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Why has Obama’s “Peace Prize” not been taken off him?

Why has Obama’s “Peace Prize” not been taken off him?

By Dark Politricks

Ex President Obama is busy collecting his payments from Wall St for not jailing any of them for crashing the world economy and letting them carry on their nefarious deeds. 

He is getting the payment in the form of $500,000 after dinner speeches to the 1% and Wall St banksters that should be in jail.

At the time in the US when he was first elected I said nothing will actually change and that was born out by Obama’s actions (or inaction) on the policies he campaigned on.

This is a rhetorical question but I have to wonder how much moral fibre actually exists in the leaders of this world.

Studies have shown most leaders of countries, companies or military leaders are either psychopaths or sociopaths.

These are traits that seem to push people into positions of power.

In his landmark book on psychopathy, The Mask of Sanity, researcher Hervey Cleckley theorized that some people with the core attributes of psychopathy — egocentricity, lack of remorse, superficial charm — could be found in nearly every walk of life and at every level, including politics. Robert Hare, perhaps the leading expert on the disorder and the person who developed the most commonly used test for diagnosing psychopathy, has noted that psychopaths generally have a heightened need for power and prestigeexactly the type of urges that make politics an attractive calling.

The leaders of the country don’t really care about the well-being of their citizens otherwise the budget of the richest country on earth would enact the policies that they get elected on instead they just blindly sign bills they don’t even read such as Trumps order to give an extra $700 billion to the fund the military – not that they need it.

Maybe they have more than the official 900 to 1,000 military sites around the world that need corporate fat cats to overcharge them for things that back home would be 10% of the cost. Things like WiFi access, food,  clothes, tents, military gear, all things that have been outsourced to the MIC so they can milk the US tax payer any time they go to war.

When people bring up single payer health care or free university or jobs programs they are always asked “how are you going to fund that?”.

Why does no-one ask about just handing over $700 billion to the military?

That $700,000,000 could have wiped a lot of student debt, paid for free college education, jobs programs which would have put money back into people’s pockets to spend i.e taxes, or a single payer health system that every western nation has and even some countries far down the list in terms of economic development.

Instead of “deciding” what to do with the Government resources and budget they should be asking the people what they want their policies to be. If the people want to cut spending on stupid amounts of money creating a new British or Roman Empire by occupying countries with nearly a thousand military bases around the world, they should be listened to.

Politicians are supposed to work for the people,not get their seat in the Senate or Congress and then ignore the wishes of their electors.

Once elected they blindly follow the pro-war, fraudulent banking ponzi schemes and social security cutting policies that both Democrats and Republicans have followed for the last 30 years or more despite massive protest by the “serfs” who elected them.

America was supposed to be the land of the free but in Obama’s last “liberal” days in office he allowed excess military equipment such as tanks to local police forces.Why would all these counties need tanks and ex Military vehicles.

It seems like they are militarizing the police in the USA. No friendly bobby on the beat anymore but a steroid freak in body armour.

The police look like Robocops and it won’t be soon until the cartoon world of  Judge Dredd becomes a reality, catching criminals who dare smoke weed in a state that allows its use and sends them to a slave labour camp without the need or cost of courts.

We are almost there with private run prisons making their slave labour “earn their bed and food and roof over their head in their tiny cell”.

With Obama’s NDAA act he gave himself and his followers, powers that were not imagined by the founding fathers who wrote the bill of rights.

They seem to think the Constitution and Bill of rights are just pieces of paper that can be ignored whenever necessary. I would put good money on Thomas Jefferson turning in his grave at the thought of the POTUS having so much power .

For the Democrats to lose to a thick game show host, who has been bankrupted numerous times, is just sign that they are no longer concerned with the wishes of their members, Hillary Clinton maybe one of the most hated people about but to not ask common people what policies they want to get elected only proves the political system in the US is just a corrupt game where people who may stand for election with good intentions only get owned and told what to do by the real leaders of the country.

Just look at how many political promises made on the campaign trail are thrown away by the Wall St, Pro War people who seem to stay whoever is in power pulling the strings and making the decisions.

The Democrats party’s only concern at the moment is collecting enough money for future campaigns, whether it comes from health insurance lobbies, Wall St banks, big Oil or any of the corporate institutions that progressive and republican voters thought would be jailed after the financial collapse.

These are the companies that are ruining the country with their massive fraud and high frequency trading on the stock exchange, private run prisons where prisoners are basically used as slave labour plus all the banking for terrorists and drug dealers.

Massive mortgage fraud and fake accounts that never get punished carry on, and no-one is ever sent to jail for ruining people’s lives by making  them homeless.

This is what people on both the left and right wanted to see, no more Goldman Sachs people in every administration.

Obama also allowed the increase of fracking that has ruined water supplies all over the country and sat back and allowed secret deals with Mexican Drug cartels to allow them to sell their drugs just as long ss they grass on other cartel activity.

These are all issues that true liberals are against. As President Obama said in an interview he would have been considered a moderate Republican in the 1980’s.

Obama collecting Nobel Peace PrizeIf there was any ethical moral fibre in the runners of the Nobel competition his Nobel Peace award would be taken off him, as it was akin to giving it to a dictator.

People should be marching down the streets demanding he hand back the prize he definitely doesn’t deserve.

There should be protests outside his $500,000 dinner speeches to the banksters he kept out of jail. Have people forgotten?

Obama was someone we knew could kill anyone he wanted around the world, sending drones and military forces to fight in wars that have not even been voted on in Congress.

The funding of terrorist groups in Syria to help overthrow what was a stable country just to help the Israelis out again. The numerous extraordinary renditions he carried on from the Bush regime, kidnapping people off the streets around the world to be tortured in black sites, without knowing their fate or even being able to face a court.

And why didn’t he put George W Bush and Dick Cheney on trial for their war crimes, pre-emptive strikes on counties that were no danger to the US and the massive amount of torture and massacres that went on during their reign?

Well it’s obvious he just wanted to carry on with the powers given to Bush after the 9.11 attacks and PATRIOT ACT which made him no better than a dictator

Then there is the expansion of the US Empire with hundreds of military bases around the world, that we know of. This is not required unless it’s about the occupation of countries that are disguised as “wars” e.g Afghanistan or Iraq.

The money saved by shutting a hundred or so of these bases could be used to give people free health care, but then that requires a POTUS with morals, logic and the willingness to take on the military industrial complex.

In my opinion as Obama goes around collecting his pay cheques for not jailing any banksters he is just another example of how the USA’s political system has deviated so much from the ideas of the founding fathers that the US cannot even be called a democracy or Republic anymore.

It is more of an oligarchy where the 1% who carry on getting richer and have massive influence on the Presidency whilst the rest of the population is either ignored, imprisoned or working for crap jobs for low pay due to the owners shipping the good jobs overseas to reduce production cost.

Why Obama was given that Nobel prize in the first place astonishes me as he hadn’t even done anything yet and when he got the chance to live up to his promises made on the campaign trail he failed totally.

I just wonder what he thinks when he sees that prize.

Does he flinch and look away or really think he deserved it?


By Dark Politricks

©2017 Dark Politricks

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