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How Satire and comedy can get political ideas into peoples heads that CNN and MSNNC can’t

Satire and comedy can get over political ideas that other means can’t

By Dark Politricks

First I must apologise for the site being down today, it was under a DDOS attack, probably from the Hasbra brigade due to the article I wrote on the BDS movement and AIPAC’s bill that would put any American citizen in jail for up to 20 years if they chose not to buy Israeli products due to their beliefs e.g if they know Israel is an apartheid state and is using Palestinian land to steal their fruit to make juice and other products that is then sold on.

If you chose to buy a non Israeli product because it was cheaper than your okay, but do exactly the same thing because you don’t believe in Israeli war crimes, treatment of Palestinians and land grabbing then you could get a quarter million dollar civil fine if not jail.

Read about the AIPAC bill that most senators that put their name to it didn’t even read due to their slavery to Israel here.

What I wanted to speak about was how comedy and satire usually is the best way of getting over political messages to the masses easily and sometimes without the audience even knowing about it. Jimmy Dore another progressive comedian who is being attacked by the war lobby and MIC, sees the Democrats just as bad as the Republican party.

The only good thing about Hillary not getting her Presidency after letting Obama have it 8 years ago is that we are not at war with Russia right now and no nukes have exploded as I am sure she would love.

Putin, keep hanging onto that tape of the Prostitutes in the hotel room Hillary stayed at that Donny little hands hired as a present for himself.

HE speaks about how incompetent the Democrats are as after Obama;s election he had the White House, oth houses of Congress and the ability to pass any bill he wanted.

Instead he implemented a right wing health care bill (Romneycare) because their donors are big pharma and health insurance companies, and he didn’t crack down om the banks that caused a worldwide crisis due to Wall St being their biggest donors and the White House full of Goldman Sachs people.

Is another person under attack from the Washington Post (Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos, given $600m from the CIA, so it is always going to be fair and balanced when it comes to war and towing the party line) – USA, USA, USA, seems to be the only thing half the country can say when it comes to foreign politics.

I can tell you over in Europe we may play up to Trump but everyone thinks the USA has made a big mistake and he is an embarrassment to all Americans.

All you have to do is read some of his Tweets when he was trying to get elected and before, when he was demanding Obama’s birth certificate and compare them to what he doing now.

Killary had no positive message for her base and that’s why she is one of the most hated politicians (ex) in the USA. When Bernie Sanders had massive crowds cheering his speeches the MSM would rather show an empty podium at a Trump rally.

Bernie had policies that attracted people and even Republicans once explained, Hillary was all “Not Trump” and then when she lost she couldn’t admit it was he fault and had to blame the Russians.

Bernie at least had a message which is why Progressives wanted him to stand. I personally think he should have stood by himself with Jill Stein from the Green Party.

At least she offered a jobs program, a green jobs program to get the US off oil.

She offered free university for everyone – “But how can you pay for it every COINTELPRO tool on the MSM asked?”

Well what about closing down 2 or 300 of your 600 (known) to 1000 (probably), military bases around the world that are not needed considering the US spends more money that China, Russia, France, UK, and many other countries on their military budget alone?

Just keeping a soldier out in these places costs the taxpayer thousands a day. It’s okay to go to war without working out how to afford it but anything else like getting clean water into Flint is an impossible job it seems.

Trump did the same to his supporters. The only difference was that he was a snake salesman talking bullshit.

He offered jobs, tax cuts, better health care and a lot of the same things that Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders was offering. He also went round the southern states and put a face on that enemy stealing their jobs, foreigners, especially Mexicans.

This has been one of the few things he has managed to do (partially) is to ban refugees and immigration from certain countries. Countries other than Saudi Arabia who according to the redacted 9.11 pages were supporting the terrorists, plus they supposedly all came from that country anyway, but that’s the Petrodollar for you.

The Mexicans haven’t and won’t pay for any wall. Even if some sort of wall is built tunnels like those in Gaza that can bring cars in will be built and rope ladders with hooks used to climb over it.

Do you remember when he was going on about getting the 28/29 redacted pages released from the 9.11 commission?

Well they have been released and what did Trump do, go and sell Saudi Arabia who had paid George W Bush to be taken out of the report a big load of military armaments worth $110 billions even though the report said they had funded and supported the terrorists. Well done Trump. Watch those weapons just flood into the war zones in Libya, Somalia and Syria.

Also he didn’t even realise that the Republican health care bill was including tax cuts for the rich. He said “we will do the tax bill later” – no someone had to remind him, it was all combined. Pork for every millionaire, wrapped up in a Republican bill stolen by Obama and changed from RomneyCare to ObamaCare when it was instantly denounced and attacked.

What about cleaning out the house of the muck e.g Wall St control he repeatedly told supporters at rallies? Well considering Goldman Sachs are back once again filling his economist posts he hasn’t delivered on that either and seeing the Military Industrial Complex and Wall St control the White House then it was no surprise to see all the 180’s Trump has done.

He has been sucked in by the war party (who control both the DEMS and GOP) and his speeches about getting out of Syria seem to have meant nothing. Now he is ramping up the USA’s longest war in history in Afghanistan by sending more troops over.

The war party sold it to him by telling him about all the expensive mineral deposits that are worth billions that have been found.

Once Trump steals them and calls it payment for bringing democracy to the region they will build that pipeline they were talking about with the Taliban until they stopped the growing of opium to nearly zero. War on drugs I don’t think so. War for drugs maybe.

Don’t they understand the people they are killing at weddings with their Predator drones are just local people named “the Taliban”. If you saw your whole family killed by invaders who have never won a war in Afghanistan since (maybe before) Alexander the Great wouldn’t you want revenge. All we are doing is creating more terrorists.

The people in the Stan are doing what any country would do if invaded. If France invaded the UK I would be out there killing some French invaders, and if China invaded the USA wouldn’t all those guns come in handy. Would you then call yourself a terrorist or a freedom fighter?

See it from the other side. To an Afghani’s perspective they have been at war for decades with both the Americans, Brits and Russians. They just want to live their lives not worry about weddings being bombed.

The funniest thing is that he has sacked a different person each week it seems.

What has he done for all those Trump voters who believed in him that he would bring back jobs from China and stop immigrants coming in? Nothing.

If he was going to stop any countries immigrants it should have been from Saudi Arabia, the country in the 28/29 pages spreading terrorism with its 14th century version of Islam, Wahhabism.

Don’t forget he did the same thing he moaned at Obama for. Bowing down to be waved with a sword over his head as he Tweeted over and over.

And what about the golfing holiday?

Didn’t he say he would be too busy in the White House to have holiday’s.

I distinctly remember him saying that in a speech or 10 seeing he attacked Obama for his holidays so much.

Anyway listen to some comedy and maybe if you don’t get your brain drained by watching the nightly news this might help you understand a bit more of what is really going on.


By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks

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