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“Genderfluid”: Libs Celebrate as Facebook Creates 50+ New Gender Categories

“Genderfluid”: Libs Celebrate as Facebook Creates 50+ New Gender Categories

Leftists joyous at additions that will drive social conservatives crazy

Paul Joseph Watson
February 14, 2014

Facebook has bowed to pressure from LGBT activists by creating over 50 new custom gender options, meaning users can identify as things like “gender fluid,” “transmasculine” or “two spirit”.

Genderfluid: Libs Celebrate as Facebook Creates 50+ New Gender Categories 140214gender

Image: Facebook’s new gender options.

Leftist commentators are already hailing the decision, joyous that it will drive conservatives crazy.

“It screams of “political correctness gone mad,” writes the Guardian’s Paris Lees, “and I look forward to rightwing commentators telling us how absurd it is and how affronted they are by something that really isn’t a concern for anyone other than those it concerns.”

According to Lees, 56 different gender designations isn’t enough.

One of the options, “gender fluid,” is described as someone who “feels like a mix of the two traditional genders.”

The Associated Press covered the story by affording numerous transgender activists a platform to celebrate the change, while providing “balance” with just one dissenting quote from Focus On The Family.

“Of course Facebook is entitled to manage its wildly popular site as it sees fit, but here is the bottom line: It’s impossible to deny the biological reality that humanity is divided into two halves – male and female,” said Jeff Johnston.

Some joked that the change could represent a financial windfall for companies that make bathroom signs.

Although dozens of new options were added to the social networking site, Facebook has refused to publish the full list.

However, Slate compiled a list of all 56 new gender options, which you can check out below.

- Agender
– Androgyne
– Androgynous
– Bigender
– Cis
– Cisgender
– Cis Female
– Cis Male
– Cis Man
– Cis Woman
– Cisgender Female
– Cisgender Male
– Cisgender Man
– Cisgender Woman
– Female to Male
– Gender Fluid
– Gender Nonconforming
– Gender Questioning
– Gender Variant
– Genderqueer
– Intersex
– Male to Female
– Neither
– Neutrois
– Non-binary
– Other
– Pangender
– Trans
– Trans*
– Trans Female
– Trans* Female
– Trans Male
– Trans* Male
– Trans Man
– Trans* Man
– Trans Person
– Trans* Person
– Trans Woman
– Trans* Woman
– Transfeminine
– Transgender
– Transgender Female
– Transgender Male
– Transgender Man
– Transgender Person
– Transgender Woman
– Transmasculine
– Transsexual
– Transsexual Female
– Transsexual Male
– Transsexual Man
– Transsexual Person
– Transsexual Woman
– Two-Spirit

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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  1. darkpolitics says

    I have to admit that not only have I not heard of most of the words in that new gender list but I have no idea what many of them even mean.

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