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Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine

Tell the UK Government to pressure the Israelis to stop the killing in Palestine

By Dark Politricks

38Degrees are trying to get the UK Parliament to actually act on the current Israeli conflict with the Palestinians rather than keep their nose up the USA’s ass hole.

You can help by signing a petition to tell our UK Foreign MinisterPhilip Hammond. what you think of this situation.

This is what 38Degrees say about the situation:

In the past 20 days of fighting in Gaza and Israel more than 1000 people have been killed and tens-of-thousands have been injured – many of them children [1]

Yesterday there was a brief 12 hour truce. Foreign ministers from around the world, including Philip Hammond MP, met in PARIS to try to reach a long-term ceasefire. Fighting started again overnight. [2] But just this morning both sides agreed to a further 24 hour truce. It’s not clear yet if it will hold. [3]

38 Degrees is a movement which stands for peace. In the news day after day we’ve seen men, women and children from both sides being killed. The natural reaction is to want to help – to do something.

The war is over 2,300 miles away from the UK. The conflict is long, bloody and seemingly never ending. It’s easy to feel powerless. 38 Degrees members have been sharing feelings of frustration and despair at what’s happening.

“The killing of innocent people, in particular children, totally unacceptable regardless of the argument.” Aidan

“If we could persuade our government to change course, against immensely powerful lobbyists, many other governments would probably capitulate, bringing a well deserved peace to the region at last.” Robin

I am a 38 Degrees member and really concerned by the general apathy of the UK and European governments in the face of Israeli aggression in Gaza…Ashley

David Cameron has urged “restraint” from both sides. [4] And Philip Hammond MP, our foreign minister, has said that “the necessity right now is to stop the loss of life.” [5]

Many 38 Degrees members are demanding a stronger response from the UK government. Some think this should take the form of sanctions, others think we should be pushing for war crimes investigations. Some of us think the UK should stay out of it altogether.

Philip Hammond represented us at the talks yesterday in Paris. And he will continue to represent us until a peace deal is agreed by all sides.

Whatever your view, Philip Hammond and the government should hear what we expect of them. 38 Degrees members haven’t written to the new foreign minister before, but with the death toll increasing by the day, now is the time to tell him what you think.

Click here to send Philip Hammond a personal email:

The situation in Gaza and Israel is complex. But we fail as humankind if we don’t devise a way to bring peace to this long troubled region. Let’s stand together with people all over the world calling for an end to the violence – for good.

With hope for peace,

Belinda, Maddy, Ali, Susannah and the 38 Degrees team

PS: If you want to see what other 38 Degrees members are saying and join the conversation, then you can on the 38 Degrees blog:

PPS: Here’s some context:

– A twelve-hour truce was agreed by both sides and began at 5am yesterday morning. An offer to extend the truce was rejected by Hamas. [6]
– This morning a 24-hour ceasefire was agreed by both sides. [7]
– The new UK foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has called for a swift ceasefire. [8]
– Thousands took part in a protest on the streets of London yesterday against Israel’s military campaign in Gaza [9]
– On Friday, the World Health Organisation has demanded a humanitarian corridor in Gaza. [10]
– Last week, the UN Human Rights Council voted to pass a resolution to investigate Israel for possible war crimes. The UK was one of 17 countries to abstain. [11]

[1] The Independent: Israel-Gaza conflict: Death toll hits 1000 amid 12-hour ceasefire:
[2] BBC: Hamas fires rockets into Israel after Gaza truce bid:
[3] BBC News: Hamas announces new 24-hour Gaza ceasefire with Israel:
[4] The Scotsman: Gaza: Cameron urges Israel to ‘exercise restraint’:
[5] BBC News Philip Hammond on ceasefire: ‘stop the loss of life’:
[6] Sky News: Israel resumes Gaza fighting after rocket fire:
[7] BBC News: Hamas announces new 24-hour Gaza ceasefire with Israel:
[8] Huffington Post: Philip Hammond warns the West is ‘losing sympathy’ with Israel over Gaza:
[9] Evening Standard: Thousands line London’s streets for pro-Palestine protest during 12-hour Gaza ceasefire:
[10] Yahoo! News: WHO calls for humanitarian corridor to evacuate Gaza wounded:
[11] UN News Centre: As civilian casualties rise in Gaza, UN Rights Council agrees probe into alleged ‘war crimes’:

This is my own response to the petition:



First some figures:

Israeli Death Toll = 42 (soldiers)
Palestinian Death Toll = 1000 and 5,870 injured (nearly all civilians, women and children)

I am shocked at the indiscriminate and deliberate shelling of hospitals, mosques, schools and farms in Palestine.

Yes the Hamasfirecracker” rockets are indiscriminate as well but then two wrongs do not make a right and the size of the two opposing “armies” is not exactly equal is it.

On one side a huge conscripted army of many Jewish people who are brought up to believe Muslims are all evil terrorists and therefore treat them so.

Examples include this beatings of teenagers (even US citizens) like 15 year old Tariq Khdeir. You can watch it here:

Watch on here:

This was taken from the Israeli newspaper

Tariq was the cousin of Muhammed Abu Khdeir a 16-year-old who was kidnapped and burned alive in revenge for the 3 Israelis who were kidnapped and killed >

Why was there no media outrage about this beating caught on tape by supposed “Israeli Defence Forces” or the sadistic killing of Muhammed Abu Khdeir as there was with the Israeli trio?

Are the lives of Israeli’s worth more than Palestinians?

Then we have a small enclave of people with nowhere to hide that is constantly bombed and shelled by the IDF.

The IDF say they drop notes before the bombings warning them of the attacks but if someone gave you a note at your door saying they would blow your house up in 10 minutes would that be fair or legal?

Also because the Gaza Strip is so small and built up there is nowhere for these people to hide.

Even the places they are told to wait are attacked by the IDF as the Goldstone report showed about the last big IDF attack on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead. Some main findings were:

  • Shooting unarmed and even tied up civilians.
  • Shooting teenagers who were carrying wounded civilians.
  • Bombing Hospitals and homes.
  • Collective punishment of a whole population for the misdeeds of some.
  • Israel was also accused of using banned weapons in civilian areas such as the White Phosphorus attack on the UN compound and on civilian areas which is expressly forbidden by international law.

The IDF say that they target schools, hospitals and mosques as well as people’s houses because Hamas fire rockets from these buildings.

Usually these firing zones are detected very easily and very quickly by flying IDF planes scanning for them. These firing places are then met with an IDF missile on the firing zone, which is usually someone’s house. Probably someone who had no say whether Hamas could use their home or not.

Many people in Gaza are scared of Hamas but because they are their rulers, many secretly hate or are scared of showing their true feelings about them in case they are killed.

This is exactly the same with most despotic governments.

Of course many Palestinians see them as the only people fighting for their freedom, resistance fighters who are trying to liberate their land and all because the International and Arab community are doing nothing to help them. They see Hamas as the only people willing to die to secure their freedom.

So many people cannot say no when a Hamas firing team come to their home to use it as a launch pad and then its blown to bits along with their family by an IDF missile minutes later.

So is it always fair that the US press always calls these people “sympathizers” and “collaborators” of Hamas when they haven’t even interviewed them to find out what happened. I guess it’s hard when the people you want to interview are dead but still at least try to get a balanced perspective on the actions of the people on both sides of the conflict.

Personally I think the problem is religion and people who abuse and mis-use that religion for their own ends.

Muslims are evil, Jews are scum, Christians are infidels and so on.

How we can reverse that I don’t know but we can stop powerful armies attacking smaller weaker groups of people who are locked in what is basically a ghetto with no way to get out and whose territorial waters are not actually their own.

Many flotillas to bring in food and medicine which the people of Gaza need badly are stopped in what should be Gaza’s own water and then arrested and treated as terrorists.

Even when the IDF execute and kill US citizens on these flotillas such as the murder of Furkan Dogan which you can actually watch here, the USA does nothing.


Why did the US ignore the assassination of one of their own citizens in international waters, in what was basically an act of piracy?

Would we let UK citizens be killed and beaten like the US has? Even when it has been caught on camera?

Are we that scared or Israel?

Can we not even say what we truly think about this situation or are we subservient to US/Israeli policy on the matter?

It sure looks like the latter to me.

Please change this and do something about the slaughter in the Middle East.


Israeli Death Toll = 42
Palestinian Death Toll = 1000 and 5,870 injured.

Is this a  fair and balanced war or is it a genocide we are supporting by our indifference and subservience to US/Israeli foreign policy?


From 38Degrees

Sign the petition here:

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3 Responses

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  1. willow bell says

    Why do you trouble yourselves with reports from Fox News or conspiracy theories.
    Look at British history and it speaks for itself. People here need to wise up to their own oppression and to, how oppressive the British state is.
    Why would you want any freedom bills introduced by the political party, that favoured the Zionist colonisation of Palestine in the first place. The Tories (even Balfour changed his mind in the end), opposed it cos they felt their interests better served by the gulf amirs or royal families. Of course as pressure rose from the League of Nations, it was left to Britain to persuade Prince Faisal (rumoured to be Lawrence of Arabia’s lover) to agree to the Jewish colonisation of Palestine, but the Tories loathed them.

    • darkpolitics says

      What are you talking about?

      I don’t even watch the dribble that is FOX News, Im from the UK I know we have a bad history I say it often enough that our heads are so far up Obama’s ass we can see 20 million black feet. We need to stop following US policy and yes the history of how Israel came about through Zionism is murky and dark.
      I just want our politicians to actually stand up for the 1000+ dead Palestinians and over 5000 injured, Mostly women and chidren. Whilst Isrsel has only lost 40 or so IDF SLDIERS! Not exactlu a fair fight is it

      • willow bell says

        No it isn’t a fair fight at all, its a bloodbath and the Israelis might well be taken to court after (R4 commentator); they can’t take Hamas to court as they are not in the Convention of Human Rights. That’s good news but somebody’ll be scapegoated, probably some Arabs (Druzes or Israeli, who are conscripted) and no trial can compensate anyway, its a floor show.
        It was plain in 2005, that this was gonna happen, when the Egyptians withdrew from Gaza. The popularity of Hamas was rising and the powers could see their election pending and Egypt probably wanted to see the Egyptian brotherhood separated, so agreed to go.
        The Israelis fought Hizb’Allah in 2006, just after the election of Hamas and attacked Gaza then. I called a peace vigil for Gaza just after, cos I’d been in Syria. The same happened with the Syrians in Lebanon in 2005, but their withdrawal was to prevent Britain bombing them and since, there has been gun fighting on the streets of Tripoli, nearly every night.
        The powers want the oil in the med. so badly now they’ve gone in for the kill. BP is involved so I guess there’s an agreement between Egypt, the Israelis and Britain. Hopefully it’ll be over without too much more blood shed but Hamas members will be executed I suspect.
        As for Fox I only meant the ”he said, she said” teenage type discourse on the media is less important, than understanding the region, its history and how governments work, including our own. Lots of governments are involved but Britain is a leader, British people refuse to see they are living in a 300 year dictatorship.
        Britain has had it off to a tee for centuries, they know how to plunder without getting their hands dirty and it is the deceitful way they carry on, that blinds the British people to their own oppression. America is a bootboy but Britain has the brains.
        That aside if they get away with this, it’ll be the West Bank next probably and now Syria has gone there’s nowhere for those people (the Lebanese are terrified). Hopefully the Gazans can go back to Egypt safely.
        Someone has to think ahead or the campaign won’t be under the cameras and will fizzle out, I remember Iraq too well.

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