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An interview with Dimitri Khalezov about the 9.11 nuclear attack

An interview with Dimitri Khalezov about the 9.11 nuclear attack

By Dark Politricks

If you know about Dimitri Khalezov you will know he is an ex Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons specialist and a former commissioned officer of the “military unit 46179”, otherwise known as “the Special Control Service” of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union.

He claims to know what happened on 9.11.

Some of you who have read up on this will know its old news.

However I just wanted to re-iterate his main claims and show an interview he did when he released his book on the subject which he claims the FBI “unofficially” told him was 90% accurate apart from his conclusion to WHY. He re-wrote it after this tip off.

His main claims are:

1. The attack was orchestrated by Mossad, and the chief of Mossad operations who he was friendly with in Thailand at the time, Mike Harari admitted such to him and was happy he had pulled off such an operation. Apparently Mike Harari said, “it was the greatest day of his life”  - nice.

2. The attack on the Pentagon was with a Soviet nuclear missile taken from the sunken Soviet submarine, the Kursk. The missile was a hardened multi ton Granit missile which was designed to attack US Aircraft carriers in a hive like fashion so that if one was shot down the others could re-co-ordinate their attack. These missiles fly at super sonic speeds and have the punch, power and ability to make the moves that American flight 77 supposedly did when it hit the Pentagon.


The Granit Missile
The Soviet Granit Missile that supposedly hit the Pentagon

3. The heads of the US government were taken into nuclear protective bunkers on the day of the attacks. This shows they thought they were under “nuclear” attack. The big nuclear proof doors of a nuclear bunker built into the side of a mountain were shut for the very first time on the day of 9.11 another signal that US authorities believed they were under nuclear attack.

4. The WTC and the Sears Tower in Chicago were designed with a mini nuke demolition scenario to demolish them. The Soviets used to laugh at how crazy an idea this was but apparently they knew about it due to a treaty signed between the USSR and USA on the peaceful use of nuclear weapons. Whilst the Americans used them to demolish buildings the Soviets used them to build lakes, gas containers and tunnels.

5. Ground Zero is defined as the point of a nuclear detonation. Why was 9.11 called Ground Zero? All dictionaries before 9.11 defined it as such but after 9.11 the US Government was so embarrassed that the site of 9.11 was called Ground Zero the definition in dictionaries was actually re-defined as “the place a big bomb explodes OR the place in New York city where terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers”. Very Orwellian.

6. Mini nukes DO exist and have been used in various attacks including the bombings of the US and French barracks in Beirut and the Bali bombings in which he was actually implicated in along with Mike Harari. Harari used a false name whilst in Thailand and he even shows up on the FBI’s chart of material witnesses under this false name. The US would be stupid to not realise this was the head of Mossad operations yet they still put his photo on the chart of suspects and witnesses under this fake name.

7. Also mini nukes were used in the Oklahoma bombings and the first official bombings in Saudi Arabia that were attributed to bin-Laden. This was before Al-Qaeda had been thought up when the Khobar Tower bombings occurred.

8. His job whilst in the USSR military was to detect the use of nuclear weapons such as the mini nukes used in various “terrorist” bombings. He has gone on record to say that the seismic waves given off by such attacks could only come from nuclear devices. Also the amounts of TNT claimed to be used in these various “truck bombings” are not enough to take down these buildings and that the effects of the blast on the building prove this.

9. When used, these Mini Nukes are planted under ground so that the soil and surrounding underground area contain most of the radiation given out from the blast, also it means that the levels of “dangerous” radiation above ground only lasts for a few hours after the explosion.

10. On 9.11 the WTC were hit by planes but the physics of aluminium hitting steel shows that a plane cannot travel the whole way through all the hardened steel and concrete of the WTC as certain shots of the planes hitting the towers show. The WTC has a central core as well so the plane would have to travel through this core as well. Some camera shots from the day show signs of digital manipulation with a plane hitting one side and coming out the other. Camera shots were passed along from single sources to TV stations so not as many TV shots of the planes hitting the towers exist as people believe.

11. When the Pentagon was hit they already knew it was a Russian Granit missile heading towards it as NORAD has the signatures of every Russian/Soviet missile. Therefore they thought they were under nuclear attack. Planes were sent to the Atlantic coast to prevent further attacks and the heads of the US Government were taken to nuclear proof shelters. They also contacted President Putin to discuss what was going on and why a Russian missile was heading towards them. They obviously believed it wasn’t a Russian attack otherwise it would have been a different scenario afterwards.

12. He also claims that because the missile that hit the Pentagon was nuclear – although it didn’t go off. The US administration were convinced that there were more nuclear attacks coming and even that some were already in the WTC. How they got there if the planes didn’t penetrate the buildings outer wall I don’t know and this is not really discussed in this interview. Either the planes entered the buildings leaving behind atomic devices or they collapsed on the outer walls and crumbled into dust. Either that or the bombs were already in the building. I don’t know what he is actually claiming and this is the bit of the interview that contradicts itself in my eyes.

13. However because of this threat of nuclear devices being in the upper floors of the WTC the US government decided to collapse the WTC using the inbuilt mini nuclear devices in the floors of the building. This is why the whole tower was pulverized into dust. Having nuclear bombs go off at the height of the impact zones in the WTC would have destroyed most of New York but the mini nukes underneath the buildings would solve this problem. He discusses the difference between underground and atmospheric explosions in the interview.

14. He also claims that “The Lord of War”, the infamous Viktor Bout, was extradited to the USA under the “non-public” charges of selling the nuclear Granit missile to the “terrorists”. The public charges were spurious.

15. Dimitri Khalezov is considered a material witness in the 9.11 investigation along with the head of Mossad operations (under his false name that he used on his Thai passport).

16. He is the first person to actually name someone who has “admitted” and joyfully so, carrying out the 9.11 attacks. This person, Mike Harari, head of Mossad Operations, was also connected to setting up “fake” al-Qaeda cells in Malaysia and supplying passports to them. This includes the perpetrators of the Bali bombing.

17. Remember Osama bin-Laden denied all involvement in the most successful terrorist attacks in the history of the world unlike the IRA, ETA and other terrorist groups who always admitted their terrorist attacks. You can read bin-Laden’s interview where he denies carrying out the attacks here. This was carried out a few weeks after the attacks.

Make of this what you will.

You may believe the official story on 9.11 or you may believe that Nano Thermite, free energy weapons, or other kinds of explosives were used to carry out the attacks.

However this is a witness who actually has experience in nuclear weapons and their use and has gone on record to claim the head of Mossad took responsibility for the attacks.

I have already shown you videos of what happens when planes hit walls. They crumble into dust on the outside of the wall.

Watch again if you missed it.

This test by the USA of what would happen if a plane hit the walls of a nuclear power station shows a plane hitting the wall at the same speed the plane supposedly hit both the WTC and the Pentagon.

Only hardened objects at high speeds can penetrate 6 walls of the Pentagon or go from one side of the WTC to the other.

That video is proof of that and you can read more in my article The Pentagon Attack – Finally Solved?

Watch the long and detailed interview with Dimitri Khalezov about his book here.

Also if you are now intrigued you should listen to this interview with Dimitri Khalezov, Gordon Duff from Veterans Today and Kevin Barrett as he discusses the use of Mini Nukes in the Beirut Bombings, claims Mike Harari admitted to him his role in 9.11, and touches on Victor Bout’s role in the whole affair.

Puzzle solved or just another lead to follow or ignore?

Whatever you make of it you cannot fail to be interested in his claims and the evidence for those claims that he produces.

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3 Responses

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  1. Tom Simpson says

    What were the reasons that the thermonuclear missile that hit the pentagon no explode and cause insane devistation. Was this a faulty Russian missile?

  2. Jerome van Stam says

    1. The Main contractor must be the US Government (USG) aka CIA.
    Sub-contractors may supplement the orchestrator
    where 3rd party observations make sense and/or in the role of a diversion
    and indeed the ‘dancing Israelis’ verbatim on stage ever since.
    2. Only the USG could (1) fetch and (2) launch the Granit cruise missile.
    3. NOAA published a LADAR photo of 3 craters of ground-zero,
    thus the locations of the suitcase nukes:
    4. The hitting ‘Airplanes’ are likely figments of computer graphics
    while Granit missiles might have hit the WTC indeed.
    5. WTC 7 was pulled down on its footprint – a job prepared well in advance.

  3. Dark Politricks says

    I have no idea why the nuclear bomb did not go off, maybe the book explains it. OR maybe it was tampered with SO Washington wasn’t destroyed BUT the US thought they were under nuclear attack.

    Remember thousands of people saw the planes hit the buildings who DIDN’T have cameras on them.

    That doesn’t mean the few shots who were fed out to others were not tampered with like the one where you can see the plane enter the building and come out the other side. An impossibility due to the huge central core of the WTC.

    However other “no planes” shots HAVE been explained I think if you search this site there are some good videos that do explain them.

    What is important about this story whether you believe all of the details or not is that the head of the Israeli Operations, Mike Harai, thought it was the best day of his life.

    This ties in with
    -the dancing Israelis who were “documenting the event”
    -the hundreds of Israelis who were detained AFTER the attack then let go (more than Muslims)
    -the way suddenly the USA became the main backer of Israels war on Muslims
    -the FOX News story about the Israelis living next door to the hijackers (that was pulled after Israeli pressure – but you can read it here >
    -All the fake al-Qaeda rings we have seen setup since 9.11.
    -Sibel Edmonds evidence (most gagged woman in US history) that the CIA was still in contact with bin-Laden and using al-Qaeda in “Gladio 2″ >
    -All the other links such nearly every Congressman in the US having to sign a declaration to APIAC that they will vote to protect and serve Israels interests. Money and Power.
    -What I don’t get is that the author is saying the nukes in the WTC were believed by the US to be in the tops of the buildings due to the planes bringing them in. But as you can see from my video a plane hitting a wall at that speed crumbles into dust. It DOES NOT penetrate through multiple re-enforced walls of the Pentagon or go through one side of the WTC and out the other OR even enter it to leave a bomb. Therefore if his claim the US already had planned to bring down WTC by nukes in the 70′s then maybe they thought the “terrorists” had access to these nukes and that is why they set them off.

    All this of course is believing the US didn’t know about the attacks before hand. Israel is supposed to be a close ally of the USA and multiple agencies told them about impending attacks on the WTC.

    OR that PNAC members who were in power in the US and Israel were involved in the plot.

    They certainly acted like they were afterwards by doing almost everything the PNAC said they wanted to do.

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