savings account. Whilst we spent our North Sea oil money like a kid in a candy shop the Norwegians put theirs into a special fund to be used for the benefit of the country and the people.

We definitely don’t want to be in the position we are currently in where a small percentage of workers are having to pay an ever-increasing group of longer living people’s pensions. This “Grey Block” are people who always vote and the Government is always trying to win votes wherever possible, even if it means students currently leave university with high quality degrees and huge debts but cannot find any work apart from job in McDonalds.

The National Insurance I am paying at the moment is not going to any insurance scheme I know of – not a real one anyway.

A real scheme would be one that would be used to help pay my own NHS costs, a pension when I retire and dole money if I become unemployed. People who don’t use their own money as much would pay for those that need it more. However it would be tied to generations and not the current situation where one generation is paying for the benefits given out to those 2 generations ahead of them.

Instead it is being used to pay for the increasing costs of the growing grey voters who have more power at the voting booth as all their NI money has been spent already by previous governments on wars, bailouts and other wastes of money.

This “Government of Economists” could be voted in just like MP’s are on a 2 or 4 year basis to ensure they can enact policies that the people want and have the option of being re-voted in if their policies turn out to work or kicked out if they bring the country to its knees.

You would have your chance to vote in a well-known qualified economist, an Austrian or a Keynesian. You could vote in a Joseph StiglitzMilton Friedman, Paul Krugman or even a Peter Schiff / Max Keiser to this board if they are qualified to a certain degree that would need proper specification. They would lay out their plans for how to grow the economy, spread growth, create jobs and so on just like the political parties do in their Manifesto’s.

A coalition of opposing views might be elected in but then compromises would have to be made just like the current Lib-Con coalition.

However the most important thing is that you would be able to vote them off again when they fail to deliver the core demands of this “economic government”,  e.g an economy that is balanced in the right position to deliver growth across the country, jobs, a social safety net and not massive national debt!

This would leave MP’s or the citizens of the country currently selected to act in their place to debate and vote on things that really affect people’s lives and matter such as drug policy, road pricing, immigration, social issues, Europe, NATO, war and so on.

The normal man in the street or politician for that matter has little knowledge of micro and macro economics so why should they make economic policy when we could have proper economists voted in who can decide the best way of increasing our GDP, balancing our debts and ensuring our country has money and not a massive WONGA loan out to China.

As for the non economic based politicians these would be selected like Jury service, with wages missed paid for from the state, and let’s face it, an MP’s salary is going to be greater than most average wages anyway.

If the person cannot take the role as they would rather work then they would be able to opt out as in real jury service if they met special criteria. Also as we have such as large proportion of unemployed young and retired old people there are plenty of opportunities for these groups to take up the role. A Government mixed from various generations would be the best way to get an even balanced social policy that benefited the whole of society.

Plus this “Government Service” would be marketed as doing your civil duty and giving back to the country. We have too many people who think the country has gone down the drain and the politicians are useless.

An old updated Greek style of democracy might be just the think to give people that pride back in their nation. Of course an exam or test would have to be done first when someone is selected to ensure you are not a murdering rapist or a total numpty with no clue about the world before coming on board, but let’s face it, if the Tea Party can fill Congress then why can’t we get some knowledgeable good citizens to fill our own parliament?

Just think of how many unemployed or retired people would jump at the chance of being paid to give back to the country they worked for all their lives, having the chance to make it a better place instead of watching crap daytime TV all day or pottering around the garden.

Even people with jobs could take the chance if recompensed properly. They could opt out if their job is important or they feel that they would rather work than serve on the Government but lets face it we have enough retired and unemployed and knowledgeable people to fill 600 seats anyway!

Also as these real people’s representatives would only have a fixed 4 or 2 year term there is no incentive for big business to invest millions in re-election campaigns by bribing them.

You might ask why would people give up their normal jobs for 4 years to act as MP and then leave to not gain their old job back?

Well for one I am saying we could enact laws stating that anyone selected for Government Duty must be allowed the chance to have their old job back once their term is finished or one of a similar nature at the company they left otherwise the business would have to pay a hefty redundancy payment to say “goodbye”.

Also the money that is currently given out to MP’s for wages could be split so that their current company is recompensed for having staff leave and to ensure they are taken back at the end otherwise all that money paid to the company would have to be paid back to the Government in one lump sum.

Also I am not saying that people with a love of politics cannot have a “career” in it, they just cannot serve more than 4 years at a time, at the same level of Government.

You could start off on a local level at a borough council before moving up to county or metropolitan councils before then serving a term in the national Parliament. Also we could do away with the Lords and have a Senate instead to reform and amend bills that the House of Commons make. Just by going through those 4 levels that’s 16 years.

Once you have completed the circle you would then be eligible to either leave or go back to a different level of Government i.e regional or local politics. The knowledge gained from serving at National or County level would then help serve you and the people better when you go back down to local government. The idea is just to stop politicians working at the same level of government for their whole careers before getting a nice seat in the House of Lords forever.

So the 4 year fixed term is there to prevent the problems we have now of politicians being bought and paid for by lobbyists who promise cushy directorships and other incentives on leaving office. This would all be illegal in my system. No ex MP would be able to work for a company in which a law was passed during their term in office that could have affected that company in any way.

We should also make use of modern technology to create ourselves a true form of democracy where the people really do have a choice on the outcome of important decisions. Like California’s ballot system or Switzerland’s referendums it would be possible for the average citizen to force a vote if they got a certain number of signatures on a proposal.

Other big decisions that have previously been forced on the populace by government would also be held as referendums. Anything that took powers away from our country such as the European treaties should have to be confirmed by a majority of people anyway and its a national disgrace that we were promised just that and then denied a vote due to a name change on the treaty of Lisbon.

People say referendums are unworkable because you just get uneducated people ticking boxes when they don’t understand the issues and too many referendums would become an administrative nightmare.

However we could and should use modern technology to tackle both those issues. In my idea of a modern democracy you would only be able to vote in the referendum if you have first taken an on-line test that confirms you have the appropriate amount of knowledge regarding both sides of the argument.

The no and yes campaign groups would produce videos and fact sheets conveying their points of view and arguments. If you cared about the vote you would have to make the effort to learn this basic information and take the test to confirm you know the basic what’s and whys the debate revolves around. This would also force you to investigate the opposing point of view as if you couldn’t pass the basic test you wouldn’t be allowed to vote.

This would be much preferable to a modern-day referendum say on Europe where you would have huge sections of the population voting one way, say against the Lisbon treaty, who had made their minds up about the topic years ago and if asked to read up about the benefits of the EU, trade agreements and the Human Rights act would probably refuse to on principle.

This “pop test”would weed out all those people who didn’t care enough about the subject or didn’t have the brain capacity to make a proper judgement call and leave only those who were willing to spend the time studying both sides of the proposal to pass the test to be able to vote on the matter. Therefore only real stakeholders in the issue involved would be voting rather than any Tom, Dick and Harry.

Although not a perfect system it would also prevent quick rushed bills becoming law as the time would have to be spent to make the public campaigns for both sides of the argument and to create the necessary tests to allow people to vote.

This form of democracy is true to the original Athenian democracy which had one person, one vote. However even though majority rule is more favourable in my eyes that a dictatorship or feudal systems of the past, a majority of idiots should not be allowed to subject the minority to a life of stupid laws.

We have basic rights and freedoms that need to be protected even when the majority wants to take them away. Therefore any proposed laws or referendums that go against the new bill of rights that should be created would be thrown out straight away by our new constitutional court.

For example my right to free speech should be protected no matter what public opinion is or whoever is offended. A government with a majority of 100% should not be able to pass a law that restricts this right or to amend the constitution to remove this right.

Therefore with this idea of mine the prime minister, chancellor of the exchequer and the cabinet become less like a war monger, debtor in chief and a team of yes men to back them up, and more like a management team for the country.

Their job is to ensure the smooth running of all the departments and to make sure the country doesn’t fall apart at the seams. This keeps the state small and acting in the interests of the people rather than any other party.

Then of course there would be our new president that would replace the Queen and be our head of state handling all the global handshaking and un-signing ceremonies that will need to be carried out as all the existing treaties are unstitched one by one.

This is only a rough idea of some of my thoughts regarding this subject and I am sure this idea of governance will have some issues to resolve and I would be interested to hear about anyone’s thoughts regarding this.


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11 Responses

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  1. nique says

    so how will you call your government? still democracy?

  2. darkpolitricks says

    Yes it would still be a democracy and actually it would be a true democracy in the Athenian sense of the word as one person would have one vote (if they chose to use it).

    At the moment we have a representative democracy which is the problem as our representatives choose to represent big business, money and lobbyists rather than those they were elected to represent.

  3. Deborah Breuner says

    The reason there is so much corruption in the financial institutions? They know they can arrogantly commit any federal crimes they choose against whomever they choose. The United States of America’s Attorney General refuses to launch investigations into serious financial crime against the consumer, while the media refuses to report this FACT! And I don’t see the financial institutions, named here on this site, that embezzled eighty million dollars out of a trust protected account. You should watch link below.

  4. Mahdee says

    I enjoyed your article great work great ideas I also beleive that we as Americans need to have unity first by deleting any external labels that come before or after the word American we r humans from all parts of the world sharing 1 country so change starts with us eliminating hate bias racist towards each other we are all from this country wether u muslim or a Devi worshipper we need to respect each other’s BELEIFS have peace no matter what our BELEIFS r as long as we have a foundation set of respect tolerance acceptance and don’t hurt a group of people just because the illusion of a people who hate are racist have no morals kidnaps your culture and religion and is not even American we need to start loving each other understanding each other learning from each other we r stuck in this illusion of lies we call news right is the new wrong love is the new hate wicked is the new cool we need unity what kind of country do we want as one unit one culture that unites this countries principles and general moral system

  5. ABT says

    “Martin Luther King Jr had a dream; I have a vision. My vision is platformed on and because of his dream. My vision is the government of tomorrow. One adhering to all the wills of the people yet balancing interests of the founded corporations without bias. One with a strong universal equal access public educational system. I ask of you to take a look at my self-created new Government system linked bellow. I ask of you to dream with my vision and fully envision my dream. Thank you very much for all your time and I hope you can share my vision of the government of tomorrow.

  6. Herb O. Buckland says

    Cenocracy is the word describing a New Government. The present Cenocratic oriented view has been placed on the site:

  7. Abbey Harty says

    When the New World was colonized there were two historical organizations that immigrated because of suppression. The Puritans believed that they could “purify” the Church of England. However this method failed because of the organization was more interested in reform than unity. The second group were the Separatists who obviously wanted to be separate from the Church of England. They succeed. The following document could potentially allow there to be almost a refreshment in governance without a need for a political collapse. I should also tell you that I am currently not part of any organizations because I have found UPE ideas and communities but most of which rely on a republic system not a direct democracy which should be easier to distribute over the internet. My email and contact information was made for anonymity but I would not rely on it.

    United People of Earth Constitution (UPEC)
    Crime is the inverse of empathy. The response to a crime will be the inverse of crime. This is to ensure that legality does not become a cruel tradition.

    Those that accept the EED are accepted as citizens, even if it cannot be received. The property owned by that citizen is under the protection and authority of the UPE. Activities of the UPE should be conducted in the absence of foreign surveillance and enforcement. It is a human responsibility to embrace new citizens that are in need of this protection.
    Y= number of government candidates. X which represents 1% of government income and the amount of authority that person holds in office. The income distribution is based off the bell curve, Y=/ (X=< EED). After a candidate is accepted he will remain in office for a year, from the time he was accepted. X is similar to a vote, it can only be given or taken voluntarily from the voter.
    Businesses and religions cannot participate in government affairs. A business cannot become a monopoly by regulating more than 50% of an economic sector. The economic sectors are divided by Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
    Providers, Scholars and Elders will observe the actions in the other two powers. Government actions hold the authority of the officer’s authority and can be corrected with a greater authority, within that branch. If a unanimous decision is made the authority of the involved will be added as a single authority.

    1. Book of Security (BOS):
    Nationally elected document, every New Year, which specifically defines what is required to be a crime and how it will be processed. The UPEC holds authority above the BOS.
    2. Provider: X= number of helped people
    The purpose of a Provider is to regulate the nation’s welfare. It is in charge of the production and equal energy distribution (EED) to all citizens from the nation’s electrical generators. Private ownership and production of electrical generators will be registered to subtract from the individual’s EED. The registration of generators before an installation of the UPEC will be rewarded with a 5% increase, from the generator not the overall EED, into the owners EED. Currency is backed by electrical power. A 30% tax on the generators will be for the government. The tax will be divided by the three branches equally. The officer’s income distribution will be 1% of the original 30%. The other 9% the officer will use for government affairs.
    3. Scholar: X= popularity in an abstract system
    The purpose of the Scholar is to investigate events and inform the public. If the context of a trial are not specified by the BOS the Scholar will install an amendment for the BOS until changes are made through election.
    4. Elder: X= a test involving the number and context of judicial cases the candidate knowns, including foreign ones.
    5. The purpose of the Elder is to enforce the BOS through trial and warranted force.
    6. Collective:
    Organizations of citizens that are under the authority of one Leader. The Leader can exercise his authority regardless of the BOS. This is allowed and protected by six rights. 1.) Government officers and businesses cannot participate in a collective 2.) Participants have to give clear consensus to activities that are in contrast to the BOS 3.) Participants have the right to leave the collective without restraint or retribution 4.) Activities in contrast to the BOS can only involve the collective 5.) When a person does not have a collective he is considered a leader 6.) The leader and collective are still citizens and have equal freedoms and securities outside of the collective.

    Freedoms and Securities
    If a freedom is being abducted the relative security is imperfect. These rights will be corrected through the BOS.
    1. Freedom of public information, Security for personal information
    2. Freedom of public energy, Security for personal energy
    3. Freedom of public property, Security for personal property
    4. Freedom of public life, Security for personal life
    5. Freedom of public collective interaction, Security for personal collective interaction

    • Herb O. Buckland says

      Abbey Harty’s ideas should be well received by those seeking a New Formula of Government. I particularly like the comment referring to a “refreshment in governance without a need for a political collapse. Only a die-hard anarchist would want a collapse because it is thought that a better governing would “eventually” emerge out of the chaos. There is no guarantee that a better system would emerge. We must intentionally set into place a workable system.

      While many of the points being stressed are understandable, it must be understood that the perspective being espoused may not be clear from all vantage points. Different regions of the globe with individualized governing emphasis may make comparisons a little foggy. For example, the BOS (Book of Security). What exactly does this mean? Does this refer to National security issues or/and personal security issues. Clearly there are some issues that do not need to be revamped every year.

      Another example is the usage of a single leader in reference to a collective. The usage of the “collective”, as I am understanding it, gives the impression of being guilds. Again, in this example we have the question of whether the “collective” is to be all the people or individualized groups within a given social sector.

      And for a third example, we have the list of Freedoms and Securities. These would appear to be better represented in a Bill of Rights.

      While I appreciate the post as an overview and initial offering, I respond with comments in order that the idea can be followed by a larger schematic. It should also reveal its inclination towards a fully vested participatory democracy, unlike the rather hit and miss voting systems we have in place that do not permit the whole of the public to take part in a mandated referendum where the result can become the law of the land.

      Those in American expressions of the Occupy Movement tried to initiate attempts to create a practice of Horizontal Participatory Democracy, that may be referred to as Actual or Real Democracy. In any respect, it was an exercise in developing a New Government.

      This formula, as well as that presented by the host of this site with respect to the reference of Athenian government, involved a change in the voting behavior of the people. In short, more people got to vote on more issues, though in the modern sense this has deteriorated to vicarious, “Representative” models which exclude the majority of the public from voting on most issues.

      Those calling for a decrease in the size (i.e. power) of the government are wrong-headed. In a Democracy (though Communism and Socialism might be included in some respects), the government is supposed to be the whole of the voting public. It is an EXTREMELY LARGE government. Those striving to reduce the size of the government want to reduce the very limited power of the people that they now have. They want to disenfranchise We The People even further. We need to increase the size of the government by increasing the voting power of the people through a re-design in government. Abbey Harty’s view is an example of this attempt to create something better for all of us.

      Although I do not know what the final schematic of the government will be, let us push on with our ideas and alter them as best befits our collective wisdom.

      Thanks for your post Abbey.

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