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Will the sublime skills of the new US President “Donald Trump” rock the world

Will the sublime skills of the new US President “Donald Trump” rock the world

By Dark Politricks

As we all know, if you are not American, the rest of the world finds the fact that you just voted a night owl, Twitter freak, failed business man who has been bankrupted numerous times plus a reality TV star, as the man to lead the free world, totally hilarious and yet very scary at the same time. 

The man is obviously a mad nutter who should be on high doses of Xanax,

Do you believe the rest of the world is shitting it’s pants or is just waking up every morning hoping he hasn’t nuked the planet over a 4am Twitter war with Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately the economist, Mark Blyth, who accurately predicted BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump honestly believe we are going to see a lot more idiots put in power due to campaigning on populist ideas and then ignoring them once in power.

A clear example, apart from Trumps campaign is Obama’s presidency.

He managed to get thousands of people at rallies to come along and cheer along the nonsensical generic cries of “Yes we can” and “Change”.

He promised to close Gitmo, bring the troops home, and help create jobs whilst giving health care to everyone,

Instead he expanded the wars from the Stan and Iraq to Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya and actually has armed forces (special op teams) in 135 countries at the moment.

He kept the dictator like laws brought in after 9.11 instead of stopping them and the health care he brought in was another handout to insurance companies and an increase in Obamacare premiums to pay for a tax cut for himself and his millionaire friends.

I feel for the voters who did vote for him as he has done nothing to help the poor so far, put insurance up for people with pre-existing conditions, and swapped from interfering in other countries business to firing unnecessary expensive $500,000 missiles at Syria because of his daughter showing him a picture of a dead baby.

This is all despite the dozens of dead babies killed the other week when the US bombed a hospital and killed 200+ people. However that is just collateral damage when we kill babies and OAPS.

He even congratulated the now dictator of Turkey who jailed all the journalists, judges and people who were telling the truth about him and his son buying oil from ISIS, clearly shown in a photo from a Russian plane. A snake of stolen oil as they called it.

Plus the AXIS of WAR  (US/UK/Israel/France) is actually helping “moderate forces” which don’t actually exist as ISIS swallows them all up, rather than letting the Russians and Syrians get rid of ISIS from the country,

By the looks of things though the under prepared reality star and failed business man and total ignoramus to the rest of the world, might be impeached soon for not being prepared for office and making stupid remarks that are reported all over the world,

Whatever school he went to he was taught a load of crap. I have seen many documentaries where they teach their pupils hardly anything about the rest of the world and they honestly believe it is the greatest and most free country in the world.

Basically it teaches pupils what we put on our plants to make them grow better – manure.

Read some more articles on the site for all the reasons US citizens are basically living without privacy, spied on through phones, TVs, tablets and computers and yet many still believe they have a fair and equal justice system and live in the land of the free.

One where they are now prone to state police TANKS (given to US police forces after Iraq) and jailed for their whole life if they commit 3 felonies like the man who was so hungry he stole a piece of pizza. Fair? I don’t think so.

American citizens live in an open jail, where they don’t even have habeas corpus anymore and can even be executed on the say so of the President. That should have thousands of you marching in the streets but you are all too interested in the Sports game on Pay per View or some crappy comedy such as Rachel Maddow.

The NDAA and PATRIOT ACT bills which should have been repealed by any other country 16 years after 9.11 are still in existence and you could have a squad of robocops storm your home at any minute, shoot your barking dogs and put in jail without a trial if the state so wants.

Progressive Democrats don’t make me laugh. They are just the other side of the coin of the neo-liberal, neo-con, war mongering, Israel boot licking, prison labour using, uncaring party that is both Republican and Democrat.

They are just the weaker side of a corporate bankster run country where wars that cost trillions are paid for and hundreds of military camps are built around the world without so much as a mutter of dissent. Yet try and offer free health care like every other modern country or free University and it’s sh0ck horror “what about the debt”. So the wars aren’t costing money? Please can someone explain that one to me.

Stop the wars and save a huge amount of money, Enough cash to put anyone through University for free instead of leaving College with bills of hundreds of $$ and give everyone free health care.

War is bankrupting the USA NOT health care, social security or University fees, and you would think the richest country should be able to pay for it. It is almost like the whole of the US population has been brainwashed.

So why is it that Americans believe they shouldn’t pay for someone else’s child to get cancer treatment but don’t mind as $500,000 missiles are fired are at a Syrian airfield due to a false flag gas attack.

The Syrian army had no need to use chemical weapons when they are winning the war and forcing ISIS out into their havens in Turkey. They could have easily taken the town with standard military methods. Plus don’t you find it a little bit fishy that the attack came just before peace talks and a Russian drone filmed American planes over the area that was bombed at the time of the attack,

Oh and that “poor little dead baby” speech he made was comical. Only weeks ago the US air force had destroyed a hospital and killed far more babies than the chemical attack 200+ people died in that bombing. However that is just collateral damage and no one in the owned US media will say how wrong it is.

I just hope the Republicans in the Senate have the sense of John McCain and others and stop all these executive orders that Trump thinks will just become law. He has no concept of how a bill is made in the US and how the Supreme Court is there to make sure it’s constitutional.

Trump has already decided to cut health care to many of his supporters so that he can give himself and fiends a huge tax cut. Hopefully the Democrats kick out their representatives who are not progressive enough to call for single payer health care system e.g the expansion of Medicare.

Hopefully he will be impeached and kicked out of office and I hope that the leader of the inquiry into him says “Your fired” when he goes. However who will take over. It doesn’t even seem to matter when the Democrats admit in court that they could just do without primaries and pick who they want such as Hillary Clinton over the ever more popular Bernie Sanders.

Someone who could have actually beaten Trump as he has real thought out policies. He is not a racist or a boot licker and for an American knows the real meaning of socialism.

We all pay our taxes, chip in together, and then they are spread it out and use it to pay for roads you may never drive on, bridges you will never cross, empty bins you didn’t fill, and a lot more. It is just a big pot of money that is spent on things most people hardly ever use, just like health care. Plus for people like Bill Maher to tell US voters who didn’t vote for the neo-liberal war monger Hillary Clinton, who helped expand the US prison population to the highest in the world – “Fuck You” – I say “Fuck You” back.

Don’t you think that people who voted for the Green Party, which took hardly any votes away from Clinton compared to Gary Johnson and Trump.who voted for him as there was little difference in the financing of Clinton and Trump from Wall St. A pay off  Obama is now getting by giving $400,000 speeches to say “thank you for not jailing us after we destroyed the worlds economy”.

I am sure the Republicans have a similar system, so unless Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein create a proper peoples party that closes hundreds of army bases, gets rid of a thousand or so nukes that are really not needed to blow the whole world up 3 times over, and stop the wars then the US will continue to have a neo-liberal neo-con pro war policy whoever is in power.

By Dark Politricks


© 2017 Dark Politricks

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