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Egypt Dictators Use Rape as Weapon with Obama’s Support

Egypt Dictators Use Rape as Weapon with Obama’s Support

By Robert Barsocchini

We are a nation of laws.

– Barack Obama

Barack Obama refuses to stop illegally arming and funding (among other horrors) Egypt’s military junta dictatorship. It is against the law to aid juntas and regimes that consistently violate human rights.

One year ago, the Egyptian military dictatorship seized power in a massacre that Human Rights Watch now refers to as “Egypt’s Tienanmen“, although, HRW points out, the Egyptian massacre was worse.

Massacre in Egypt

US-Backed Massacre in Egypt

HRW also characterized the massacre as “systematic” and “a planned operation implicating officials at the very top of the Egyptian government.”

Massacre in Egypt

US-Backed Massacre in Egypt

This Egyptian military dictatorship, as Amnesty International reports, is using rape as a weapon, against people such as students:

Among the methods of torture employed are techniques previously used by state security during Mubaraks rule. These include the use of electric shocks, rape, handcuffing detainees and suspending them from open doors. Another hanging method, known as the grill , involves handcuffing the detainees hands and legs to an iron rod and suspending the rod between two opposite chairs until the detainees legs go numb. Security forces then start using electric shocks on the persons legs.

One of the most shocking cases documented by Amnesty International was that of’M.R.S , 23, a student arrested in February 2014 near Nasr City in Cairo. He said he was held for 47 days and was tortured and raped during his interrogation. He is currently out of prison but the case is still pending.

They cut my shirt, blindfolded me with it and handcuffed me from behind they beat me with batons all over my body, particularly on the chest, back and face Then they put two wires in my left and right little fingers and gave me electric shocks four or five times, he said.

He also gave a horrifying account of how he was sexually assaulted and raped.

The national security officer caught my testicle and started to squeeze it I was screaming from the pain and bent my legs to protect my testicles then he inserted his fingers in my anus he was wearing something plastic on his fingers he repeated this five times, he said.

He also reported being beaten on the penis with a stick. He was then raped repeatedly by one or more security guards before being forced to sing a song in support of the Egyptian army Teslam Al Ayadi.

– Amnesty International, Egypt: Rampant Torture, Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions Signal Catastrophic Decline in Human Rights One Year After Ousting of Morsi

After the coup, Obama, as an attempt to quiet a horrified, onlooking world, suspended a small percentage of the almost two billion dollars a year, mostly weapons, that he sends to Egypt, but soon, unable to resist, he sent more. The aid that he kept flowing consisted of cash and small arms, exactly what was needed most to facilitate “Egypt’s Tienanmen”, which, thanks to Obama, is partly our Tienanmen.

Contrary to what media outlets like the Washington Post tried to lead their readers to believe, the USA never cut off aid to the raping junta. It is perfectly understandable why anyone attempting to paint his or her own government in a falsely positive light, as the author of the above-referenced Post article did, would try to deceive readers into thinking their government does not openly and directly aid gangs using rape as a weapon.

However, as Amnesty International points out above, above, the previous Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt, which enjoyed massive US support from 1979 until it was overthrown in 2011 more than thirty years later, also used rape as a weapon.

On international television, Barack Obama refused to “label” Mubarak, not as a mass rapist and torturer, but simply as “authoritarian”. Instead, Obama painted Mubarak as a “stalwart ally”, and, regardless of some “criticisms”, a “force for stability and good”.

Obama refused to label the merciless torturer because, Obama said, “I tend not to use labels for folks”, and “the United States’ job is not to lecture”.

As Obama lectured Muammar Gaddafi in a speech that foreshadowed an illegal US/Al Qaeda joint attack on Libya as well as Gaddafi’s gang lynching, Obama labeled Gaddafi, who fought against South African apartheid while the USA strongly supported it and got Nelson Mandela imprisoned, as “iron fisted”, “brutal”, “illegitimate”, “brutal” (again), “intimidating”, “repressive”, “repressive” (again), a “brute”, a “sponsor of terror“, “merciless”, someone who “would commit atrocities”, and so on for another few pages of lecturing.

Obama also labels in similar terms many other leaders he wants to kill.

He labels countless people as “suspects”, and executes them with rockets and missiles on that basis (though, in fairness, he does admit that “no country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders”).

And in Africa, he supported a terrorist group implicated by the UN for mass rape.

Like Obama, Hillary Clinton preferred to label the torturing rapist Mubarak in positive terms, saying she “really consider[ed] President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family.”

Since we know the US government supports and commits any level of criminal depravity, we know acts of criminal depravity are not the reason the USA decides to illegally attack and kill people in countries around the world.

Therefore, to understand what we are living under, we must always study the actual reasons for these attacks: maintenance and expansion of the biggest empire in world history, which wants us to believe that “democracy” is:

  • Brutal, militarized police repression
  • Our taxes going towards mass murder, torture, rape, and never-ending military aggression (the supreme international crime)
  • The world’s biggest prison population in size and per capita
  • Statistically insignificant impact on public policy for average citizens:

Princetons Martin Gilens and Northwesterns Benjamin Page find, in the most comprehensive study of the topic to date:

the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.

And last week, Dr. Noam Chomsky, American professor emeritus of linguistics at MIT, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator and activist, author of over 100 books, eighth most cited scholar in history, and voted “world’s top public intellectual”, reminded us:

…theres something we have to remember about the United States: Its not a democracy; its a plutocracy. Theres study after study that comes out in mainstream academic political science which shows what we all know or ought to know, that political decisions are made by a very small sector of extreme privilege and wealth, concentrated capital. For most of the population, their opinions simply dont matter in the political system. Theyre essentially disenfranchised.

Robert Barsocchini is an American investigative journalist and writer for the film industry. Click here to join 5,100 people following him and his UK colleague on Twitter.

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