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US admits that Russia could over run NATO forces in Europe within an hour

US admits that Russia could over run NATO forces in Europe within an hour

By Dark Politricks

Hey everybody, don’t be scared, but the US Army just admitted that Russia could overrun the eastern European NATO forces within an hour and then be heading to Paris like Hitler on a tank within a day.

So please can we not start a nuclear war with Rusia over Syria?

Especially seeing on this occasion they are on the right side of history.

Russia has been busy fighting DAESH / ISISL / al-Nusra Front e.g all Jihadists in Syria, whatever the fantasy football names the western alliance has given to them.

But we have tens of thousands of moderate anti-Assad forces to help we keep saying.

Yes we have the Turkmen in northern Syria who shot down a Russian helicopter and murdered a Russian pilot who had ejected from his shot down plane almost causing WWIII.

They also like killing Kurds, one of the most effective forces in Syria in repelling DAESH. One minute the Yanks support the Kurds, the next day they let their ISIL terrorists and NATO allies blow the Fxxk out of them.

al-Nusra Front. These are the “ex” al-Qaeda pledged supporting jihadists in Syria. However their pledge of allegiance to al-Qaeda has ended speculation over the suspected ties between the Syrian jihadist group and the Islamist militant network.

The “US has blacklisted the group” which uses car bombings, suicide attacks, and aims to establish an Islamic state inside Sysria. Any normal person with a brain and a sense of morality and ethics knows that anyone who wanted to create an Islamic state anywhere the people don’t want one are bat shit crazy.

People who are used to western lives, as the Syrian were, could dress how they pleased and listen to music and watch TV without the religious police giving you a thrashing. I would see this foul beast of 5000 official members as a cockroach to be stamped on, the Americans see it as a trained fighting force and one they can blame on Syrian attacks if needs be. – BBC NEWS

Jabhat Fatah al-Sham the newly branded name for al-Nusra Front. Trying to distance themselves from their previous behaviour of chopping heads and limbs off and marrying 8 year old girls. They have apparently reformed and been put on the US “Safe List”. Well we all know we can trust those Yankies and their “Safe Lists” can’t we.

The Free Syrian Army. Yes this respectable rebel army are just terrorists but from the other perspective. When any high up Syrian commander can film himself cut open the dead body of an Assad troop and eat his organs on TV then you know they are not the French Resistance Army of the 40’s.

These groups are the moderates the Russians and Syrians are watiing so patiently in Aleppo, as it slowly starves and get’s colder, for the American’s to separate out from the “Hardcore rebels”, DAESH, ISIL, ISIS, al-Nusra Front etc.

The slight problem being that the moderates all actually work for ISIL. Tanks and weapons given to them by the US end up in ISIL’s hands and FSA captured US journalists such as Steven Sotloff , are sold onto ISIL for £300,000 so  that he could be beheaded. It’d s nice friendly bunch of moderates we support.

As Lavrov said at the UN meeting:

If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right? – CNN 2015.

Seems like logic is playing  part in one corner of the dispute at least.

Before the “Arab Spring” a massive false flag to other-throw dictatorships the US no longer had need for, ruin whole countries like Libya and sending thousands of migrants into Europe before destroying Syria which was doing no harm at all.

That was until US military, colour revolutionists and other coup experts and war mongers got involved with Saudi, Iraqi and Qatari Sunni’s who saw a Shi’ite revival with Iran, just too scary to think about.

They got together and decided to go all 7th century in the modern outwood looking Syrian nation. A country where the elected President Assad had massive support and there was no “Libyan march on a city to destroy them like rats”.

So the Russians with the invite of the Syrian government, plus allies from Iran and Hezbollah started coordinating their air and ground attacks and within months started kicking ISIL into their Turkish arms.

Notice how the western media portrays all those countries listed above fighting DAESH as evil, and despotic, when they are actually doing the job WE should have done ages ago once we realised we had created the beast in the torture prison of Abu Ghraib.

So the Russians came to their allies request, just as we would do. To fight these evil terrorists that keep getting into Europe and blowing us up.

Stopping the funding of DAESH by destroying all the stolen oil being delivered to the corrupt Turkish regime, and NATO ally, much to the annoyance of the Turks was one part of their strategy and stopping re-enforcement of DAESH troops over the Turkish border was another.

Of course showing the world our hypocrisy by supporting the one enemy we claim to hate the most is a bonus.

Whilst all Presidential spokesmen can do at Press time is show photos from Tweets and other social media as “proof” of their claims that Russia bombed a hospital or shot down a plane.

Russia has been showing every sortie, every bombing, with statistics, miles, speeds, aerial views etc on live Russian TV (not something the US are too keen on – but you watch on live online if you cannot get it on TV) to get some alternative points of view before you make your mind up who is the good and bad guys.

This was a primary reason Turkey shot down the Russian planes and then against international law blew up with US hardware the rescue helicopter that had come to help one of the downed pilots.

Despite all this Russia have been very calm and very patient. Knowing that the ruse of the US separating out the moderate rebels from ISIS is just that, they are waiting so that when the time comes they can embarrass the US to kingdom come with their duplicitous support of their supposed “mortal enemy”.

The Russians are still playing the diplomatic game whilst NATO plays endless re-runs of Nuclear War scenarios.

Remember that film War Games, I guess the Americas have a massive underground bunker like that where game after game is played over and over. Remember folks – the only winning move is not to play!

So we have our “moderates“, the numbers of which the US has trained and supported (lies, lies and more damn lies), can be seen in the following congressional hearings.

However after extensive studies they found they only had 4 or 5 moderate anti Assad rebels trained up to fight.

Really that shouldn’t take a lot of sorting out then really.

However in this different video its gone up to 10. Still not that hard to separate from the nutters?

It looks like we have a lot of moderate rebels to use against Assad doesn’t it. No wonder we carry on supporting ISIL, they really are the only game in town.

Still not much sorting out in my mind though. Maybe the US have different motives?



You know, the terrorists we explicitly told our ISIL forces where to attack the Syrian and Russian troops last week, killing over 60 and injuring over 100 of them, “Oops we are sorry” we said not knowing the Russians had intercepted the command given by us to our ISIS allies to attack the Assad, Russian and Iranian troops.

As soon as they did Russia shot multiple missiles straight into our base of operations killing US, UK, Mossad and other ISIL collaborators with them.

Maybe that will teach us to support the bad guys in future but somehow with war hawk Clinton on the Presidential trail and numpty Trump with a comparable world knowledge as Sara Palin,we can only hope their itchy nuclear trigger fingers stay off that button and diplomacy wins the day.

Why have nukes if we won’t use them, says Trump, as if the end of the world is a small matter.

Things are getting murky.

The leaked Hillary Clinton emails from WikLeaks, proved that she promised to other throw Assad for Israel supply weapons through the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to give to ISIS.

All so that they could fight President Assad making the Muslims surrounding Isrsel fight amongst themselves. Let no-one say she doesn’t have half a brain and an evil one to that.

By Dark Politricks


© 2016 Dark Politricks

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