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Why haven’t the gun lobby done anything to stop the take over of their country?

Why haven’t the gun lobby done anything to stop the take over of their country?

By Dark Politricks

America can no longer be called a democracy or constitutional considering the laws passed by Presidents since 9.11.

Israel are busy pushing through their US owned congress to pass an anti BDS bill,which will fine anyone from not buying Israeli goods and products, many coming from Palestinian confiscated land, where they are illegally building more housing against UN law.

AIPAC helped draft the bill and I doubt many zionist loving politicians bothered to read it, just like the PATRIOT ACT. Surely in a free capitalist country a business should be able to buy and sell goods from wherever they please.

It seems Israel is creating laws that other countries would have no chance of doing. Deny the Holocaust in many countries in Europe and face jail. Don’t buy Israeli produce and goods and face massive fines. Plus Israel can rely on committing war crimes and killing US citizens such as the USS Liberty without recourse. They seem to be the only country protected from international law whilst breaking it constantly.

The US has been taken over by Wall St, Zionists and politicians who care little for the people of the country but do everything they can to please their donors.

Don’t police, soldiers and politicians have to affirm to keep and uphold the constitution? If so why hasn’t there been a revolution by the people as of yet?

Did you know that in the month of March more people were killed by US forces than the whole of the British Police in 100 years.

In fact the US kill more innocent people in their “war against terrorism” in a month than any actual terrorists and the scary thought is that US police kill more US citizens than terrorists do. These are men and women who should be protecting and serving the public not going out in their army given tanks as if they are real soldiers in battle. Why don’t they uphold the constitution and see what is going on around them.

Notice the numerous almost realistic shoot em up games people play. This is to train males, especially, that killing is okay and to get their shooting accuracy as good as possible before they are signed up to “visit the world”, “bring peace and democracy to people who don’t want or need it” and all the other tricks the Pentagon psyops division create.

Troops at sporting events, troops at schools signing up young men who haven’t a clue what they are doing and all the other nefarious ways of promoting the military. From the tons of NCIS type shows on TV and the fact that most of the US people don’t even realise they are living in an oligarchy now is shocking.

Less than 1% of the US people control the wealth of the country, fake gold bars are given to Germany when they ask for them back from Fort Knox. Poorer towns like Flint suffer from polluted water and Nestle is allowed to take water for free from almost empty Californian reservoirs due to a decades old invalid permit that has never been renewed.

The PATRIOT ACT can send you straight to GITMO with no charges.

The repeal of haebus corpus, a law from hundreds of years ago in England that prevented the King to randomly imprison you without knowing the charges against them or a day in court is a major stamp on free speech and the only true journalists seem to work online or on YouTube channels (if they haven’t been de-monetized yet).

If you are a journalist you are probably paid what to say, have CIA and Pentagon “advisers” all over the TV set and if you dare speak your real honest opinion, if it goes against the 6 (seemingly right-wing) news organisations, whittled down from hundreds during the Clinton era, then you can kiss good-bye to your job.

You can see this with all the journalists removed from their job at MSNBC, CNN and FOX for not following the party line. Rachel Maddow gets $27 million a year so no wonder she is all over the Russia hacker story, one that could easily be fooled by the CIA releasing Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s emails and making them look like they came from Russia.

It is more likely a DMC insider found out about the hit job on Bernie to prevent any progressives becoming nominated and forcing Hillary to be their candidate.

However the Democrats don’t want to really look at the real reasons they lost: A jobs program such as the one Jill Stein was offering, cutting back on fossil fuels and building solar panels and wind/water turbines to create energy and jobs – who could have been against that I wonder?

A single payer health care system for all. One that even once explained to Republicans are mostly for it.

A repeal of Citizens United, and a  stop on lobbyists money influencing even the most minimal looking progressives chances at the ballot box.

A bill for term limits so we don’t see the same white fat men in the Senate blocking everything and adding extra pork into the bills for their own state.

They need a progressive like Bernie Sanders to lead them into the future and most Democratic politicians have stomped on progressive ideas and taken lobbyist money from big pharma and Wall St.

No wonder Obama was given a half a million $ “thank you” speech when he left office from Wall St.

No-one was sent to prison, no tough laws and regulations and a stupid trickle down economy that has done nothing for main street. A bubble is about to burst and many people know it. The idiot clown President gloats at the level of the stock market not realising it is one big ponzi scheme waiting to burst and does all the same things he criticised Obama for such as bowing to the Saudi King.

He doesn’t even seem to know what his own bills contain. When it was explained to him the Republican health bill will include tax cuts to the rich and less people covered he didn’t even understand.

It could even be a nuclear bubble over your head the way the MSM is shouting about Russian hackers.

They are known as the best hackers in the world, if they didn’t want to get caught they wouldn’t have. It is far more likely the CIA and their Vault 7 programs leaked the emails and made it look like it came from Russia.

It is seemingly left to comedians and satirists on Cable to tell the US people the truth and with Russia Today being banned from most of the US airwaves as state propaganda, the US citizen is poorly informed from school to University where they are so indebted they have little time to think about the important things in life such as “am I being lied to by the news channels” and “Why is it Hillary can take millions from selling Uranium to the Russians but now she is set for a new World War”.

They must not realise the Washington Post owner took $600 million from the CIA, and Operation Mockingbird and COINTELPRO, two CIA programs which I am sure they claimed to have ended but just carried on, has ensured a pro war, anti peace agenda to keep those MIC funds rolling in and the contractors bank accounts full.

As the definition of Operation Mockingbird says:

Operation Mockingbird was allegedly a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.


COINTELPRO was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting American political organizations.

The NDAA, another Obama law which has not ended despite only 1% of terrorist arrests in the US actually being real, and the other 99% FBI dupes.

This law has made it able for the US President to kill anyone, not just US citizens as Obama has done, at his own will at any time.

Endless war for endless peace….

Preemptive wars of aggression were banned after Nuremberg, and many a Geneva Treaty preventing wars of aggression signed.

It just seems like the US as the biggest and stupidest on the block can ignore them and follow Israels commands to destabilise the Middle East so that Sunni is fighting Shi’ite and Kurd v Turk all using the “Goy” as their foot soldiers.

You can read about the struggle to prevent wars, many of which the Axis of War has broken but not been punished for at that link.

It truly does seem like the West can invade who they want, when they want and escape any punishment.

Whilst other countries try it out they are immediately called a warmonger. That is despite the USA spending more than the next 6 nations in “Defense” combined.

They build bases surrounding Russia, breaching Reagan’s commitment to Gorbachev not to move one inch further than Berlin when expanding NATO and then wonder why Russia is getting so pissed off with them.

If other countries such as Russia or China acted the same way we do in the Axis of War they would be punished in some way, through sanctions, expelling of diplomats, or even the International Court in the Hague.

This court should be currently trying Bush and Blair for their illegal attack on Iraq when the redacted 28/29 pages of the 9.11 commisssion showed that the Saudi Regime had more to do with the attacks than Saddam who hated Islamic fundamentalism.

We should also see Obama on remand for his increase in war by drone, the massive selling of illegal weapons by Trump to Saudi Arabia who then pass them on to their terrorist groups ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria and using them to bomb innocent victims in Yemen.

Surely the countries who sell these weapons to terrorist nations like Saudi Arabia and Israel should be condemned as well?

After 9.11 the POTUS was given emergency powers to act a bit like a dictator when it came to making the country safe. He could go to war without Congresses permission and he had powers to imprison people without charge.

These powers are still in action. The USA is not a Republic or Democracy anymore they are subjects of the 1% who are treated like scum as the terrorist scare tactic is ramped up along with Russia yet you are more than 8 times likely to be killed by a cop on steroids than a terrorist. That is if you can even recognize the Police as cops and not Storm Troopers.

Rolling around in their ex army tanks, dressed in black head and looking like Star Wars extras. Smoke a spliff at home and you can expect a SWAT team to kick down your door and shoot your barking dog very soon. In fact that is what SWAT teams are being used for more and more, minor crimes that have no need to cause violence by their presence.

Back in the days of yore, the barons of England made the King sign a document to prevent random imprisonment without knowing the charges against them or a day in court to fight them. This was haebus corpus, and was the first step towards liberty for the masses, however it seemed to stop dead on 9.11.

Liberties were stopped.

Freedom was curtailed.

Fake and real terrorists we had helped to create were on the TV all the time to scare the sheep into asking for more laws to be taken away from them.

They don’t even bother counting the dead to check to see if they were innocent or real terrorists and treat and treat any male above a certain age as an enemy combatant. This can be as low as 14 or even 12 years of age.

It will be shocking to people reading this to know that the USA has killed between 20 and 30 million since WWII. I wonder why many Muslims see the US empire as an attack on Islam as a whole as a basis for revenge.

Fear is the problem and if only more people understood that is manufactured fear and not real then maybe we can do something about it.
By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks

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