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The Snoopers Charter is here – Britain has just introduced the most intrusive spying laws ever

The Snoopers Charter is here – Britain has just introduced the most intrusive spying laws ever

By Dark Politricks

In the UK we are now living in 1984 people.

We are living in a surveillance state. We are being watched. Constantly.

The Snoopers Charter or the “Investigatory Powers Bill” is now the law of the land.

This is what the Government say about it.

A Bill to make provision about the interception of communications, equipment interference and the acquisition and retention of communications data, bulk personal datasets and other information; to make provision about the treatment of material held as a result of such interception, equipment interference or acquisition or retention; to establish the Investigatory Powers Commissioner and other Judicial Commissioners and make provision about them and other oversight arrangements; to make further provision about investigatory powers and national security; to amend sections 3 and 5 of the Intelligence Services Act 1994; and for connected purposes.

Doesn’t sound too clear does it but lets look at what we are living in.

A place where people take their mobile phone everywhere so that they can be tracked by GPS / GRPS if they needed to be. No microchips in the arm are needed – yet!

There are CCTV cameras watching us everywhere watching us 300+ times a day.

Dozens of organisations can enter your house without a warrant.

Being sent to the US on extradition with less oversight that they have sending people to us. A country so civilised they would lock you up for life without parole, without prima facie evidence, just for hacking or port scanning.

However as we must remember Obama has jailed more whistleblowers, journalists and hackers than any other President put together. He doesn’t see Snowden’s revelations of illegal activity in the US government as a flag to sort something out but someone to put a hit on.

The recent DMC hacks which revealed how corrupt the Democrats are and how Hillary has promised to help Israel by causing mayhem in Syria, supplying Jihadists with weapons, and of course the support of NATO is just another important piece of information we have only heard about due to hacking and groups like Anonymous.

Russia is actually defeating ISIS, but the axis of war doesn’t want that.

They want unending chaos in that region so that they can stay there, protect Israel, and use their Gladio 2 Jihadist proxies to cause more misery for the locals, and mass migration into Europe.

So WikiLeaks is another enemy of the state for revealing this to the US public. However what are the people and talking heads saying – execute them for being spies. Not for revealing to the US public how their government has been breaking their constitution.

I thought the US was near the top after Snowdens revelations’ on Prism and xKeyScore to be one of the most surveilled countries in the world but after the UK passing the Snoopers Charter, something the Tories were against previously, we are now 30 years away in George Orwell’s dystopian society.

As Edward Snowden says

Britain has just legalised the most extreme surveillance in the history of Western Democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies.”

So do you feel safer now that the GCHQ can spy on you at all times, plant viruses and bugs on your computers and phones, turn on your microphones and listen to what you say, even watch you through your TV?

If not here are some reasons to be worried

  1. It gives the police and spies the power to see what websites you’ve been looking at without a warrant.
  2. That’s not the same as them looking at your phone bill – it’s more like them following you around 24 hours a day.
  3. It’s not just the police that’ll be able to do it but local councils and the tax man.
  4. Your browsing data could be vulnerable to hackers.
  5. It won’t ban Snapchat or WhatsApp, but it could force them to let authorities snoop on them anyway.
  6. That means online services will be forced to have rubbish security.
  7. It will almost certainly be abused. It’s the government, when do they ever roll back powers and give freedoms to the people. They don’t, they carry on forward, pushing the powers given to them to the limit and putting you at risk.

Read the full article here.

It’s funny that since Snowden did release all this info on the extent of the spying not ONE terrorist has been caught.

Weird. They are just filling their super server under UTAH with as much digital data collated from us as possible to try to work out what would happen in different scenarios.

Such as:

-What if martial law was declared would people march or stay in doors.

-What would happen in a town if violence broke out in Wall St.

-And of course what you have been watching on PornoTube.

I have been talking about this day for years and now it has passed, New World Order roll on.

There are lots of articles on staying safe on the web and minimizing your Internet footprint in this site but now our Police State has the right to spy on us all, hack our devices, and have much better tech than us then there are only a few things left to do.

Use a dumb phone. One with no apps, no fancy screen, a phone for old people to ring and text people who has NO GPS in it.

Use Telegram or Wickr if you are on a smart phone to get end to end encryption, I prefer Telegram. Encrypt your whole phone as well in the security settings before decryption keys are forcibly kept by companies and linked to the phone.

Doing something dodgy are you?

Use a usual meeting place and just chat quietly. Old school style. Pencil and paper – pigeons to send your messages up the M1 to Manchester from London and back. We may just get back some old hobbies from this.

Run virus checkers and key loggers all the time. I am sure the security forces have ways around anti-malware but simple code can be written to see which files were edited during a keylogger run as well as which file were looked at.

Always turn off and unplug your PC don’t just put it to sleep.

What we really need is a PROPER Liberal party in this country to stop things like this. Why didn’t the SNP, Labour, Greens and Lib Dems all fight this toe and nail.

Are you worried about infrared scans of your bathroom as you have a shower and a James Bond spook walks round your pad searching your knicker drawer and looking for places to put bugs and cameras?

If not your an idiot.

As Russell said at the beginning what is privacy if we cannot have our own thoughts or go on the internet without MI5 scooping up all your history and view everything they want to without the need for even a warrant?

We really are living in the last days of Internet Freedom (if any is left). Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google are all “owned” by the US government just as their MSM TV stations and presenters are. Therefore try to use other NON US/European built apps to socialise and chat on instead.

The Russians were apparently doing the US people a favour during the Democratic elections by revealing Hillaries secrets.

Trump kept urging them and Russia to reveal more and more emails, however he has now said that whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange are no more than spies and should be executed.

Despite all the truth they have revealed about US war crimes, torture, false flags, hacking techniques used by the NSA and their partner GCHQ it doesn’t matter a jot to our privacy.

It seems that national security trumps freedom, liberty and the right to privacy and our Government will do anything to stop us having it. Soon we will have pre-crime laws just like the films. Where just thinking about a crime can get you arrested. What a world.

It really has come to the stage where we all need to watch Mr Robot and all wear masks 24 hours of the day.

Use Bitcoins or better encrypted systems of payment. There is a reason they want to get rid of cash, Norway, Sweden and Denmark want to ban all cash transactions by 2030. The EU is looking into it and so is the US.

It seems they think all cash transactions are black market trade related such as drug dealing. However what if you wanted to lend your mate a tenner down the pub for a drink or a go on the fruit machine.

Or what about you had a little prang in your car and paid for it by cash instead of going through the insurance company for a tin of paint and T-Cut. There are so many legitimate reasons for having cash they cannot label all use of it as illegal.

How many cash reliant equipment, like cash machines, phone boxes and car parking ticket machines are going to need total overhaul if we ban cash?

Well that’s the state of the world in the UK at the moment people and it is only going to get worst.

Look at TRAPWIRE on steroids, a huge AI Computer that is eventually going to be able to log every single of us off and online, analyse it and then threat assess it by passing the information to the Government, the Police or the tax man.

We really do need a proper rebellion against this government as I don’t like the idea of being monitored all the time without a warrant.

This is what I mean about handing over our civil liberties like the Human Rights Act just because the Sun newspaper told us that it was bad.

Yes there maybe a few bad eggs abusing it to stay with their family after conviction that the Daily Mail hype up to the extreme, but until I see a UK Bill of Rights which actually protects us from the heavy footstep of the Government I have no faith in this country protecting my rights anymore.

We are now truly living in an Orwellian society.


By Dark Politricks


©2016 Dark Politricks

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