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Children killed in a pop concert by our desire to help refugees and go to war over pipelines

Children killed in a pop concert by our desire to help refugees and go to war over pipelines

Just one of the many dead children from last nights bombing of a kids concert, including an 8 year old girl.

By Dark Politricks

This is from the BBC News site….

8 year old girl dies in bombing


Twenty-two people, including an eight-year-old girl, have been killed and 59 were injured in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena, at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.

A man set off a homemade bomb in the foyer at 22:33 BST on Monday, in what Theresa May called a “sickening” act.

Armed police have arrested a 23-year-old man in Chorlton, south Manchester, in connection with the attack.

Saffie Rose Roussos was a pupil at Tarleton Primary School, in Lancashire.

Her head teacher, Chris Upton, said she had been “simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word” and was “loved by everyone”.

Student Georgina Callander, believed to have been 18, has also been named as among the dead.

She had been studying health and social care at Runshaw College in Leyland, Lancashire.

Sixty ambulances went to Manchester Arena after the attack and the wounded are being treated at eight hospitals around the city.

Among them are 12 children under the age of 16.

More people have died since the suicide attack was carried out.

I have no sympathy with anyone who choses to go to a concert full of kids and then blows themselves up, white, black, Muslim, Christian whoever, however this is beyond the pale.

This was a Radio 1 event (The UK’s biggest Radio station), who h0ld events all over the country. The week in Manchester has been an usually wet one, and we don’t call it the “Rainy City” for nothing.

My sympathies go out to everyone involved, victims, survivors, people who helped the children by running straight back into the concert to help people and the parents.

This is the caveat though. Wwe are stupid if we don’t look at the reasons why these suicide bombers do these things.

Do you think this bombing would have happened if we hadn’t started wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?

Why is it when one of our own towns gets attacked by nutters that the news is 24/7 coverage on the story, yet we can drop a bomb on a hospital in Syria and kill over 200 people and most people don’t even hear about it.

One life should be equal to another’s life. Unfortunately in this lifetime it truly seems like a white European or Americans life is worth speaking about on the news whilst 200 Muslims murdered (constantly by armaments like the MOAB, Mother Of All Bombs), are hardly mentioned.

Why do you think these attacks on London and Paris keep happening?

Because we are part of the Axis of War who think we can just invade any country we like. cause chaos, hack nuclear stations and kill scientists who have families and yet there would be no blow back?

You can go back to the 80’s if you want when bin-Laden was a hero and freedom fighter, and “the book” of jihadists was used by the CIA for their own terror attacks so that they can reduce freedoms at home by blaming their secret friends.

How many weddings, funerals and parties have we bombed like computer games from drones controlled in Las Vegas in the countries that the PNAC document predicted so accurately. Just like 9.11 you can’t let a good tragedy go to waste as I remember a dual citizen Democrat once said.

If your Sister, Brother, Mother or Father were killed by people (invaders) who you had no clue or idea why they were attacking you wouldn’t you want revenge on them.

I think the statistics was something like 92% of all Afghans didn’t even know anything about 9.11 or the WTC. Yet we bombed them anyway, we burned their holy books and pissed on them before putting it on YouTube, we desecrated bodies and humiliated the people we were attacking.

Dick Cheney and all the others who make money from war may love it when a new one starts as their share prices in weapons companies go up but no-one thinks ahead.

It seems none of our leaders learn from history and if as George W Bush said, they hate us for our freedoms, well we have basically lost the war already. Out leaders use ever opportunity like the one in Manchester to take away more of our freedoms and rights. Don’t expect to get them back soon people.

They don’t look at Iraq and how it fell into civil war, a total mess and go – “I think after Iraq it shows that our intervention, mainly based on lies from the COINTELPRO owned US Media proves we should stay out of it”

If anything the redacted 29 pages of the 9.11 commission I hardly hear spoken about proves how low we will stoop to start a war to gain oil or minerals or to help our lord and master Israel.

The war in Syria is over oil and gas pipelines and a way to stop Russia turning off the gas to Europe. Yes evil Putin who somehow hacked every voting machine in the USA as Rachel Maddow seems to think – oh no that was George W Bush in 2000 or was it 2004, or was it both?

Why can’t there be two competing pipelines, are we not capitalists who believe in competition. Competition that is except when it comes to wanting to control everything and destroy whole countries to get their way.

What would you do if your family was killed from a drone missile and you had no idea why it had happened only who did it?

I know what I would do. I would seek out the killers and get revenge and this is what people like Tony Blair and Obama and Hillary have to think about when they want to expand their bank balances, raise money from AIPAC for elections and kiss the boots of the real leader of the Axis of War – Bibi – Israels current leader.

Now back to Manchester.

It is very sad that so many people died when they were just expecting a pop concert. How many other concerts will now close or how many other kids wanting to go to Radio 1 parties will be stopped by their families due to the possible danger?

What do you think will happen next?

Just like in the USA and France the UK ,who has already built the most draconian firewall in history, one that allows cops to spy on you as you sleep through your web cams or phones or just enter your house without warrants and basically watch everything you do on the web.

Well I think we all know. More loss of civil liberties, more loss of freedoms we have fought hard for over centuries, the USA can kill a US citizen on the Presidents say so alone and they don’t even have habeas corpus now, what kind of free country is that?

This week our great Tory leader said the following:

She said the security services believe they know the attacker’s identity but are not yet able to confirm it.

It is the worst terrorist attack in the UK since the 7 July bombings in 2005, in which 52 people were killed by four suicide bombers.

So-called Islamic State has said it was behind the attack, via IS channels on the messaging app Telegram.

This is all a ploy like the CIA’s Vault 7 program to stop encrypted emails and chats on the Internet. I suggest everyone go out and use Telegram as right now as your texting your weed dealer to come round who knows who could be listening. The percentage of terrorist chatter GCHQ pick up compared to criminal chatter e.g drug deals, robberies etc is minimal. What do you think they do with all that data.

The US showed us, they back fitted the data to fit the crime. The NSA told the police force a drug deal was going off at a certain place and then the cops would magically turn up. The only problem was explaining where they got the intel from. Fake grasses and informers were invented to get round this problem and I have no doubt the UK will, or has been doing that already.

In the coming days I expect rushed through, un-thought out, draconian, Parliament laws restricting the right to use such tools and other civil liberty killing acts.

If we don’t even have the right to our own thoughts then we are living in 1984.

I would love to just knock these “leaders” of  the “free world” together – including Trump who I don’t even think has a brain, and tell them – THIS IS ON YOU!

This is on your selling of arms to Saudi Arabia who pass them to ISIS.

This is on you allowing Turkeys President to become a dictator all the time he is buying stolen oil off ISIS.

This is on you using false flag attacks such as the recent chemical attack debacle when it was blatantly obvious that the Syrians didn’t need to use such weapons whilst ISIS use them ALL THE TIME, passed through from Turkey, with Erdogans help.

It was the reason so many journalists and judges were jailed in the “coup” against the semi dictator who the people voted in – remind you of Hitler anyone?

Should they even be anywhere near NATO now after that?

Why doesn’t Rachel Maddow and the US MSM speak about that instead of rambling on about some shit how Russia hacked the election.

No they didn’t.

I could hack your computer and make it look like it came from Russia.

Add a few Russian characters in the email e.g Ложный флаг, jump through lots of proxies that end up back in Russia, preferably a military base for cyber warfare, and drop in some well known names in the Russian military. Do that and the Democrats will cry about stolen elections and blame it on Russia rather than their proven attempts to stop Bernie Sanders at all costs so Hillary could get her $400k bonus from Wall St after serving.

If Bernie did get in not only would numbnuts on the right call him a communist,marxist and socialist, he would probably been assassinated within a month anyway! Turn it around. How many elections have the US stolen either through bribery, CIA assassinations, or plain out war, hundreds probably. Didn’t they otherthrow the democratically elected government of Iran so they could put the Shah in and steal the oil for BP?

More recently didn’t they help far right NAZIS take power in the Ukraine and moan about Russia’s plebiscite to make Crimea part of Russia just as we did to Kosovo against Serbia and Russia’s will in the 90’s? Hypocrisy in action when you believe you are the only bully in the world who can get away with torture, illegal rendition, jail without trial, free speech zones, bent Democratic primaries and leaders of the free world who implement an expensive Tumpcare system then relate stories about how good the free health systems in Scotland and Australia are.

So stop the wars and it will stop the attacks on us. People don’t feel the need to blow themselves up for no reason at all.

You don’t wake up in the morning and go, “I know I think I will blow up a load of teenagers tonight at a concert and kill myself in the process”.

Wars cause migration, refugees who cannot be completely ruled out as ISIS sympathisers , and due to Germany’s Angela Merkel who let in far too many of these migrants when it should be countries like Saudi Arabia who have a massive 100,000 air-conditioned tents with no-one in them, or Qatar and the UAE should be helping more.

It is countries like Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and other already overcrowded countries who we are opposed to (for no good reason), that have let in millions of  refugees.

They have helped whilst we have just helped ruin Europe, and probably set ourselves on course for WWIII. The clash of civilisations that has been talked about for ages. East v West or Christians v Islam.

So when you cry, which you should at such a ruthless killing of children who just wanted to dance and have a good time by brain washed nutters who think that the Middle Ages when Mohammed was supposedly alive was the height of civilisation.

They use Islam as an excuse to carry on cultural abuses such as preventing women from walking the streets without a male relative, or  female genital mutilation. By the way the practise of male mutilation by Jews who literally suck the babies penis after mutilating it, supposedly because their saliva stops infections should be banned as well.

If you are 18 and want to have a tattoo, pierce your clit, or cut it out or have your foreskin removed then go ahead you are old enough to make your own decisions (as long as you don’t watch the MSM and get your news from #altnews sites and alternative media sites on YouTube, sites such as The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore, The Humanist Report, Redacted Tonight, and many more, far too many to mention.) then go ahead and cut the sensitive part of your cock off that gives you pleasure when you have sex, or sew your vagina up into a tight slit after removing the clit so you get no sexual enjoyment at all.

The world is a strange place. Reality really is stranger than fiction as they say.

Did you know a large number of Republicans are now in favour of single payer healthcare in the USA?

No? Then don’t get your news from FOX but from people who actually read the statistics and papers that these polls come from. The majority of people in the USA now, Independents, Democrats and Republicans all want some kind of single payer or Medicaid/Medicare system.

However as the politicians get all their money for elections from fat cat Wall St firms, healthcare insurance firms and other interests who would lose out if anything changed? That is the reason nothing changes when the Congress or Senate goes from Republican to Democrat and back again like a game of ping pong and we stay in the same wars, keep cutting social security and bailing out banks.

So I will just leave you with some of the stories from people affected by the mass murder last night in Manchester, England.

Witnesses at the arena described seeing metal nuts and bolts among the debris of Monday’s bomb, and spoke about the fear and confusion that gripped concert-goers.

Andy Holey, who had gone to pick up his wife and daughter, said: “An explosion went off and it threw me about 30ft from one set of doors to the other set of doors.”

Emma Johnson, who went to pick up her children, aged 15 and 17, said: “The whole building shook. There was a blast and then a flash of fire afterwards. There were bodies everywhere.”

Teenager Abigail Walker, who was at the concert, told the BBC: “I had to make sure I had my sister. I grabbed hold of her and pulled hard. Everyone was running and crying.

“It was absolutely terrifying.”

To read more from the BBC who lets all remember is a state run organisation which forces people who don’t even watch their channels to pay huge fines and even be put in prison if they don’t pay their TV Licence. So don’t tell me Russia Today is just state propaganda. It has more information on the state of the US today than any US news channel.

Is Larry King a Soviet spy?

Well he has a show on RT and you used to watch him on the US news for years. Maybe he was an undercover sleeper agent…….

Clean your eyes, and think before attacking channels and people, and realise that in a world full of high technology where we can encrypt messages, use masking tape to cover webcams on your laptops and encrypt your whole phone. We can fight back against governments who will take full advantage of a tragedy like the one in Manchester to spy on us even more.

They don’t want to stop the wars or stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia as they make millons from other people’s deaths what they need to realise that at some stage our invasion of Syria, unlike Russia who were invited, will cause blowback and I have no doubt that this massacre was blow back for our treatment of people in these war zones.


Read the BBC article here.


By Dark Politricks



© 2017 Dark Politricks

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