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Can you imagine if Ukraine was the USA?

Can you imagine if Ukraine was the USA?

By Dark Politricks

Can you imagine if what was occurring in the Ukraine was happening in the USA or the UK?

Policeman killed by ultra nationalists and anti-Semite thugs being put into positions of power with the help of AIPAC bought and paid for US politicians such as John McCain?

It just goes to show how the US and Europe doesn’t give a shit about using nationalist thugs and anti-semites to carry out their agenda when it means they can ebb away at Russian borders.

However at home, if you dare criticise Israel you are called an anti-semite and demonised- square than one if you please?

Here is proof of John McCain meeting ultra nationalist far right leaders in Kiev recently.

What right does a US politician have to enter another country and demand changes in leadership? Plus how does John McCain look at himself in the mirror when he defends Israel to his core yet is happy to make deals with anti-semites and neo-nazi’s?

John McCain Oleh Tyahnybok
Here is John McCain in the Ukraine meeting (on his right) far right leader Oleh Tyahnybok in Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013.

Can you imagine if Russian politicians turned up in Washington or London and stood with the BNP or Klu Klux Klan and demanded that the constitutionally elected President of the country stood down so that ultra nationalist thugs could take their place?

Here is one of the thugs John McCain and EU leaders want to put into positions of power threatening officials in their offices.

Aleksandr Muzychko a radical Ukrainian nationalist leader lashed out at a local prosecutor with obscene language, punches and threats claiming the prosecutors were “sabotaging” their job.

Shut the f**k up, you b*tch! Your f**king time is over,” he uttered, threatening to rope the clerk like a dog and lead him to the people on Maidan.

This “activist,” is an ex Chechen fighter who fought against Russian troops and recently branded his Kalashnikov in front of regional authorities goading them and threatening them to “try to take it away from me”.

He is also on record for making openly anti-Semitic statements as are many of the far right “protestors” who have been killing and beating policeman, shooting at politicians and rioting on a daily basis for months now.

Here are just a few photos of “demonstratorsattacking the Ukraine police.

If the US can pinch the noses of peaceful students sitting on the ground to spray pepper spray down their throats, then can can you imagine the response of US police if protesters sprayed pepper spray at THEM, or battered them as they are doing in the Ukraine by Occupy or Tea Party protesters? They would have been shot on the spot.

Here are US police pepper spraying peaceful students, sitting on the floor, causing no harm to anyone yet they are obviously a serious danger people’s safety. Otherwise why would the cop feel the need to defend himself with a potentially deadly chemical.

US Police attack peaceful students with pepper spray

And here is a “peaceful Ukrainian protestor” attacking Ukrainian police with pepper spray as they show immense restraint in the face of brutality by a nationalist thug.

Ukrainian protester sprays pepper spray at policeman

Protestors defy ban on protesting by the Ukraine government

Protester kicks rank of Ukrainian police

Now I am not saying that the Ukrainian president who is on the run and has just given a press conference on is perfect.

He banned protests and allowed policemen to kill many of the protesters. He has probably done even worse.

However he was legitimately elected and if the new method of installing a leader of a country is just to protest, riot, kill cops and force the current leaders to flee then why are we not doing it in the USA or UK?

Well obviously because this method is only  for the Empire to overthrow OTHER countries, democracy and elections only matter if the “right” people are elected. Just look at Palestine and Hamas, Iran or Iraq. Only people who will sell their souls to western ideals, and porn their countries assets to the IMF and World Bank are the “right kind of people”.

No wonder the axis of evil contains those countries without western owned central banks. Only 10 years ago that list included Iraq and Libya, Afghanistan and Sudan. Now it’s just Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

These new Western installed thugs, neo-nazis and police killers that the west has helped into power are choosing a much poorer deal from the EU that will see wages and benefits drop, the bread basket of Europe sold off and privatised along with key industries and higher gas and oil prices. Is the chance of joining a broke Europe worth all of that when the deal Russia was going to provide was billions better?

It is the same methodology of the Banksters which has been used to reduce Greece, Spain and Ireland to shreds. They don’t care about human rights, not if they are willing to install neo-nazis and anti-semites into power.

No all they care about is encircling Russia, getting them into NATO and then extracting as much wealth from the Ukrainians pockets as possible. How do these Ukrainian EU lovers not see that?

Here is what Gorbachev says about the meddling of the US and Europe in the Ukraine.

The west promised not to encroach on Russian areas of influence when the Soviet Union split up but this promise was blatantly broken as soon as the USA realised they were the only super power and believed they could do as they pleased despite previous agreements.

First Georgia became a US proxy after a “colour” revolution, and with US/Israeli help they tested the Russian military when they killed Russian peace keepers and bombed innocent people’s houses in the breakaway territory of South Ossetia during the start of the 2008 Chinese Olympics.

However Russia proved the west wrong and humiliated the Georgian and Israeli forces in this illegally started war and now half of South Ossetia is under Russian control. Not that the west sees it this way. In their eyes  it was Russia who attacked Georgia not the other way round. Oh how media lies are spread and believed by the willing.

The only good thing to come out of the war was that the west saw the Russians couldn’t be pushed around beyond limits. There is a line that cannot be crossed!

The West then moved into the Caucuses and the “Stans”, building air bases, using their proxy Islamic terrorists to stir up trouble and then invading Afghanistan to get soldiers on the doorstep of Russia. All that Lithium, Natural Gas an Oil to be taken from Russian areas of influence.

I’m sure the weakening of Russia was not even considered when the neo-cons were planning their own oil pipelines to rival the Russians bringing gas and oil to Europe and ports in the south.

It just amazes me that people like Catherine Ashton (EU) and John McCain, who are against nationalism at home are prepared to enter a sovereign country, talk to neo-nazis (people they would never talk to at home), and stir up trouble in a country they have no business being in.

If I was Putin, I would invade Ukraine right now, at least the eastern half and Crimea who wants to stay connected to Russia, and then see what balls the NATO agitators really have.

I cannot believe the US or Europe want to cause shit with Russia when they need their help with Syria and Iran so I doubt they would do anything if that happened apart from make loud noises and thump their chests.

However Putin can see his country being surrounded by the west (NATO) and from a historical perspective they are paranoid to the extreme about being attacked by the west. For some more context watch Oliver Stone’s untold history of the United States. The Russians have been invaded so many times in recent years that during World War II the allies were willing to promise them a “buffer zone” to ease their worries about another attack from Germany or the west.

However as soon as Roosevelt died and Truman took over this Soviet buffer zone became the “Iron curtain” that Churchill famously spoke about in his 1946 speech.

This is despite the fact he had made a deal with Stalin, called the “Percentages Agreement” on a piece of paper that Stalin famously kept that split up their spoils of war, with Churchill agreeing to Stalin’s demands for a buffer in return for UK demands for land in return.

The Percentages document between Churchill and Stalin

Churchill even later admitted that Stalin had never ever broken his word and kept all his promises to him, and that it was in fact the US/UK that broke theirs. Stalin very much wanted the World War allied status to continue after Germany and Japan had been defeated. Alas it was not so.

Remember whilst the UK and US lost less than a million men in World War II, Russia lost over 20 million! Whatever you are taught in school about World War II, the US/UK did not win the war in Europe, Russia did.

They beat us to Berlin and they destroyed the majority of the German army. As we were fighting a few German divisions the Russians were fighting hundreds.

Also they were invaded by the Germans twice in the 20th century (World War I and II) and before that by Napoleon.

There is a saying in Russia, “give a German a gun and before long they will turn it at Russia”.

If you don’t know your history then you should note that when Germany invaded the Ukraine in WWII, many Ukrainians treated them as liberators and even joined their ranks to fight the Soviets. There is a reason so many neo-nazis exist in that region and the Russians have a right to fear it.

If the west is so keen to allow neo-nazis to take power in a state that they want to join NATO and the EU then we must ask ourselves, are we becoming a fascist empire or do we just have no morals when it comes to taking over countries by any means necessary.

For more info read about Gladio 2 (Sibel Edmonds) and how the US used nationalists to other throw regimes in the 80′s and 90′s and then changed to Islamic extremists when it suited them (al-Qaeda, al-Nusra Front etc). It might help explain why the current axis of war (US/UK/France) switch from nationalists to religious fighters depending on the state they are trying to other throw.

This is the first part of the 5 part series with James Corbett. For the others go to this link.

Whatever happens in Ukraine I just wish that the US and Europe would stop meddling and let the people decide for themselves without letting neo-nazis and extremists pull the strings.

Like Gorbachev says, I hope someone will use a bulldozer and remove all the meddling Western instigators that have caused so much trouble in that country.

If no-one does that we will soon see the bread basket of Europe become a pauper like Greece as banksters from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the IMF run off with big bags of swag over their shoulders.

Banksters run off with Ukrainian swag
IMF Banksters will undoubtably run off with Ukrainian swag as the people of the country become paupers
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5 Responses

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  1. Michael says

    How much are you paid by Putin for these lies? You mix some facts with lises and present it as a true statement.

    When a Ukrainian policeman was killed by nationalist thug in Ukraine? Give us a fact please.

    More than 100 Ukrainian protesters were killed by police snipers.

    Many policemen were killed by Russian fascists in Ukraine ir odrder ti provole further violence. Russian fascists killed a policeman in Kharkiv, they killed an activist for the integrity of Ukraine in Donetsk, finally Russian invaders killed Ukrainian officer in Crimea. YOU HAVE MISSED that?

    • darkpolitics says

      Hi Thanks for commenting

      Just to make a point clear – I have no love for Putin. I think he is a dictator and a cold war warrior – same as many in the US government. However he has obviously brought back pride to the Russian people who were savagely hit by the “reforms” after the fall of Communism. You can read one of my articles attacking him here >

      Also I wish I was paid by somone as rich as Putin for these “lies” as I would have a lot more money than I do now. I get paid by no-one apart from my day job. I get accused of being anti-semitic, pro Israel, a George Soros stooge, a right wing nut and all the conflicting bullshit in between. So it makes no difference to me if you think someone like Putin would pay a blogger to speak his OWN mind about a subject.

      Also this is a site that reports both points of view and sides of a story. Whether you OR I agree with them or not.

      Lots of the articles (with “By Dark Politricks” at the top) are my own points of view but many other articles contains views I don’t agree with.

      Personally I think the coup in the Ukraine (and it was a coup) could have been sorted out diplomatically and without violence.

      Your current government however you look at it is illegitimate as you pushed out a democratically elected leader and replaced the government with a bunch of right wing nationalists and hard-liners who won’t help your country out. Just wait and see how much worse things get in your country in a year or twos time.

      However bad the old President and government was the Ukrainian people only had to wait until the next election to vote him out and replace him if they wanted to with a year.

      Also you cannot deny your country is split into two.

      The East want to be part of Russia and the West obviously do not.

      I suppose this is why so many western Ukrainians supported the Nazis and saw them as liberators when they attacked the USSR during WWII.

      This is also why Russia is paranoid about being attacked again through the Ukraine by enemies (NATO included) as in the last 100 years they have been twice.

      Now Ukraine has a government whose country is in a lot of debt, with Russia annexing parts of their country threats of the gas being cut off. Add to this the help or “threat” or the IMF “rescuing” them – when has the IMF ever rescued any country? Watch these loans will just make things worse for your people.

      Also ask yourself why would the EU want another broke country to join it so they could just bail it out?

      The EU can hardly afford to bail out Greece and Spain and many parts of the EU (Catalonia, Scotland and Venice) are all having votes on their independence.

      If they can vote for their own independence and Kosovo can vote illegally for their own independence when still many countries don’t recognise it then why cannot the Russian speaking people of the Ukraine do the same?

      What is fit for one is fit for all – unless the axis of war say NO!

      Remember the UN was formed around the “self determination” of people which led to the break up of massive Empires such as the British, French an Belgium colonies.

      Tell me why can’t the people of Crimea not choose to vote to join Russia when they feel threatened by the new Ukrainian government?

      Many Jews are leaving the Ukraine and many minorities and Russian people don’t feel safe under this illegitimate government. If the US/UK/EU didn’t WANT the Ukraine for other purposes e.g NATO on the border of Russia then they wouldn’t have cared less about the peoples revolt.

      When John McCain (a committed Zionist) stands side by side with right wing anti-semites in “Freedom Square” then you know something is wrong.

      In fact many Jews have already packed up and left due to attacks on Synagogues and anti-semitic violence/graffiti etc.

      Ukraine is a broke mess. They could have had a good deal from Russia, one that kept the gas flowing instead they wanted a worse one from the EU which would raise wages, reduce benefits, increase the price of fuel and other taxes.

      Also now we are on the verge of a war, and with Ukrainian politicans threatening to blow up gas pipelines and re-stock nuclear weapons you should be as worried about the situation as most other people are.

      I don’t want my taxes to go towards paying for another broke EU country. We are broke here. Therefore you have to ask why the World Bank / IMF / EU / US is willing to hand over money (and put you in more debt).

      There are lots of articles on here I don’t agree with but I like to get both sides perspectives on something before making a decision. You should do the same.

      As for the question about “the policeman was killed by nationalist thug in Ukraine” there is a famous leaked phone call between the head of the EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister where he reveals that the snipers, who shot BOTH protesters and police in Kiev, were been hired by Maidan leaders.

      The Estonian Foreign Ministry confirmed the authenticity of the recording. Whether this is true or not is up for debate but in all major uprisings over the last few years there have been photos and videos of “undisclosed” snipers who come on the scene and shot both protesters and policemen stirring up the violence and rioting in the country e.g Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria and now Ukraine.

      You can make of this what you will but it is a “fact” that this phone call happened and that both people discussed the matter. Here is one of just hundreds of sources:

      Thank you for commeting

  2. kris Flaneur says

    We know who you think the bad guys are and why their evil , hypocrites. They, lie, play one side off the other to gain power and abuse it. So who exactly are the good guys who are honest, consistent, out principle over greed. Do tell. I haven’t noticed any.

  3. darkpolitics says

    I don’t think there are any “good” or “bad” guys in this scenario just a more powerful West trying to encroach on a resurgent Russia who doesn’t want NATO / EU / Western Troops on it’s border for historical reasons (e.g WWI & WWII).

    I have never said Putin is a good guy I just think if the people of Scotland and Kosovo can have referendum to declare independence then so can the people of Crimea. The whole UN was founded on self-determination which is why the British Empire became the Commonwealth.

    Empires are now “under cover” although far too easy to spot. Russia is not perfect, Ukraine isn’t and neither is the west.

    However we must NOT just get our news from western propaganda we should listen to both sides – even if you consider RT as Russian Propaganda and then make up our own minds.

    Eurasia is the battlefield of the 21st century watch and see. It’s where all the remaining natural resources are and a good reason for Western nations to want to get their hooks in.

    If you think EU leaders actually care about the people shot dead in the streets by snipers (whether from the Ukrainian troops or Rioters) then you are kidding yourself. Just watch as the IMF comes and doubles gas prices, increases pension ages and unemployment in the Ukraine rises in the next few years and then come back and tell me I am making all this up.

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