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Donald Trump stitched up by False Flag Chemical Attack

Donald Trump stitched up by False Flag Chemical Attack

A false flag attack that is so obvious and fulfils Neo-Con wishes For Trump to move away from Russia and Putin.

It seems that the Democrats, Obama, Republicans and neo-con WW3 dreamers might get their “feet on the ground” war in Syria to spend more money blowing stuff up and then rebuilding it afterwards. I bet the MIC are licking their lips over this opportunity to make more money.

Once we built weapons to fight wars now we make wars to sell weapons.

And what about the wars we are already in. Wars that break the constitution by not being approved by Congress. Wars such as helping Saudi Arabia destroy Yemen which no-one seems to be talking about the use of illegal chemical weapons by the Saudi regime. It is a very hypocritical world we live in.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most terrorist supporting, backwards, country in the world with a stone age mindset. It’s not even a proper country it’s privately owned by the Saudi’s.

So does that make all the Saudi people their property?

They all sweat in 100 C+ heat, working for poor pay, still adhering to barbaric cultural rules they use the Koran to back them up with. Rules such as women are not allowed outside the house without a male relative and being jailed and flogged when gang raped.

Whatever the case they support and fund al-Qaeda and ISIS and we sell weapons like lollipops on a hot day to them, all for money not morals.

We do this knowing that the weapons will end up in the hands of the terrorists we are supposed to be fighting but are really supporting.

But that money has to keep on coming in which means wars have to be raging around the planet.

We shouldn’t even be allies with the Saudi’s at all.

Have Americans forgotten so quickly those 28/29 redacted 9.11 pages?

Is cable TV, Bill O’Reilly and “Sports” really more important than a conspiracy by their leaders to let an ally attack and kill them so they could go to war? If those pages are right, and there is much more to the story anyway, but even if its just that 28 page conspiracy we should have bombed the country out of existence by now.

Who can say to me we are not really in the Axis of War and that it’s much more dangerous than the Axis of Evil Bush came out with.

Just going on a body count and the number of wars started by each country this century, the Axis of War wins hands down with about 1o+ wars. Most being “pre-emptive” wars of aggression not approved by Congress.

I am pretty sure the US, UK, France and Israel have killed more people than those evil armies from Iran, Iraq and North Korea that are just invading everywhere, killing everything and rightly deserving their place in George W Bushes Axis of Evil.

However after Donald Trump said he would not be attacking Assad but going after ISIS and Al-Qaeda, who the CIA and their cohorts are training and funding, the Axis must have been very worried.

What if peace broke out.

What if Russia and the US got on better and defeated ISIS together. What a worrying thought for the Axis of war.

The town which was supposedly hit by chemical weapons are Axis of War trained jihadists who only recently kidnapped people from the town that was attacked.

It seems very odd that people dying of Sarin are being treated (see the pictures in video) by people without the proper protective equipment on.

Also why is the lead WMD campaigner a doctor from a hospital who has enough time to tweet out messages about the victims and how the hospital is struggling to cope whilst offering strangers video chats. Surely he should have been helping out in his overflowing hospital full of victims instead of tweeting and face chatting.

Also this comes as Syria is beating ISIS and the rest of the US trained ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra nutters?

They are winning the war. Taking back whole towns that had been captured by these Jihadists. Plus they gave their chemical weapons away in 2013 after the last “red line” false flag was supposedly crossed.

Funny how soon after a US President says something such as Trump saying we should be going after ISIS and Al-Qaeda not Assad that something fishy happens.

Syria is winning this war started by the US to otherthrow Assad and they had no need to carry out this act especially with peace talks about to start and ISIS scattering over the Turkish border like ants.

Why is Turkey in NATO again…oh yeah so the US can go back on JFK’s deal and put weapons and bases right on Russia’s border. Oh and send thousands of refugees into Europe to cause havoc whilst buying oil from the enemy and imprisoning anyone who didn’t approve. They called it a coup but really it was just too many people knowing the truth that Erdogan had them all jailed as traitors.

The last time a “red line” was crossed which was a false flag by Jihadists. With Sarin gas found on them and in many supporters houses in Turkey we didn’t go to war as the Republicans said it had to be approved by Congress and the UK parliament voted against it.

This was proved 100% to be a false flag in 2013 as the Turkish found Sarin gas in Turkey and it was being crossed into Syria. MP’S and journalists who brought up Turkish support for ISIS were arrested and even jailed. Syria even gave all their chemical weapons away after this attack which the jihadists, Israel, Qatar and the Saudi’s were hoping to draw the US into.

Also who does it really benefit?

When there are peace talks on the schedule it seems a very stupid and dumb time for the Syrian army to use chemical weapons when they don’t need to and are winning the war.

I bet the Democrats and GOP neo-cons who suckle the teats of the Military Industrial Complex are very happy they seem to have turned Trump from fighting ISIS to probably putting US troops on the ground to fight Assad and maybe even Russia.

This is obviously going to lead to Russian soldiers being killed and have many articles and film about how this attack seems to be a false flag.

Watch this report by Jimmy Dore. He puts the pieces together nicely.

Half the US government are crazy and want another war to make money from weapons sales and rebuilding contracts and to keep the sheeple terrified for much longer. The other half just keep their mouths shut as they don’t want to upset their AIPAC donors.

Syria has been on the US hit list since 9.11 and was supposed to be toppled after Iraq and Iran.

This was proved 100% many times by top generals like Wesley Clark. They had a whole list of countries to otherthrow. Watch this video. They wanted to otherthrow 7 countries in 5 years.

The only problem is that the US don’t seem to be going after ISIS or al-Qaeda, rather they would support them through proxies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to pass off weapons, training and money.

Also for Donald Trump to stand there and say many red lines have been crossed. Why is it when we bomb a hospital and kill kids and women it’s “collateral damage”, but if Syria who is basically doing our work for us by going after ISIS who we created, and al-Qaeda who supposedly attacked us, it’s an outrage.

Are ISIS and al-Qaeda not supposed to be our enemies?

It seems that when they see a new US President prepared to go after this bag of scum instead of allowing Assad and Russia, who have done a much better job in a tiny amount of time clearing out the Jihadist scum, we have to keep the war going.

How? Troops on the ground, bombing Syrian soldiers, allowing ISIS troops to be supplied and trained and most importantly allowing another NATO country, Turkey to illegally buy stolen oil from ISIS taken from Syria.

This snake of trucks filmed carrying oil by Russian planes into Turkey tells a sad story about NATO.

Turkey buying stolen oil from ISIS

We allow or foment a false flag gas attack to happen or provide our own terrorists the geo coordinates to bomb before Russia smashes them all to bits as happened the other week and also happened in the Iran/Iraq war when Saddam Hussein was given the location of Iranian troops by the US when they knew he would use chemical weapons on them.

Our morals seem to be a bit up and down it seems depending on whether we control the country or their key politicians. Otherwise a coup is formed, a fake protest is inflated into a mass anti government action or high ranking people are assassinated.

Does it matter if you are killed by chemical weapons, whose destination was probably provided to their Jihadist trained troops, or blown up and burnt to death in your house. Which would you prefer?

Does the way we kill someone matter on a score board. What about Israel and Saudi Arabia using white phosphorus on the trapped people of Gaza. They even bombed a UN building with it during Operation Cast Lead.

Or what about the Saudis bombing and murdering kids in Yemen with it purely because there are groups loosely aligned with Iran there and Saudi Arabia doesn’t like Iran.

The place is a hell hole search the site for more info on this disgusting war.

Watch this great alternative news piece to get all the info you need to stop you believing mainstream media lies about the attack.

I suggest subscribing to Jimmy Dores’s channel ASAP.

If Russian soldiers are attacked and killed and we end up in World War 3 can you trust Donald Trump NOT to use nuclear weapons in any conflict.

Do you really trust him to do the right thing. Is this all just a way to sway Trumps potential detente with Russia into one of aggression where a proxy war could turn hot.

Have the Democrats who would have gone into Syria by now and the neo-con GOP politicians, hate the fact Trump is not as evil as some of them. Wanting constant war and increased spending on weapons and paying off their lobbyists. Have they been jumping for joy the last day or so?

I don’t want that do you? And if so please tell me why.

By Dark Politricks


© 2017 Dark Politricks

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